❧ By the King. ❧ A Proclamation prohibiting the transportation of any Corne, Graine, Victuals, Ordinance, Armes, or Munition for VVarre, into the Kingdome of France.

WHereas the differences betweene Vs, and Our Brother the French King, haue beene of later times, and at this present are so notorious, that neither Our owne Subiects, nor any our Allyes and Confederates, can in any probabilitie pretend ignorance of them; And whereas Our sayd Brother of France, did publish two seuerall De­clarations, the first of the fourteenth day of May, one thousand sixe hundred twenty seuen, the second of the twefth of August, one thou­sand sixe hundred twenty seuen, full of acrimony, wherein, amongst other things, all Traffique and Commerce with Our Realme of England is prohibited, not onely to His owne Subiects, but to all others of whatsoeuer qualitie, condition, or Nation they bee, vnder seuere penalties, which not withstanding, yet Wee haue proceeded with such mode­ration, that hitherto Wee haue not onely forborne any such publication, but haue in a sort dis­pensed with such as haue carried to Our sayd Brother, and his Subiects, euen Warlike prouisi­ons, and other the most forbidden Commodities, hoping that this Our milden esse and facility, would haue produced better effects: But now, taking into Our Princely consideration the manifold inconueniences which vpon this libertie haue ensued, and dayly may bee multiplied, to the dammage of Vs and Our people, if the same should not bee preuented with a speedie re­straint; And well knowing how agreeable it is to reason, and the practice of all Princes and States, to hinder and diuert the transportation of all manner of Victuals, and Munitions of Warre, prouided for the ayde and support of those, who at present are not in amitie with Vs, and therefore are likely to imploy them against Vs and Our Kingdomes; Wee are resolued to [Page]publish and notifie, and by these presents, by the aduice of Our Priuie Counsell, doe pub­lish and notifie, that Wee will not hencefoorth permit any person whatsoeuer, to send, or carry into the Realme of France, or any the Countreys and Dominions of the French King, any manner of Graine, or other Victuals, or any manner of prouisions, to serue to build, furnish, or arme any Ships of Warre, or any kinde of Munition for the Warre, or Materials for the same, beeing not of the nature of meere Merchandize: And therefore, if any person, either of Our owne Subiects, or of Our Allyes and Confederates, shall after twenty dayes from the publication of these presents, by any of Our owne Ships, or the Ships of any Our Subiects, au­thorized vnder the great Seale of the Admiraltie to that effect, be taken sayling towards the pla­ces aforesayd, hauing on board any Ordinance, Armes of any sort, Powder, Shot, Match, Brim­stone, Copper, Iron, Cordage of any kindes, Hempe, Saile, Cables, Anchors, Masts, Rafters, Boat-oares, Capraues, Clapboard, Pipestaues, Vessels, Pitch, Tarre, Rosin. Okam, Corne, Graine, or Victuals of any sort, or any prouisions for shipping, or Munitions for Warre, or return­ing thence in the same Voyage with the proceede of the sayd prohibited goods; Wee shall hold the sayd Ships and Goods so taken for lawfull Prize, and cause them to bee ordered as Ships and Goods duely forfeited for the benefit of Our selues, where Our owne Shippes shall ar­rest the same, and to the benefit of such others as being not in Our wages, but otherwise au­thorized vnder the great Seale of Our Admiraltie, as is aforesaid, by Letters of Marque, haue stayed and arrested the same.

God saue the King.

¶ Imprinted at London by Bonham Norton and Iohn Bill, Prin­ters to the Kings most Excellent Maiestie. M.DC.XXVIII.

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