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By the Lord Lieutenant and Council.


WE cannot but call to mind that as the Declaration set out and published by the late Lords Justices and Council, bearing date the 30th. of April, 1662. did so far indulge those Re­cusants, Non-conformists and Sectaries, who were misguided and did not conform to the Laws of the Land, concerning Uniformity of Common Prayer and Service in the Church, and the Administration of the Sacraments, that they were not to be further proceeded against for the Offences then past; so that Proclamation conteined also a pre­menition to them, that no person or persons were for the time then to come to expect the like indulgence, and yet it is found that that extension of His Majesties gracious cle­mency towards them, hath not wrought those effects of Conformity in those persons, which that high favour from His Majesty hath deserved: And although His Majesty might be thereby provoked, and that most-justly, to proceed against them with that strict­ness which is due to such great contempts, not onely of His Laws, but also of His Cle­mency: Yet considering that we well know that such is His Majesties aboundant good­ness and tenderness towards His Subjects, as he wishes rather that those of them who are misguided, may be won by gentleness, than by the strict execution of His Laws: And considering also that We do believe that the rendring hitherto fruitless the hopes We had of their Conformity, proceeded rather from the seducement of others, than from evil in the mindes of the people themselves, therefore as a means to preserve the people front the danger of such seducement, as We did formerly give Orders for suppressing unlawful Assemblies, so We have larely directed Our Letters into leberal parts of this Kingdome, to remove the persons of some Ministers, or pretended Ministers, whereby they may not have such opportunity as they have hitherto had to continue their evil practises in sedu­ting too many of the People: And We conceiving that from thence may yet follow the desired Conformity from them; and considering likewise, That We now find that some attempts have been made to draw into the late borried Conspiracy for taking His Majesties Castle of Dublin, some persons that are as yet Non-conformists, and that they (agreeable to the duty and loyalty of good Subjects to His Majesty) utterly declined any Conjunction in so Traiterous a Design, We therefore judge it fit once more to make a further trial if by any gentle ways or means the seduced people may be reclaimed; and to that end do hereby declare, That for the time past all Offences committed against His Majesties said Law of Uniformity of Common Prayer and Service in the Church, and the Administration of the Sacraments, shall be no further proceeded against before any His Majesties Judges of Assize or Justices of the Peace, but that there be a stop put to all pro­ceedings and penalties for such Offences for the said time past.

[Page] And as We have taken this course to prevent any such trouble or punishment to the people by Authority of the Tempo­ral Courts, so We are well assured that We need not give any directions to the Arch-Bishops or Bishops as to the Spiritu­al Courts in regard We are well satisfied that such is the Piety and Moderation of the Arch-Bishops and Bishops, that they are willing and ready without looking back into the former Errors of any of the People, to receive and imbrace into the Bosome of the Church all such of them as shall desire to conform themselves.

And We do further Declare, that after the 24th, day of December next, no person or persons are to expect the like indus­gence, but that all Judges of Assize and Justices of Peace, and all others concerned, are thenceforth to see the said Law due­ly put in execution: Provided, That this indulgence extend not to any Minister, or pretended Minister, that shall go about to disswade the People from their Obedience to the said Law: And of this Our Declaration We require all his Majesties Judges, Justices of Peace, Sheriffs, and all other Officers whatsoever whom it may concern to take notice, and to take rare that any Writ or Process issued for attaching any persons for any the said Offences past as aforesaid, be not executed.

  • Ja. Dublin.
  • Mount-Alexander,
  • Anglesey,
  • Shannon,
  • Hen. Midensis,
  • Fran. Aungier,
  • R. Coot,
  • Paul Davis,
  • Fra. Hamilton,
  • Rob. Forth,
  • J. Bysse,
  • J. Temple,
  • Ja. Ware,
  • G. Wentworth,
  • Rob. Meredith,
  • Tho. Clarges,
  • Edw. Massie,
  • Tho. Pigott.


Printed by John Crooke, Printer to the Kings most Excellent MAJESTY; and are to be sold by Samuel Dancer next door to the Bear and Ragged-staffe in Castle-street, 1663.

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