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THis day the Board did take into consideration the complaints made from seuerall parts of the Kingdome, concerning the stopp and refusall of Farthing Tokens, proceeding aswell from the abuse in counterfeiting the same, as in causing the same to passe, aswell in payments, as for commodities and for wages to Workemen and La­bourers, in greater quantities then was intended.

And whereas vpon a Decree lately made in the High Court of Starre-Chamber, the fiue and twentieth day of April last, wherein Sir Francis Crane Knight, was Plaintife against William Hawkes and others for making and ven­ting of counterfeit Farthing Tokens: Their Lordships did call to minde, that there was con­sideration likewise had, and prouision made by the said Decree against the abuse in forcing the same vpon men for Wages and in other paiments, and directing the right vse to be made of them for the good and benefit of the Subiect, according to His Maiesties Royall Intention, and the Proclamations published in that behalfe.

It was therefore by the Board thought fit and ordered, that so much of the said Decree as concerned the regulating of the businesse de futuro, should be set downe in this order, and together with the same be forthwith printed and published, which part of the said Decree doth ac­cordingly follow in these words, viz.

THe Court being informed, that by the abuse of some particular persons, whose only ayme is, to make a priuate gaine and profit to themselues, His Maiesties people are much abu­sed in many parts of this Kingdome; and poore Labourers, whose necessities are such as in­forceth them to take their Hire in any Money, are compelled many times to take their whole weekes wages in Farthings, from such as buy great quantities at low rates, and make a com­modity thereby: Which abuse, as it is already become a great burden and grieuance to His Maiesties people in many parts of this Realme, so it is to be feared, it will hereafter turne to the great disaduantage of His Maiesties Patentees, if it be not remedied by a timely reforma­tion. Their Lordships being therefore willing to preuent and meet with such growing euills, and desirous to remoue the Inconueniences of forcing His Maiesties Subiects to take such great quantities of Farthings in payments: Which Farthing Tokens rightly vsed, are of them­selues very vsefull and necessary, and were made chiefly for the reliefe of the poore, and to bee vented and vsed onely for exchange in small summes, but not to be put vpon any in great pay­ments; Haue thought fit and ordered, and it is by this their Lordships Sentence declared, that it is vtterly vnlawfull, and expressely contrary to the true meaning of His Maiesties Letters Patents and Proclamation, that any such Farthing Tokens should be inforced vpon any poore Labourers, or Workemen, or other persons in any payments either of great or lesser summes.

And they declare further, That they thinke it fit that no person should pay aboue two pence in Farthings to any other person at any time. And this Court doth also declare it to be vnlaw­full for any man to buy or barter for any Farthings, at or for any lesser rate then they are vsually vented by His Maiesties Patentees, to whom the sole making thereof is granted, and vpon whom the rechange thereof lyeth at the same rate; And if any person shall be found herein to offend in either of these kinds, This Court is resolued seuerely to punish the Offenders. And the Court doth withall hold fit, and desire that His Maiestie should be moued to declare and com­mand the same, by his Highnesse Proclamation to be published through this Kingdome, that so the true vse of these Farthing Tokens intended for the good of the poore may be continued, and the abuses aforesaid may either be preuented or punished.

God saue the King.

❧ Imprinted at London by Robert Barker, Printer to the Kings most Excellent Maiestie: and by the Assignes of Iohn Bill. M.DC.XXXIIII.

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