The Kings Majesties PROCLAMATION, Concerning the Carriage of His Subjects, during the late Troubles.

CHARLES, by the grace of GOD, King of Scotland, England, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith,
To all, and sundry Our Subjects, whom these do, or may concern, greeting.

We being now, by the special blessing of Almighty GOD, returned to the exercise of Our Royal Power and Government of Our Kingdoms; And, being desirous to improve this Mercy to the best advantage of Our People; Have thought fit to call a Meeting of Our Estates of Parliament of this Our ancient Kingdom of Scotland, as a ready meane after so long troubles, for settling a firm and lasting Peace, for confirming the just Liberties and Priviledges of Our Subjects, for vindicating of Our Honour, and asserting Our ancient Royal Prerogative, by which alone the Liberties of Our People can be preserved: And as We do herein relye upon the Loyalty, Prudence and Care of Our Parliament; So We do absolutely leave and commit to them the Trying and Iudging of the carriage of Our Subjects during these troubles. Concerning which, We will from henceforth receive Information and Addresses only from Our Parliament, or Committee of Estates; to whom, in the mean time, We have recommended the preparing and ordering of that Affair, and to whom alone any of Our People that are interessed, may freely, and canonly make their applications; And which We have thought fit hereby to make known to all Our publick Ministirs and Subjects, whom it doth concern, and who may now finde, that We have hereby given an undoubted evidence of Our affection to, and confidence in, Our People, by making themselves judges, of what may concern both Our and their own interests: And further, We do hereby assure them, That Our own Honour, and the Honour of that Our ancient Kingdom being vindicat, and the ancient Prerogative of the Crown being asserted, We will grant such a full and free Pardon and Act of Indempnity, as shall witness, there is nothing We are more desirous of, then that Our People may be blessed with the abundance of Happiness, Peace and Plenty, under Our Government. And, We do hereby command you Our Heraulds, Pursevants and Messengers of Arms, to passe and make publication hereof at the Mercat Crosse of Edinburgh, and other places medfull; And in Our Name and Authority to com­mand, charge and inhibite all, and sundry our Subjects of Scotland, That none of them presume to go out of the Kingdom without Licence of Our Committee of Estates, under the pain to be esteemed and pursued as contem­ners of Our Authority and Government.

Record. A. PRIMEROSE, Cls. Reg.
By His Majesties Command, LAƲDERDAILE.


EDINBƲRGH, Printed by Evan Tyler, Printer to the Kings most Excellent Majesty, Anno Domini, 1660.

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