❧ By the King.
¶ A Proclamation concerning Wyer, Threed, and other Manufactures made of Gold and Siluer.

THe Kings most Excellent Maiestie, being carefull and desirous to preuent and auoid all vnnecessary waste and consumption of Coyne and Bullion within this Realme, hath published sundry Proclamations, for suppressing all irregular and vnlawfull Melting and Fining of Gold and Siluer, and the making of Gold and Siluer Threed, Gold and Siluer Foliat, and other Manufactures, whereupon much Coyne and Bullion was found to be consumed: But not finding any amendment answerable to his gracious expectation, for that the offendors, being many of them ve­ry poore, and making their whole gaine and liuing thereby, did aduenture, against all Law and Authoritie, to continue their workes, though in a more secret and close manner then before. And therefore his Maiestie, vpon mature aduice with his Priuie Counsel, finding it a matter of so much difficultie vtterly to suppresse those Manufactures, as that it was not to bee effected without much seueritie and rigor to many of the poorer sort of his Subiects, hath resolued of a more moderate and fitting course, by reducing those Trades vnder order and gouernement, whereby the incon­ueniences may be preuented, and yet the Trades (being the liuelyhood of so many men) not wholly banished: And to that intent his Maiestie, by aduice of the Lords, and others of His Priuie Coun­sell, hath granted a Charter of incorporation to the Gouernour, Assistants, and Commonaltie of Gold-Wyer-drawers of the Citie of London, conteining sundry politique and good Rules and Or­ders, aswell for preseruing of Coyne and Bullion, as for regulating the said Trades, and auoyd­ing such deceits as may arise thereby to his Maiesties Subiects.

For the better strengthening whereof, his Maiestie doth hereby straitly charge and command, First, that no person or persons whatsoeuer, (except such as are, or shall be of the sayd Company, or Corporation) doe at any time hereafter vse, exercise, or put in practise any the Trades, Mysteries, or Manufactures of spinning, or making of Gold and Siluer Threed, Purles, Plates, Oes, Spangles, or Foliat, or the drawing of Wyer for any of those vses or purposes, or for Damasking, or inlaying, or the drawing of Wyer for Cloth of Gold or Siluer, or doe, or put in practise any other thing belong­ing to the Art of a Gold or Siluer Wyer-drawer, or doe Melt, Fine, Prepare or disgrosse any Gold or Siluer for any of the vses aforesayd, or doe set vp any Milles, Engines or Instruments for, or to the vses or purposes aforesayd, or any of them.

Secondly, That no person or persons of the said Company or Corporation, nor any other what­soeuer, doe at any time hereafter make within this Realme of England, or import, or cause to be im­ported into the same, or any part thereof, any Gold or Siluer Threed, or Wyer, being counterfeit stuffe, or made of base Golde or Siluer.

Thirdly, That no person or persons whatsoeuer, now being, or which hereafter shall be of the said Corporation, doe or shall make, buy, sell, vtter, or put to sale any Gold or Siluer Wyer or Threed, but according to such Powers, Limitations and Prouisions, as are mentioned and contained in the Charter made to the said Corporation. And that no person or persons whatsoeuer, doe or shall buy or sell, or cause to be bought, vttered or solde, any Gold or Siluer Wyer, or Threed, before the same be sealed with the Seale for that purpose, to be appointed according to the intent of the said Charter, vpon paine, that all person and persons offending in any the premisses, contrary to his Maiesties Pleasure herein expressed, shall incurre his Maiesties indignation and censure in his high Court of Starre-Chamber, & such further punishment by imprisonment, or otherwise, as may by the Lawes and Statutes of this Realme, or his Maiesties Prerogatiue Royall be inflicted vpon them for their offences, and contempt of His Maiesties Royall Commandement.

And His Maiestie doeth hereby Command, and giue power and Authoritie vnto His Attourney Generall, for the time being, vpon Information giuen vnto him of any offendors in any the premis­ses, to prosecute all and euery the said offendors in the said Court of Starre-chamber, that they may be there censured and punished according to their demerits.

And His Maiestie doeth further by these Presents will and require the Lord Mayor of the City of London, for the time being, and all other Mayors, Sheriffes, Bayliffes, Constables, Headbo­roughs, and other Officers and ministers of His Maiestie, his Heires and Successors, to see that this His Maiesties Proclamation be in all points executed, and to be aiding and assisting vnto the said Go­uernour, Assistants and Communaltie, and their successors, and vnto such person and persons, as by them or any of them shall be assigned and appointed, in and about the due execution of the foresaid Charter to them granted, or any thing contained therein, as they tender His Maiesties Pleasure; Any former Proclamation, or any prouision, restraint, matter, or thing whatsoeuer to the contrary of the premisses, or any of them, in any wise notwithstanding.

God saue the King.

¶ Imprinted at London by Bonham Norton and Iohn Bill, Printers to the Kings most Excellent Maiestie. M.DC.XXIII.

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