1651 At the Committee of Trustees for Sale of the late Kings goods.

WHereas the second list of the late Kings Servants and Cre­ditors, was allowed by an Order of Parliament dated the 22th of July 1651. And was referred to the Committee of Parliament. (by whom it was examined) to give Order for the payment of the same; which was accordingly done by an Order of the said Committee dated the 13th of August 1651.

THese therefore are to authorise Iohn Hunt and Humphrey Iones Esquiers, Treasurers appointed for sale of the late Kings, Queene, and Princes goods to make payment unto [...] of the summe of [...] which [...] allowed in the said sccond list [...] and for so doing with [...] receipt shall be their warrant and discharge.

To the Treasurers for sale of the goods of the late King, Queene, and Prince.

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