The Ladies Answer TO THAT Busie-Body, Who wrote the Life and Death of DU VALL.

I'Le tell thee senseless Fool, who e're thou be,
Thou art a Thiefe, by far more base than he:
Du Vall a little Wealth did onely take,
Which they who lost it, got perchance by Cheat.
Wealth, which poor Mortals heap they n'ere so fast,
Pitiless Death will take them from at last.
But, Thou unworthy to be call'd a Man,
Rather some Beast, or monst'rous African,
Would from our Ladies that Bright Honour have,
Which out-lives Us, and triumphs o're the Grave.
Honour's a Thing too Sacred and Divine,
Once to be touch't by such rude Hands as thine.
How dar'st thou blame such mild and generous Tears,
Or strive to blast their Pity with thy Jeers?
If they were sorry, 'twas not that their Thoughts
Approv'd his Crimes, or justifi'd his Faults;
Yet so much Valour as the Prisoner had,
And so much Youth, might make a Tigre sad.
The greatest Lords that England now can vaunt,
Pity'd him too, and begg'd his pardons graunt:
But them thou dar'st not mention, 'tis thy fear
Their Swords should find thee out for all thy care;
Onely poor Ladyes, that have no defence,
Nothing to guard them, but their Innocence.
These thou pick'st out, their Arms are in their Eyes,
And Love (thou know'st) disdains so small a Prize;
Which makes thee bold, and glad to venture where
Thou think'st there is not the least room for fear.
This shews thy Narrow Soul, thy Little Merit;
This shews thou art all Gall, and hast no Spirit.
Suppose 'twere true, that any Lady here
For the poor Criminal did shed a Teare;
Those for whose Beauty's we were wont to die,
Wee'd now adore for their Humanitie;
And their relenting Hearts should bear no more
Those Marble Names their vigour got before,
I to thy cost would soon defend their Fame,
But Coward as thou art, thou hid'st thy Name.
Coward indeed! who can'st employ thy Pen
Onely against Weak Women, and Dead Men.
El. C.

Printed in the Year MDCLXX.

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