A Representation to King and Parliament, of some of the Unparralleld Sufferings of the People of the Lord, called Quakers, in New-England. Together with the Remarkable Judgments of God upon sundry of their Persecutors.

IN these few Lines; O KING; Thou and thy Parliament, may see the continu­ed Sufferings of thy faithful and loving Subjects, under the cruel and bloody hands of the Priests and Rulers, in New-England, who in the dayes of O. C. (the time of thy Suffering) as if countenanced and Commissionated by him, did, for divers years, most barbarously spoil and ruine the Goods of thy Innocent Subjects there, halling them out of their Habitations to Prison, far from their Families and little Ones, cruelly torturing their Bodies with Whipps, and pitched Ropes, and locking up neck and heels in Irons many hours, with famishings near unto death, being without pitty to the aged Parents, or to their help­less Children; Chaining to a Log of Timber Night and Day, a long and very cold Win­ter; dragging Men along by the hair of their Heads, and the tender Women (as they were on their knees in Prayer) dragg'd out of the House by the hands, with their faces towards the Earth, over Stumps, and old Trees, through very deep frost and snow, to Prison near a Mile; and causing the Innocent to be hanged up naked by the hands, with a logg hanged to the feet, and the body cruelly beaten by the hands of a strong Negro with Cords; one burned in the Hand, and in his Mouth bound a great Key; others their Ears part cut off; together with Banishing Fathers, Mothers and Children, and offering to send their little Ones thousands of miles from their Native Country and Fathers House, to be sold for Servants or Bond-slaves; and last of all, in the height of the spirit of the wicked one, the spirit of madness, blindness, blood and murther, they spared not, but cruelly put to death the Servants of the Living God. And now, O King, since the very day the Lord brought thee into this Land again, and gave unto thee thy Regal Power, have they in thy Name, made strange and cruel havock of thy true Subjects, in putting to Death and Banishing; and in thy Name with many torturing Whippings of Old and Young, at Posts, and at wheels of great Guns, and at Carts Tails, dragging the naked Bodies of Parents and Children through divers long Towns, through the dirt & filth of their Chanels and Cart-ways; and in thy Name commanding one Friend and Brother to help Imprison the other; yea, in thy Name they have lately prest the Son to help to force his tender Father and Mother to Goal, sundry miles, in the extremity of Winter season, to the hazzard of their Lives; and such as refused to obey their Unnatural and Abominable Commands, they have fined at their Courts; and thus from Court to Court do these Monsters of Men, in thy Name, Fine and break open the Houses of the Quakers, and Rob them of their Goods, and take away that they should eat in, and that they should drink in, yea the very Cloathes from their Backs in Winter, and the Bed they should lye on, while they keep the Body sundry miles off in Prison, driving Husbands & Wives divers miles for Prison, in times of great Frost and Snow, keeping them close Prisoners in a very cold Room, to the endangering of their Lives, and to the ruine of their Families, had not the Lord preserved. All this, and much more, too tedious to mention at this time, have they done to the servants of the Lord in New-England in thy Name; saying, that Thou ownest their doings, and esteemest their Laws as thy Laws; And these hard things have the Servants of the Lord patiently suffered, and sustained at their hands, for no other cause but for their faithful obedience to the Spirit of the Lord in their hearts, which Spirit of Holiness teacheth them, That Forced Worships and Worshippers are both Abomination to the Lord. These few Lines are written not from any desire of the least Revenge from thy hand upon them, but that thou mayest know it, and make known thy dislike of their wickedness, that so the blood of the Innocent there, if possible, might not be laid to your charge in the terrible Day of the Lord, in which both High and Low must come to Judgement, and receive according to their Deeds done in the Body, in which day the Lord will make known (in the sight of all his Enemies) his mighty Power for the saving of his beloved Ones, and for the delivering and helping of them, who had no helper in the Earth.

Printed in the Year 1669.

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