❧ By the King.
❧ A Proclamation for the setling of the Letter Office of England and Scotland.

WHereas to this time there hath beene no certaine or constant enter­course betweene the Kingdomes of England and Scotland, His Maiesty hath beene graciously pleased, to command His seruant Thomas Witherings Esquire, His Maiesties Post-master of England for forraigne parts, to setle a running Post, or two, to run night and day betweene Edenburgh in Scotland, and the City of London; to goe thither, and come backe againe in sixe dayes, and to take with them all such Letters as shall be directed to any Post-towne, or any place neere any Post-towne in the said Roade, which Letters to be left at the Post-house, or some other house, as the said Thomas Witherings shall thinke conuenient: And By-Posts to be placed at seuerall places out of the said Roade, to run and bring in, and carry out of the said Roades the Letters from Lincolne, Hall, and other places, as there shall be occasion, and answeres to be brought againe accordingly; And to pay Port for the carrying and recarrying of the said Letters, Two pence the single Letter, if vnder fourescore Miles; And betweene fourescore, and one hundred and fourty Miles, foure pence; If aboue a hundred and fourty Miles, then sixe pence; and vpon the borders of Scotland, and in Scotland, Eight pence: If there be two, three, foure, or fiue Letters in one Packet, or more, Then to pay according to the bignesse of the said Packet, after the rate as before; which money for Port as before, is to be paid vpon the receiuing and deliuery of the said Letters here in London.

The like rule His Maiesty is pleased to order the said Thomas W [...]therings to obserue to Westchester, Holyhead, and from thence to Ireland, according to a prouision made by the Lord De­putie and Councill there; and to take Port betwixt the City of London and Holyhead, as before to the Northward; and to goe thither, and bring answeres backe to the City of London, from all the places in that Roade in sixe dayes, which is constantly hereafter to be obserued; and to setle By-posts in the said Roade, as there shall be occasion, for the benefit of all His Maiesties louing Subiects.

His Maiesty is pleased further to command the said Thomas Witherings, to obserue the like rule from the City of London to Plymouth; and to prouide sufficient messengers to run night and day to Plymouth, and to returne within sixe dayes to the City of London, and for carriage of the [Page] said Letters to Plymouth, Exeter, and other places in that Roade, His Maiestie doth Order the said Thomas Witherings to take the like Port that now is paid as neere as possibly he can.

And further, His Maiestie doth Command and Order the said Thomas Witherings, so soone as possibly may be, to settle the like conueyance for Letters from Oxon, Bristoll, and other places on that Roade, for the benefit of all His Subiects, And the like the said Thomas Witherings is to ob­serue with all conuenient speed to Colchester, and so to Norwich, and diuers other places in that Roade.

The three first conueyances from London to Edenburgh, from London to Westchester and Holyhead in Wales, and from London to Plymouth and Exeter, are to begin the first weeke after Michaelmas next.

Now for the better enabling the said Thomas Witherings to goe forward with this seruice, and for the aduancement of all His Maiesties Subiects in their Trade and correspondence; His Maiestie doth hereby Command and Order all His Post-Masters vpon all the Roades of England, To haue ready in their Stables one or two Horses, according as the said Thomas Wi [...]herings shall haue occasion to vse them, to carry such Messengers with their Portmantles, as shall be imployed in the said seruice, to such Stage or Place as his present occasions shall direct him to: If the said Messenger shall haue occasion but for one Horse, then to leaue him at the place where he shall take fresh Horse, paying for him Two pence halfe-peny for euery Mile; if two Horses, then to take a Guide and pay Fiue pence a Mile.

And that the said Post-Masters may be prouided for this seruice, His Maiestie doth hereby Or­der and Command, that such Horses as shall be prouided for the said seruice, shall not vpon that day the Messenger shall be expected, let, or send forth the said Horses so prouided, vpon any other occasion whatsoeuer.

And His Maiesties further Will and Pleasure is, that from the beginning of this seruice or im­ployment, no other Messenger or Messengers, Foot-Post or Foot-Posts, shall take vp, carry, receiue, or deliuer any Letter or Letters whatsoeuer, other then the Messengers appointed by the said Thomas Witherings to any such place or places as the said Thomas Witherings shall settle the conueyances, as aforesaid. Except common known Carryers, or a particular Messenger, to be sent of purpose with a Letter by any man for his owne occasions, or a Letter by a friend. And if any Post, Messenger, or Letter-Carryer whatsoeuer, shall offend contrary to this His Maiesties Proclamation; His Maiestie vpon complaint thereof made, will cause a seuere exemplary punish­ment to be inflicted vpon such delinquents.

And His Maiestie doth hereby strictly require and Command all His louing Subiects whatso­euer, duly to obserue and performe His Royall Pleasure herein declared, as they will answere the contrary at their perils.

And lastly, His Maiestie doth hereby charge and command all Iustices of Peace, Maiors, She­riffes, Bailiffes, Constables, Headboroughs, and all other His Officers and Ministers whatso­euer, to be aiding and assisting to the said Thomas Witherings, in the due accomplishment of this His Maiesties will and pleasure.

God saue the King.

¶ Imprinted at London by Robert Barker, Printer to the Kings most Excellent Maiestie: And by the Assignes of Iohn Bill. 1635.

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