To all ARCH-BISHOPS, and BISHOPS, who are not a Shame (to) or ashamed (of) the NAME of CHRIST before MEN, Grace, Wisdom and Truth, from God our Father, and from our Lord Jesus Christ, AMEN.

I Thought to have Written in LATINE, that the Subject (being CATHO­LICK,) it might not be confined within our Cinque Ports; and because the LITTLE-HORN (having sprung up in Latine) it might be so rooted out as it sprang up. But, as I would not have my Integrity savour of the Vanity of Languages (1 Cor. 14.1.—10.) so I would not run the Gauntlet of my Country-mens Tongues (in the Apostles Language) to censure me of Bar­barism (1 Cor. 14.11.) nor yet to hazard the Censure of our Saviour, as if I shun­ned the LIGHT of common People (John 3.19, 20.) I therefore dip my Pen in the IDIOM of our Mother Tongue; And (in the first place) I most humbly Sa­lute those of mine own Country; that (as it becomes us first) to cast the Beam out of our own eye (Mat. 7.3, 4, 5. Luke 6.41, 42.) to avoid HYPOCRISIE, ac­cording to the Counsel of our Saviour; So this Honour of —Physician heal thy self (Luk. 4.23, 24.) may first be ascribed to your Wisdom. To which Purpose, not knowing how to Address my Papers to your several PALACES, I have been at the Charge of Printing, and Distributing them to Booksellers, that they may be conveyed into your hands; to wash them in Innocency from the little Horn-Change of Times and Laws.

Many HEADS have passed their Sentence on the VISIONS of DANIEL, of whom (the learned Doctor Moor) hath given an impartial Account, and laid the CHANGE of Times and Laws, at the Doors of ROME. But the particulars of —WHAT Times and Laws are changed? And—WHAT Times and Laws are come in their place? And—WHEN? And—by WHOM? is left as a Province for your Glory to bring to LIGHT; which may (again) set ROME on Fire, either of Zeal, to amend what is amiss; Or burn to Ashes of perpetual Si­lence and Oblivion, all their Lyes and Changes.

I shall patiently wait one Moneth, to observe the Operation of this my Service; which (if it prove ineffectual) I shall not forget that I am a Member of the Church of Christ, (1 Cor. 12.26.) and of the Body Politick. Much less shall I deny my self to be First, and Eldest PHYSICIAN to his Majesties Person in Ordinary, and my DOCTORSHIP above 62 years standing: Having been Phy­sician in three Kings and Queens Courts of ENGLAND, besides many others. I must not (therefore) Palliate the CURE, but search it to the Bottom; and ac­cordingly having discovered the CAUSE, prescribe the taking it away, that I may not be unworthy of Subscribing my self,

My Lords, Your Graces and your Lordships most Christian-ServantPETER CHAMBERLEN.

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