The CHARGE of the GOVERNOUR OF St. Thomas's Hospital.

MAY it please you to understand, That you are Ele­cted and Chosen one of the Governours of this Hos­pital; and during the time you shall so continue, you are to endeavour, according to such laudable Decrees, Orders and Ordinances, as have been or shall be made by Autho­rity of the Mayor and Commonalty and Citizens of th [...] City of London, Governours of the Possessions, Revenu [...] and Goods of the Hospitals (of Edward late King of England the Sixth) of Christ, Bridewell and St. Thomas the A­postle, to attend upon and perform the Necessary Affairs and Business of this House; And to the best of your Pow­er to Order and Govern the Poor of this House, and the Lands, Possessions, Revenues and Goods, belonging to the same, that you may Acquit your self as a True and Faith­ful Steward and Disposer of all such Things as shall be committed to your Care and Charge, and that with such a Loving, Cheerful and Respective Diligence, as becomes a Faithful Steward of God, whom (in this your Place) you chiefly Serve, and unto whom you shall render an Account. For be you well assured, you cannot be blameless before him, if after you have set your Hand to this Good Work and promised your Care and Attendance in and upon the Business of this House, you shall contrariwise neglect the same, and not yield that Aid and Succour to the Poor which the Duty of your Place requires. In Expectatio [...] of your Faithful Discharge of this Trust, you are Chosen and Admitted a Governour of this Hospital.

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