¶ By the King. ¶ A Proclamation for the continuing of Our Far­thing Tokens of Copper, and prohibiting the Coun­terfeiting of them, and the vse of all other.

WHereas Our late deare and Royall Father, King IAMES of blessed memory, did out of His Prouidence and Princely care for the poorer sort of His Subiects, take order and prouide, that in stead of vnwarranted Farthing Tokens, then formerly vsed by Vintners, Chandlers, Tapsters, and other Traders and Retai­lers, to the losse of His louing Subiects, there should bee others made by His owne Warrant, vnder His owne Royall Name and Inscription, and a constant rechange setled, whereby the Sub­iect might haue the lawful vse of them with much ease, and without losse, which hauing since had generall passage through Our Kingdomes of England, and Ireland, and Dominion of Wales, haue brought with their vse a generall benefit to all sorts of people; Wee therefore, no lesse tendring the good and ease of Our louing Subiects, haue resolued vpon the continu­ance, vse, and rechange of the said warranted Farthing Tokens, And doe hereby publish and declare Our Royall pleasure and Commandement, that no Farthing Tokens, or other Tokens whatsoeuer heretofore made, or hereafter to bee made, shall be vsed, giuen, or recei­ued in exchange vpon any pretence whatsoeuer, within Our Kingdoms of England and Ire­land, and Our Dominion of Wales, or any of them, other then such onely as haue been hereto­fore made by the authority of the Letters Patents of Our said late deare and Royal Father, or as shall be made by Our authority and Letters Patents thereof to be granted vnder Our great Seale of England, To Our right trustie and right welbeloued Cousin, Frances, Dutchesse Dowager of Richmond and Lenox, and Our trusty and welbeloued Seruant, Sir Francis [Page]Crane, Knight, during the Termes in the sayd Letters Patents conteined: To which end Wee doe hereby straitly charge and command, that no person or persons whatsoeuer, doe at any time hereafter presume to make any other Token or Tokens, or to vse, vtter, or receiue any such Token or Tokens, or any thing in the name or nature of a Token or Tokens what­soeuer, either already made, or hereafter to bee made, other then such Farthing Tokens onely, as are or shall be made by such authority, as aforesaid, according to the Warrant and di­rection set downe in the said seuerall Letters Patents; Nor shall counterfeit, or attempt, or goe about to counterfeit any the Token or Tokens, so made, or to bee made by authority a­foresaid, or any the Engine or Engines, or Instruments whatsoeuer, wherewith the same haue been or shall bee made, wrought or stamped, nor shall import or bring, or cause to bee im­ported or brought into this Kingdome, any Farthings, or Farthing Tokens, made, or coyned in any forreine parts beyond the Seas, nor shall vse, vtter or disperse any such forreine Far­things or Tokens, vpon paine of Our heauy displeasure, and such further punishment to bee inflicted vpon him or them, which shall bee found to offend herein, as by Our Lawes, or Our Prerogatiue Royall, may be inflicted vpon them, for their contempt and disobedience to this Our Commandement; Willing and commanding all and singular Maiors, Iustices of Peace, Shiriffes, Bailiffes, Constables, Headboroughs, and all other Our Officers and Mi­nisters, to whom it shall or may appertaine, to doe their vttermost endeauour for the dis­couery and searching out of all offenders and delinquents concerning the premisses, and to bee aiding and assisting to the said Patentees, their Executors, Administrators and Assignes, De­puties, Factors, and Seruants, in, and about the due execution and performance of Our Royall pleasure and Commandement aboue declared.

God saue the King.

¶ Printed at London by Bonham Norton and Iohn Bill, Printers to the Kings most Excellent Maiestie. M.DC.XXV.

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