[depiction of England's coat of arms in 1608]

❧ By the King. ¶ A Proclamation against Transpor­tation of Leather.

WHereas we vnderstand, that diuers of our louing Subiects haue made complaint, that the price of Neates-Leather is lately raised to such a height, as it prooueth very grieuous to the poorer sort, who haue dayly vse thereof: Such is and shall be euer our care and resolution to preuent, or reforme all things that may be burthensome to any of our people ouer whom Almighty God hath committed to Vs the vniuersall care, as we haue bene no lesse curious to finde and search out the true cause, then to prouide for the remedie of the inconuenience, And therein particularly to be sure to take away all meanes or colour for any such grieuance, that may (either in trueth or apprehension) arise from any action of our owne. For which purpose, although We doe dayly see by common experience, that ex­cessiue prices grow vpon our Subiects by the practise and greedinesse of priuate persons, who either by Forestalling and Ingrossing of Commodities, or by combyning to keepe them at high prices, or by conueying them out of our Realme by stealth, doe increase the rates aswell of forraine, as home bred commodities, without any Acte of ours: Neuerthelesse, because We haue obserued that some euil affected people, in this, as in diuers other things, are more in­clined to impute the cause of grieuance to some thing done by vs, then to resort to the maine and originall grounds of the same; Wee haue for more surety, caused our Councell to take Informa­tion what Licences We haue giuen, (which haply may haue bene some pretext for abuse in that kinde) and thereby finding that some small quantitie of that commoditie hath bene Transpor­ted by vertue of a License granted at our first comming, at the Suite of some forraine Princes our Allies, whom Wee could hardly then refuse, although it be knowen to the world, that We did not giue Licence for any Leather by name, but generally for the Transporting of forbid­den Commodities, and that onely to the summe of sixe Thousand pounds in value, which could [Page]be no occasion of such scarcitie: Yet because it is not vnlikely but that some Neates-Leather might be hereafter issued by vertue of that Licence (as some hath bene already) contrary to our meaning, Wee did not onely (so soone as this came to our eares) giue present order to our Treasourer of England to restraine all vse of Licences (if any there were or be) concerning the Transportation of such Leather, whereof there is no such plentie within our kingdome, but that whatsoeuer is caried away, may bee soone felt in the scarcitie and dearenesse thereof at home, But for the more sure preuention of this grieuance, and that all our louing Subiects may be witnesses of our care in this behalfe, We doe now by these presents reuoke and disanull all Licences and Tolerations concerning Transportation of Neates-Leather, (if any there be) And do further expresly prohibite and forbid all maner persons whatsoeuer, That they at­tempt not from hencefoorth to cary or conuey away, or cause or consent to be caried or conueyed away out of this our Realme, any Neates-Leather, or Neates-Hides raw before they bee perfect Leather.

And likewise We doe by these presents straightly charge and Command all our Customers, Comptrollers, Searchers, Surueyors, and other our Officers of our Ports, That they doe not onely informe our said Treasourer, what Neates-Leather, or Neates-Hides raw they haue knowen to be Transported at any time since the beginning of our Raigne, at what Ports, and by whom; But also that they be from henceforth watchful that none passe by any practise, pretence, or colour Whatsoeuer, as they, and euery of them will answere the contrary at their vttermost perils. Knowing that from hencefoorth they shall haue no excuse by pretence of Li­cences or other Tolerations, inasmuch as we haue reuoked and disauowed them (if any such there be) by these presents. Willing yet further all our Subiects that can learne or vnder­stand any abuse in this behalfe, That they also resort to our said Treasourer and informe him thereof, whereby he may detect the fraud, corruption, and confederacie of our said Officers, if they shall conceale the same. And such discouerers shall receiue such reward as their seruice shall deserue.

God saue the King.

❧ Imprinted at London by Robert Barker, Printer to the Kings most Excellent Maiestie. Anno Dom. 1608.

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