An ACCOUNT of the FORMALITIES Of the CITIZENS of the Honourable CITY of LONDON, In their RECEPTION of His Most Sacred MAJESTY, King WILLIAM, At His RETURN from FLANDERS.

  • A Detachment of the City-Trained-Bands to begin the Proceeding, all in Buff-Coats, with White Stockings, and Red Feathers in their Hats.
  • The Two City-Marshals, on Horse-back; with their Six Men on Foot, in New Liveries; making way backwards and forwards, for the Train.
  • The Six City-Trumpets, on Horseback.
  • The Sheriffs Officers, on Foot, in their New Liveries, with their Javelins in their Hands.
  • The Lord Mayor's Officers, in Black Gowns.
  • Then the City-Officers, on Horseback, in their proper Gowns; each attended by a Servant, on Foot, in a New Livery; viz.
    • The Four Attorneys,
    • The Sollicitor, and Remembrancer,
    • The Two Secondaries,
    • The Comptroller,
    • The Four Common-Pleaders.
    • The Two Judges,
    • The Town-Clerk,
    • The Common-Serjeant,
    • The Chamberlain.
  • The Water-Bayliff, on Horse-back, carrying the City-Banner, with a Servant on Foot, in a New Livery.
  • [Page 2]Next, The Common-Hunt, on Horse-back, carrying the King's Banner; with a Servant, as before.
  • Then Those who have Fined for Sheriff or Alderman, or have Served the Office of Sheriff or Alderman, according to their Seniorities, in Scarlet, Two and Two, on Horse-back; each attended by Two Servants, on Foot, in New Liveries.
  • The Two Sheriffs, in Scarlet, on Horse-back, with their Gold-Chains, and with their White Staffs in their Hands; attended by Two Servants apiece, on Foot, in New Liveries.
  • Aldermen Below the Chair, on Horse-back, in Scarlet; each attended by his Beadle, and Two Servants, on Foot, in New Liveries.
  • Then the Recorder, in Scarlet, on Horse-back; attended by Two Servants, on Foot, in New Liveries.
  • Next, The Aldermen Above the Chair, in Scarlet likewise, on Horse-back, wearing their Gold-Chains; each attended by his Beadle, and Four Servants, on Foot, in New Liveries.
  • Then begins the STATE, all on Horse-back, uncovered, viz.
    • The Knight-Marshal, with his Foot-men on each side.
  • Kettle-Drums.
  • The Drum-Major.
  • The King's Trumpets.
  • The Serjeant-Trumpet, with his Mace.
  • Serjeants at Arms.Pursuivants of Arms.Serjeants at Arms.
    Heralds of Arms.
    Kings of Arms.
  • Gentleman-Usher of the Black Rod, on his Left Hand.The Lord Mayor of London, bearing the City-Sword, by His MAJESTY's Permission; Four Foot-men, in New Liveries, going on each Side.Garter, King at Arms, on his Right Hand.
  • The KING, in his Coach.

London, Printed for E. Whitlock near Stationers-Hall, 1697.

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