[blazon for the City of London, consisting of a shield bearing the cross of St. George (patron saint of England) with a sword (emblem of the martyrdom of St. Paul, patron saint of London) in the first quarter of the shield]

By the Mayor.

WHereas by an ancient Law and Statute of this Realm, It is provided, That no Fairs or Markets be kept in Church­yards, Nevertheless in the late times of Disorder, Rebellion, and Confusion, the Church-yard belonging to the Cathedral of Saint Paul London, to the great dishonour of God, and contrary to the said Statute, hath been, by the Men of those times, voted and made a Market-place, and a Market there kept; Now Forasmuch as at a Common-Councell holden in the Chamber of the Guild-hall London, this nineteenth day of October, in the thirteenth year of the happy and blessed reign of our Sovereign Lord CHARLES the Second, by the Grace of God, of ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, FRANCE, and IRELAND, King; Defender of the Faith, &c. that now is: It is ordeined by the right Honourable the Lord Maior, and the right Worshipfull the Aldermen, and the Commons of the City of London in the said Common-Councell assem­bled, That the said horrid abuse of the said Church-yard be forthwith removed, And that from thenceforth there be no Market kept in the same; And for the ease and benefit of such of his Maiesties Subiects with­in this City and Liberties, who have occasion to sell or buy Rootes, Hearbs, Fruit, or other Gar­den commodities, two places onely, namely the Streets called Aldermanbury and Broadstreet Lon­don, are by the said Common-Councel appointed for a Market to sell the same Wares in; and that only on the Market daies, and times usual within this City, and on no other daies or times: These are therefore to give Notice of the Premisses: And in his Maiesties name streightly to charge and command, that no person or persons whosoever resorting to this City with such or any other wares, presume to pitch down, or stand with any Rootes, Hearbs, Fruits, or any other Market Commo­dities, or keep any Market in the same Church-yard, And also that all such persons at any time here­after resorting to this City or Liberties to sell such Garden commodities, do not pitch down or stand with to sell the same in any other place or places within this City or Liberties, saving only in the said Streets of Aldermanbury and Broadstreet, upon pein that all and every such person and per­sons who shall offend against any the Premises, shall be severely dealt withall and punished according to Law.

God save the King.

Printed by James Flesher, Printer to the Honourable City of London.

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