DIVINE MEDITATIONS On the Last Words of Our SAVIOUR, And the Two THIEVES upon the Cross.

 {Jesus Nazaritae Rex Judaeorum.} 
Behold, O God,IN RIvers of my Tears,
I Come to thee, Bow down thy Blessed Ears
To hear me, Wretch, O thou whose Eyes to sleep
Didst never close Behold a Sinner Weep:
Let thenO GOD, MY GOD,my Faults, though great,
Be heal'dWithin thy glorious Mercies Seat;
By Angels let my spirit toHeaven be brought,
ThouLord Rememberest thYneIf thou beestsought.
I Comenot Lord witHany other Merit
Thanwhat I by my SAviourChrist inherit;
Be thenhis WoundSmy Balm, his Stripes my Bliss,
My Crown hisThornes, my deaTh be lostin his:
And thoumy blesTRedeemer,Saviour, God,
Quit my Accounts, withHold thyvengefull Rod;
O beg formemy HOpes onThee are set,
And ChristforgiVe as well as pay the Debt;
The liveing Font, the liFe, the WayI know,
And buttotheeOwhithershould I goe?
All other Helps aRe vain, grantethine to me,
For in thyCross mySaving Health must be:
O hearKen then whAt I withFaith implore;
Least siningSinK'e me that I rise no more;
And meDefeNd that I maynever sin,
When thou dost come letMe be raisedthen,
To livewith thEe, sweet Jesussay Amen.

This may be Printed.

R. M.
Lord, give me Grace my Life to mend,
And make me fit for my Last End.

LONDON, Printed for Samuel Walsall at the Heart and Bible near the West End of the Royall Exchange in Cornhill, 1687.

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