❧ By the King.

WHereas at the late rising of the first Session of our Parliament, Wee did prorogue the same vntill the seuenth day of Fe­bruary next, intending then to holde at that time another Session thereof: Wee haue since bene informed from diuers parts of our Realme, that some contagion of Sickenesse doeth yet so continue in many of our principall Cities and Townes, and is also scattered in diuers other places of lesse note, as if we should against the Spring of the yeere draw so great a concourse of people together, as the assembly of the Parliament bringeth with it, (the continuance whereof is vncertaine) it were much to be doubted, that the infection of the Plague might be renewed againe in our Citie of LONDON, which is our Cham­ber, and the place of our most ordinary residence, as it did the first yeere of our entry, by reason of the great assembly at our Coronation, which if the setling of our State here had not necessarily required to be then performed, Wee would haue forborue. And forasmuch also as for these two yeeres past, by reason of our entry into this our Kingdome, our Coronation, the holding of our Parliament, and such other Solemnities, requiring the presence of persons of the best sort, the most part of the Gentlemen of qualitie of this Realme haue bene absent from the places of their ordinary aboad, whereby the Countreys haue wanted their assistance in the gouernment of them, and our people the comfort of their presence and Hospitalitie: Wee haue therefore thought it conuenient to prorogue our said Parliament vntill the thirde day of October next ensuing, at which time we intend by Gods grace to hold another Session thereof, And in the meane time all those, who repaired hither about the Commission concerning the Vnion, or doe now reside here in expectation of that Session of our Parliament at the time appointed, may returne to their owne homes vntill the said third day of October, when Wee will expect againe their atten­dance. And in the meane time Wee doe straightly charge and command them, and all others who haue any trust to them from Vs, either in the Commission of the Peace, or otherwise for the good gouernment of our people, that they doe immediatly repaire home to their owne dwel­lings, to attend to such Seruices as to them belong to doe, whereof by their absence both Wee and our Subiects are defrauded.

God saue the King.

Imprinted at London by Robert Barker, Printer to the Kings most Excellent Maiestie.

ANNO DOM. 1604.

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