¶ By the King.
¶ A Proclamation for the surveying and marking of Iron, and survey of Woods to bee used in the making thereof.

WHereas Our most noble Progenitors, and Predecessors, Kings and Queens of this Realme, duely considering the necessary and im­portant use of the Woods and Timber of this Kingdome, have ta­ken into their constant care to preserve the same from wast and destru­ction; And to that end, divers good and wholesome Lawes and Sta­tutes haue been made, and divers other Provisions have been publish­ed in that behalfe: Neverthelesse, by a common neglect of the said Lawes, and by an unlawfull liberty, which many of Our Subjects have taken to themselves, there hath been, and yet continueth, such a spoyle of Timber and Woods in this Our King­dome, by converting the same into Coales for the making of Iron, as that it may be feared that within few yeeres, (unlesse by a speedy course it be prevented) there will follow such want of Wood and Timber, as cannot bee supplyed by any future providence; Which, together with the frequent transportation of Iron and Iron metall, unlawfully without License in that behalfe, hath already produced a great scarcity of Timber, Wood, and Iron, being two of the principall Commodities and Materialls for the strength of this Our Kingdome: For re­medy of which said mischiefes of so high a consequence, tending to the publike dammage [Page 2]of Our Kingdome and People, and for restraint of transportation of Iron, and the re­formation of sundry secret deceipts and abuses now used and practised in the making of Iron, and in the vent and sale thereof in Barres, by intermingling the worser sort with the better, and so selling them promiscuously and deceiptfully together, whereby many times the brittle and worser sort of Iron comes to bee imployed for shipping, and other uses for which it is unserviceable; Wee by Our Letters Patents under Our great Seale of England, bearing date the foureteenth day of October last, Did erect an Office to bee for ever conti­nued, and did thereby appoint Our welbeloved John Cupper, and Grimbald Pauncefoote gent. Surveyour or Surveyours of all Iron-workes, Furnaces, and Forges within Our Realme of England and Dominion of Wales, and of all Woods to bee used or imployed thereat, and for the surveying and marking of Iron with divers Stamps or Marks, distin­guishing the severall kindes thereof, and for prevention of the transportation thereof without Licence, and to prosecute Offendors in the premises: For the doing whereof, and their la­bour, care, and charges to bee taken and expended in the execution of the said Office, for the publike good of Our Kingdome and People, Wee by the same Letters Patents haue assigned unto them a moderate Fee, to bee payd by the Owners of the said Iron, at the time of the surveying and marking thereof.

And whereas since the granting of the said Office, upon Petition and Allegations made against it, upon a full and deliberate hearing thereof before Vs and Our Priuy Counsell, It appeared that the said Office, with the Provisions in the said Letters Patents men­tioned, was necessary and fit to bee put in execution; And for that also the reformation of the said abuses, in the well ordering of the Myne and Oare, and the making of Iron, and the surveying, marking, and distinguishing thereof, (besides the preservation of Woods and Timber) will bee of much benefit to the Common-wealth; Wee being minded to e­stablish the said Office and execution thereof, Doe therefore hereby straitly charge and Com­mand, that no person or persons whatsoever, shall use, or imploy any Woods to bee conver­ted into Coale for the making of Iron, or shall transport any Iron, or Iron-metall, con­trary unto the Lawes and Statutes of this Our Realme, and other Provisions heretofore made and published; And that no Iron-master, Maker of Iron, Owner, or Farmour of Iron-workes, Furnaces, or Forges, their Clerkes, Servants, or Agents whatsoever, shall from henceforth sell, or put to sale, any sorts of Iron; nor any Merchant, Trader, or dealer in Iron, nor any others, shall buy, or remove the same from the Iron-workes, Furnaces, or Forges, where the same is or shall bee made and wrought, before the same Iron shall bee first surveyed and marked by Our said Officer or Officers, their Deputies or Assignes, with the Stamps or Markes appointed in that behalfe, according to Our will and pleasure in the said Letters Patents declared, (so as the said Officers, their Deputy or Depu­ties, or Assignes, upon payment of the said Fee or Fees, by the said Letters Patents allowed unto them for their paines, to be had and made at the time of the surveying and marking there­of, [Page 3]be ready once in every eight dayes at the said Iron-works, to survey and mark the same Iron) Vpon paine, not onely of the forfeiture of the said Iron, but also upon paine of Our high displeasure, and such punishment as may be inflicted upon them for their contempts in that behalfe.

And We do also appoint and authorize Our said Officer or Officers, their Deputies or As­signes, as occasion shall require, to use some other Markes to be cast or stamped upon the said se­verall Sowes or Pigs and Barres of Iron, whereby the severall Iron works and Owners thereof, and the Counties where the same was made and wrought, may be certainly knowne: All, or any of which said Stamps or Marks, We require and Command, that no other per­son or persons do presume to counterfeit or falsifie, nor to stamp or mark any Iron therewith.

And We do straitly charge and Command all and singular Iron-Masters, Owners, and Far­mours of Iron-works, Furnaces, and Forges whatsoever, within Our Realme of England and Dominion of Wales, now, and for the time being, and their and every of their Clerks, Ser­vants, and Agents, that they and every of them respectively, do permit and suffer the said Of­ficer or Officers, their Deputies or Assignes, at meet and convenient times, to enter into all and every the said Iron-works, Furnaces, and Forges, and all Ware-houses, Store-houses, Edifices, and Buildings thereunto belonging, there to survey, view, and mark, as well all the Iron from time to time made and wrought, as to survey, view, and try the Myne Oare and Metall, and the working thereof into Sowes, or Pigs, and Barres of Iron, as afore­said, and to peruse, see, and take Notes, of all and every the Books and Scores, by them or any of them made and kept, of, and concerning such quantities of Iron, as from time to time shall be by them made or sold: And that the said Iron-Masters, Owners, and Farmours of Iron-works, Furnaces, and Forges, and their Clerks, Agents, Servants, or Work­men, be from henceforth aiding and assisting unto the said Officer or Officers, their Deputy or Deputies, or Assignes, from time to time, in the due execution of the premisses, and of every matter and thing thereunto belonging, as they tender Our Royall Will and Commandment heerein declared, and will answer for their contempt or neglect thereof, at their uttermost perils.

And We do hereby declare Our Royall pleasure to be, that the said Officer or Officers, their Deputy, or Deputies, or Assignes, shall, or may, with the assistance of some Constable, or other lawfull and knowne Officer, enter into any House, Cellar, Vault, Ware-house, Shop, Ship, or Vessell, or other place whatsoever, as well within Liberties as without; And there to view, search, and finde out all such Iron, as hath been, or shall be bought, sold, or removed from the Works or places where the same was made and wrought, before the same be first sur­veyed, viewed, and marked, as aforesaid: And what Iron, or Iron-Metall shall be shipped, or attempted to be Transported without Our Licence in that behalfe: And in case they shall finde or discover any Iron (except as in the said Letters Patents is excepted) so bought, sold, or removed, before the same shall be Marked, or any Iron or Iron-Metall so shipped, to [Page]be Transported without Our Licence; Then Our pleasure and expresse Commandment is, That the said Officer or Officers, and every of them, or his, or their Deputies, or Assignes, do seize, detain, and take the same, as forfeited to Vs, Our Heires, and Successours.

And We do further hereby declare Our Royall Will and pleasure to be, That the said Of­ficers, their Deputies, or Assignes, may lawfully and at convenient times, enter into any Woods or Wood-grounds of any Our Subjects, wherein any Woods are or shall be Felled, Cut, or Coarded, to be converted into Coales for the making of Iron, or Iron-Metall, and there to survey and view the same, whereby it may appeare of what nature and condition the Woods are that shall be converted or imployed that way, and that the Transgressours therein may be proceeded against, and duly punished according to Our Lawes: And to these Our Roy­all Commands We shall expect and require a due conformity and obedience of all Our Subjects whom it shall concerne, under the pain of Our high displeasure, and such punishments as by the Lawes and Statutes of the Realme, or otherwise, may be inflicted on them for their contempts or neglects herein.

And lastly, We do hereby Will and require all Iustices of Peace, Maiors, Sheriffes, Bai­liffes, Constables, Headboroughs, and all other Our Officers and Ministers whatsoever whom it shall concerne, to be aiding and assisting to Our said Officers, their Deputies or As­signes, in the due execution of the premisses, as they tender Our service, and will answer for the contrary at their perils.

God save the King.

¶ Imprinted at London by Robert Barker, Printer to the Kings most Excellent Majestie: And by the Assignes of JOHN BILL. 1637.

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