VVHEREAS it hath been of absolute Necessity, that a certain Number of men should be Impressed, for the Service of Their Majesties, in Defence of this their Province, both at Sea and Land, against the common Enemy. And that some persons imployed therein, have passed the Bounds of their Duty, and my Order, by putting the same in Execution in a violent and dis­orderly manner, to the great Grievance of Their Majesties good Subjects.

For preventing such Disorders for the future, and rendring to all injured Persons due Satissaction, I do hereby Publish and Declare.

THat as such violent and undue methods have been used without my Knowledge, and to my great Disturbance, there shall be effectual care taken, that such as have received Damage thereby, shall Be Relieved, and all those that have been the occasion thereof shall be severely punished.

And all people whatsoever are to take notice, that no person shall hereafter be Prest into their Majesties Service, but by a par­ticular Warrant to the Military Officers, or Constables, for that Purpose.

And if any shall presume to Act contrary to their Duty upon any such occasion, all Justices of the Peace and all Officers Mi­litary and Civil, are Required in the Name of their Majesties to cause them to be Seized, and Secured, in order to their being punished, according to the utmost severity of the Law.

And whereas divers Souldiers Entered in their Majesties Service and Pay, have presumed to leave their Posts, and some have out staid their Pass, without leave from their Commanders, others Imprest for their Majesties Service, have absented and not ap­peared according to Order.

I do therefore Order and strictly Command, all such Souldiers, forthwith to Repair unto their Respective Posts, and Duty, as they will answer their Neglect at their Peril, and all Officers Military and Civil, that shall know, or be informed of any such Deserters or Runaway Soldiers, are to cause them to be taken up, and conveyed before the next Justice of the Peace, in order to their being Returned, and sent unto their Respective Officers, and every Justice of the Peace, is hereby Impowred and Required to deal effectually, in this matter; and no Soldier may presume to leave his Post, or absent himself from his Duty, on pain of being proceeded against with utmost severity of Law.

And whereas a vigorous Endeavour to suppress the Growth of Wickedness and Prophaneness in this Territory, is not onely the way to obtain the gracious Presence of Almighty God, without which we can expect no good Success of our Affairs, but al­so a thing for which Their Majesties have given their particular Instructions.

IT is hereby Required, That all the wholsome Laws here in Force against Vices of all kinds, and particularly the Laws against Blasphemy, Swearing, Cursing, Lying, unlawful Gaming, Sabbath-breaking, Idleness, Drunkenness, Uncleanness, and all Nurseries and Inticements of such Impietys, be in their Majesties Name im­mediately, and impartially put in Execution. And all Justices, of the Peace, Consta­bles, Tithing men, or what-ever other Officers, as well Civil as Military, as are therein concerned, are hereby directed, enjoyned, and in Their Majesties Name Required, in this matter to discharge the Duty of their places, with all fidelity, and all sorts of persons to conform themselves accordingly: And it is hereby signified, that upon Complaint made, and proved against any Officers; of having neglected their Duty, the utmost mark of Displeasure shall be set upon them, while those that are found faithful, shall be encouraged with all fit Acknowledgments.

God Save King William and Queen Mary.

Printed by Benjamin Harris, Printer to his Excellency, the Governour and Council.

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