❧ By the King.
❧ A Proclamation for reliefe of the subiect that might be otherwise damnified by the late burning of Records in the Sixe Clarkes Office.

THE Kings most Excellent Maiestie, graciously and tenderly con­sidering the manifold inconueniences, that might happen to many of his louing Subiects, by meanes of a dangerous and sodaine fire, that of late consumed, not onely all the buildings and roomes be­longing to the Office of sixe Clarkes of the high Court of Chance­rie, but also many Bills, Answers, and other pleadings, together with the depositions of witnesses and decrees concerning his sayde Subiects, and likewise diuers patent rolles, warrants, and other Records remayning in that Office; And desiring in his great and Princely goodnes, not only to deuise all possible meanes to releeue and helpe his sayd Subiects, but also to giue notice thereof, where­by euery person, whom the same doth concerne, may readily make resort where they may par­take of the benefits of his most gracious and royall prouidence, doth heereby publish and de­clare. That all such Billes, Answers, Pleadings and depositions (the Records and originals whereof were burnt, as aforesayd) shall at the request of such person and persons, whom the same doth any way concerne, producing any exemplification or authentique copy thereof vn­der the hand of the Court, be againe written out, filed and recorded. And for such depositions whereof no copies were made, either in respect that the same were not published or otherwise, Certioraries shalbe awarded, at the desire of any person or persons whom the same doeth concerne, vnto the Commissioners, in whose hands the originals of the sayd depositions doe remaine, to certifie the same againe into the sayd Court of Chancery, there to remayne of re­cord. And where any depositions, taken in any suit not yet determined, haue beene burnt, as a­foresayd, and cannot be renewed by any the meanes aforesayd; in such case the Lord Keeper of the Great Seale of England, or Our sayd Court of Chancery, vpon vnderstanding of the na­ture and state of the businesse, may giue such order as to Iustice shall appertaine, for the reliefe of the party grieued, by ordering a new examination of witnesses, or otherwise, as shall bee fit. And where any Decrees, or Inrolments of Decrees, haue beene burnt, as aforesayd, That in euery such case, at the request of such person and persons, whom the same doth any way con­cerne, producing any exemplification of the sayd Decree, or any Writ, De executione Decreti, the sayd Decree shall be new written, and inrolled. And that all inrolments of Patents burnt, as aforesayd, shall at the request of any person or persons whom the same doeth concerne (produ­cing [Page]the originall patent, or any exemplification or Constat thereof, and vpon view of the ori­ginall Bill or warrant vnder the Signet or Priuie Seale, remayning either in the Signet Office, or elsewhere, and vpon view of the bookes of controlment, remayning in the custody of the Clarke of the Hamper, or elsewhere,) be newly written, entred, and inrolled of Record. And his Maiesties will and pleasure is, and the sayd sixe Clarkes haue assented, that for the writing, in grossing, eutring, or inrolling of any the premisses by them or any of their Clarkes, or for doing any thing in the premisses by them or any of their Clarkes, no fees or rewards shall bee taken, but the same shalbe done gratis, without fee. And his Maiesties further will and plea­sure is, and he doth heerby require and authorize, aswell the Lord Keeper of the great Seale of England, as the Master of the Rolles, and either of them in their seuerall places, to see the premisses duely performed, and to settle, quiet, and reconcile all such ambiguities, doubts, and questions, as shall arise concerning the due execution and performance of the premisses, in such sort, as they in their wisedomes and good discretions shall finde it meet. Neuerthelesse, his Maiestie doth declare, that it is not his purpose or intention, that any shall take benefit of this his Princely grace and Royall prouidence, but such onely as shall desire and request the same on this side and before the tenth day of Iuly, now next ensuing.

God saue the King.

❧ Imprinted at London by BONHAM NORTON, and IOHN BILL, Printers to the Kings most Excellent Maiestie. M.DC.XXI.

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