¶ By the King.
❧ An Abstract of the seuerall Heads and Bran­ches, for which His Maiesties Commissioners, by vertue of His Maiesties Commission of Grace, bearing date the three and twentieth day of Ianuary last past, haue power to Com­pound with such as shall desire the same.

FOr all Mannours, Lands, Tenements, Wastes, Commons, Tithes arising aswell without Parishes as within Parishes, Wards, Marri­ages, Liberties, Priuiledges, & other Hereditaments, lying, being and arising within, neere, or adioyning vnto any of his Maiesties Man­nours, Forrests, Parkes, Chases and elsewhere, as well within the Surueigh of His Maiesties Exchequer, as within the Surueigh of His Duchie of Lancaster, or County Palatine of Lancaster, Duchie of Cornwall, and County Palatine of Chester, which are held and enioy­ed vnder colour of some defectiue, voyd, or insufficient Grant, or vn­der some Letters Patents of Concealements, or otherwise meere­ly are Intruded vpon, and vsurped without any Grant therof from His Maiesty, or any of His Predecessours.

For all Mannours, Lands, Tenements, and other Hereditaments granted Intayle, out of the Crowne, whereof the Estate tayle is not spent, and yet the said Grants haue been insuf­ficiently granted; Or which ought to haue descended vpon the Kings Person, and yet haue likewise been insufficiently granted; Or whereof the Estate tayle is spent and determined; Or for all Remainders or Reuersions depending vpon Estates Tayles, except such Estates as Sir William Haydon had power to compound for.

For all Messuages, and Cottages built, Incroached and made within, or adioyning vnto any Citie, Towne or Hamlet, or vpon the Common high wayes, Streetes, Passages, Lanes, Riuers, Sewers, Commons and Wastes, with all other Incroachments, Assert Lands, Im­prouements, and Inclosures of Commons, Breckes, Fellets, and such other Inclosures, Waste grounds, Moores, or other Heathy Downes, Inclosed or not Inclosed, being His Ma­iesties Inheritance, either in the right of his Crowne of England, or otherwise lying and be­ing within, neere, or adioyning vnto any of His Maiesties Mannours, Forrests, Parkes, Cha­ses, or elsewhere.

For all Lands, Marishes, or other grounds (with the Tenements thereupon built) here­tofore recouered, or deserted from or by the Sea, or now surrounded with the Sea; Or which hereafter may, or shall be Recouered and deserted by or from the Sea.

For all Custodies, and all Mannours, Lands and Houses granted or committed (to any Corporation, or other person or persons, Bodies politique or corporate) to Custodie, with all such Mannours, Lands, Tenements, and other Hereditaments formerly let by Leases, and the Leases expired, or otherwise determined, whereby the Inheritances of the said Premis­ses doe remaine, and the Reuersions thereof are come vnto the Crowne; And yet without any Iust Title thereunto, deteined from the Crowne.

For all Charters of Incorporations, which are either body or defectiue, with all Leases and Grants of Offices; Or vsage of Offices by vsurpation, by Corporations, Cities, Boroughs and Townes; Or by any other person or persons which are forfeited or determined in Law, by non-vsage, or misusage thereof; Or by exceeding the extents and limits of their said Grants; Or by the vsage thereof without any Grant thereof at all from the Crowne.

All Mannors, Lands, Tenements and other Hereditaments which ought to come vnto His Maiestie, by any maner of Escheate or forfeiture whatsoeuer; Or which might otherwise come vnto His Maiestie by any which are Aliens borne, all Felons goods, all Goods, Chat­tels and Credits of Felons de se Fugitiues and persons Out-lawed, Deodandes, Wayses, Estrayes, Reliefes, Heriots, and other Perquesites of Courts, with all Tolles of all kindes vsurped and vniustly withholden from the Crowne.

For all Woods, Vnder Woods and Wood-grounds wrongfully withholden, intruded vp­on, incroached or wasted to His Maiesties preiudice with all the dammages which ought to be answered vnto His Maiestie or His Predecessors for the same.

For all Rents, Aunuities, Quit Rents, Annuall payments and other yeerely summe and summes of money due vnto His Maiestie out of any Mannor, Lands, Tenements and other Hereditaments by any Corporations, or other Burrough-townes, or any other Person or Persons, bodies Politique or Corporate, which haue not beene duely answered by them vnto the Crowne: With all Mannors, Lands, Tenements, and other Hereditaments which ought to bee in charge, and are not, but some Fee-farme Rent onely answered in lieu of the Land; Or where both the Lands and Rents stand in Charge, and the Rents answe­red, and yet the parties inioying the said Lands, neuer had any Graunt thereof from the Crowne, or where the Lands stand in Charge as Lands, and yet the Rents stand not in Charge, nor yet answered vnto the Crowne, by them that pretend interest in the said Lands.

The foresaid Commissioners to Bargaine, Graunt and Sell any of the Premisses (which are not setled by the within named Act) in Fee-simple, Fee-Farme, Fee-Taile for terme of life, liues, or yeeres vnto such person and persons as are the present possessors of the said Premisses; Or otherwise to make vnto them such o­ther Releases and Discharges as their seuerall Cases shall require. But vpon their refusall or wilfull neglect of this His Maiesties intended Grace (by not ac­cepting the same within the time limited) the Commissioners to sell any of the Premisses to such others as shall bee Suitors for the same. And for the surroun­ded Grounds and such like where there is no present possessors, the Commissio­ners to sell those Lands to such as will Compound for the same.

And where the Tenure appeareth vpon Record, the former Tenure is to bee re­serued: But where no Tenure appeareth vpon Record, there the Tenure is to be in Socage.

And Robert Tipper of Grayes Inne His Maiesties seruant is to attend the said Com­missioners in the execution and prosecution of the said Commission.

God saue the King.

¶ Imprinted at London by Robert Barker, Printer to the Kings most Excellent Maiestie. M.DC.XXX.

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