MEMORABLE HISTORICK Descriptiones draven.

From the Sacred Bookes in­sert in the subsequent page.




  • Genesis.
  • Exodus.
  • Leviticus.
  • Deuteronomie.
  • Ioshua.
  • Iudges.
  • Ruth.
  • 1 Samuel.
  • 2 Samuel.
  • 1 Kinges.
  • 2 Kinges.
  • Esther.
  • Iob.
  • Tobit.
  • Ezekiel.
  • Daniel.
  • Ionah.
  • 2 Maccabees.

TO The deservedly worshipfull and wisely wirtous SIR THOMAS BVRNETT of Leyes kinght Baronett.

Right Worshipfull
SIR be yow pleads'd J pray
To Read that with respective love I lay
Your worships learn'd and linx-like eyes before
A five month's work, and noght a moment more
Some Select'd dravghts suckd from the sacred Story
Noght vpon hope of Honor, Gain, or Glory
Nor on Conceat, of skill, or knoledge hye
This Interprise at all attempted J
No but that better with that blessed Booke
I might acquented come this tast J Tooke.
Knowing the subject, vits diviner merits
Nor are poluted, and Imperfect Sperits
And of all mortall most vn-meet is mine
For it, so, worthie, weaighty, and divine
Yet my attempt, once may prove profitable
T' incourage one, t' acqueat himselfs more able
Yen Sir woutchafe, to look vpon my Lines
Suppose, for such a proesence poor propine.
Your wor-in all affectonat duetye divoted AL. GARDEN.

To the READER.

THink nought these Verses vented are by me
Which efter in these Sheets insert yow see
For ony profite or aplause of fame
Or Reputation that may rise be Thame
No motion such by my immortall mynd
Induc'd, and me these to compond, inclynd
But in my curt prepond Epistle, Thair
My motiwes all and causes I declare
Hope then for no high stile nor stately strame
Or figur'd Phrases from a loftie Braine
Nor for Hyperbolees, that great Jngines
Vse for to fraught with, and to larde their Lines
No nought a Sillab such shall Thow see heir
But simply all, is said, and said, Sincear.
HEav'n, Earth, and seae, round, eirc'lare sphericall,
Of ane rude mixed Mass, God made them all.
He stampt, with starrs, the heavne, and with these lights
The Sun and Moone, devyded dayes from nights
Beastes, fishes, foules, he creat of all kinde
And fitly each, it's Element assign'de
The liquid waters, from the earthly mass,
He [...]parats, and them a-part did place,
The thin, hote, moist, and subtile Aer, above,
The cold drie earth, about, h' assign'd to move
And tuixt the earth, and fire, that all jmbraces
The aer and water providentlie places
And seeing all, that he had done, was Good
He made man syne to his similitude.
Genesis Chap. 2.
WHan God of Heav'ne, and Earth, had form'd the frame,
And made ane end of all the hoste of Thame,
Into the body that he builded hath,
H' jnfuis'd a soule, and breath'd a living breath,
And when he thus, perfectly fram'd the same
From Rud reed earth, he did, him Adam name
Man so created, perfect, pure and chaste,
God in his Garden, Paradise him plac't,
And there with freedonie full, before his fall,
To eat of ev'rie frute, and to vse all,
Excepting that of knoledge he bestrait,
Command and charge prohibit was to eat.
And when he should, that Tree of knowledge cun
He then should dye, that day, and be vndone.
Genes. 2.
THe Lord God Adam, sound a sleep he layd,
And Eva of, one of his ribs, hes made
Then with divine, inimitabill art,
Clos'd cleanly vp, with flesh, the emptie part.
And when he did awake the woman Than,
His flesh and bone, God offred to the man
Whom Adam when, he finds, so fitly fram'd
(Made out of Man) he hes her woman nam'd
And as his Wife, he hes her jntertaind
For God there first the Mar'age rites ordaind
A straght conjunction, and a sacred band
In Paradise kint be the Lords command.
Injoyning Them, therefore to joyne there handes
And maried, To multiplie, commands.
Genesis. 3.
THe Serpent Eve, induced with Deceat,
And Adam, she inveits, and he, did eat.
(O Lamentable for ev'r, and fearfull fact,
That did there State, so marr and murnfull mak,)
The frute forbidd'n of knovledge Good, and Euill,
And heirby both, deluded by the Devill
From puritie, and there perfection fall,
And so suck'd in, the Sinn Originall.
Ambitions both, too greedily began,
To lay the Ground greef, of the Greefes of Man.
There misbeleef, and blindness yet both blind
Into there fault, and fall, enforc'd, they find
And liable therefore, to Death, they be,
Themselfes, and since, all there posteritie.
Genesis 3.
THe frute once eaten, opned ar their eyes,
And they, there ovvne poore nakedness espyes.
Wherefore they both, vnto a figge Tree came,
And pulld some Leaves, and sevved of the same,
For to be Brecches, to them both, to hold,
There Shame vnsene, and clothe them from the cold.
Before they taste, of that sequestrat Tree
They knew noght that, they bare and naked be.
No figg-tree leav's, nor figge tree Trunks, could beild-them
Nor from th' All-seeing-eye could sheeld-them
Nor could those figge tree leaves (tho cloith there skins)
Preserve vnsene, there Trespass, nor there Sinns.
No no, there Conscience for there Crime, did call
And God without, within, he Saw them all.
Genesis 3.
THe voyce of God, they in the Garden heard,
And faultie hid, them for there falt, a feard.
But heavne, nor earth, nor them, the darksome deep,
From there Creator, knowing all, could keep.
Excuses put a part, They must apeare
And ansver to the poynts, that he sould speare.
That dreadfull voyce, that Thunder did resemble,
Made heav'ne, and earth, and Man muche more, to tremble.
He calld, they come, h' accus'd, and they confess'd
And guiltie both, Grant that they haue Trangsgressd.
The Woman, He, the Serpent, She, They say
This foul defection, drew on ws, this day.
And Ws, Invegled with, its wicked wit
To [...]at that balefull, and forbidd'ne Bit.
Genesis 3.
A Curse to them, a Time, God hes denune'd
And punishments, to it, for ev'r pronune'd.
And said, because this deed, slie Serpent Thow
Thow did, ay on, thy Belly shall thovv bow
And lick the Dust, without saueguard, or sheeld
A boue all Beasts, accursed of the fielde.
Also betnix, the vomans seed, and Thee,
Shall ev'r be discord, and Ennimitie.
And be assur'd, that for this Sin, thy Seed
May bruise Hers heele, but hers, shall brak thy head.
Then of Goat-skins, to them, he Garments gave
And from, his Paradise divine, them drave:
Then set a Cherub, with a flamming sword
To watch it as, is wretin in his word.
Genesis 3.
VVIth Toil, and Travell, Adam, griefe, and Sweat
His living earneth, and his Bread did eat.
And vvas constraind, to do, to dig, to delfe
His Mothers Bosome, to suport him self.
Because God for his Crime the earth accurss'd
And made it bring forth Breers, of vveeds, the vvorst.
And since, to sin, he did obey his vvife
With Great vexation, shall he lead his life.
And Eva so vvith vnacquainted fitts
In bringing out her Bairnes vvith sorrovv sits.
And surely subject shall be her desire
And plainly prostrat to her Lords Impire.
Estrangd and far from that contentement great
That they injoyed, in There first estate.
Genesis 4.
THe Sones of Adam now be Time, began
To sacrifice, as vvas, the Custome than.
The Sheep-herd Abel, his first Lambs he taks
And of the fat, of Them, oblation makes.
And Cain, of, the frutage of the Ground
He sacrifiede, the first that He hes found
The elder Cains did the Lord reiect
And younger Abels fauour and respect
Cain heirfoir, in furie, and Disdain
His blessed Brother Abel here doth brain.
And out of vvoodness, vvraethfull, and Invy
Committs this Murther, Irreligiously.
The Lord then marks him to be knovvne herefore
To be his Brothers Butcher ever more.
Genes. 6. & 7.
HOw soone God sies, the Sinns of men grow great,
All man kinde he, to overthrow did Threat,
And did a hunder yeer before foreshow,
To N'oa by water all the worlds orethrow,
And he be preaching for mans Sinne, declaird,
All earthly perish should, and none be spaird.
The Lord commands him then, to build the Arke,
And when perfected was, and wroght, that warke,
Himself, his wife, his Childring, and there Wives,
All such as God decreed to save there Lives,
Of living Things at least, takes to him Thair,
For ester plenishing the earth. a pair:
Clean, and vnclean, they enter in, and than,
To flow the vniversall flood began.
Genes. 7.
THe vindow's of the Heavens ar opned large,
And all the waters in the clouds, discharge.
The Caverns of the earth, cast vp there bryne,
That long into there Ludgings low hes lyn,
The floods, and fontans, from there heads, and springs,
There watrie store, into abundance brings.
Aboue, and vnder, all at once, jshe' out,
Each pore a spring, each spring, a speat did spout:
And with a wrackfull all orespreading speat,
Oretop'd the tallest Trees, and montans great.
Five months and more, the earth these floods oreflow,
That Land nor Sea, nor mont nor medow show.
Than they decressd, and rejncaled there store.
Vnto the bounds whair they had bein before.
Genesis 8.
THe waters all consuming course decayd,
The Arke on the Armenians montanes stayd,
And no more on that world of Seas did flot,
But as God wold, a Ground the Arke it got,
The twstes of Trees, the Cronns of montans Grene,
And late dronnd Woods, and Valeys, dry ar sene.
The winds all blew, and Arid earth did make,
And then the Dove, and olive brauche broght bake,
But sent to try the drouth, at once before,
She flew abroad, and bake returnd no more.
And N'oa, and his, alive are lest alone,
When all the rest, on earth were drownd eache one.
Then ore the vnivers they Rule and Ragne,
And as the mono-monarches sole Remain.
NOvv N'oa himself, and all vvith him vvithin,
The arcke j she, out, and to descend begin
[...]hair all (saif Cham, that ever did debord)
[...]esolue to rander. Thanks vnto the Lord.
[...]nd vnto him, ane altear do vp raise,
[...]o sacrifice thereon, and offer praise,
[...]nd vvith their humbled harts, his povv're proclame,
[...]hat by all others had preserved Thame.
[...]he Lord thence smell'd ane sweet sav'ring smell,
[...]nd said, into his hart, vnto him self
[...]o more for mans saik, vvill I curse the ground,
[...]or smit againe all living in this mund:
but vvhil the earth Remains, there shall be ay,
Succeeding Seasons, seed Time, night, and day
Genes. 9.
GOd spake to Noa, bless'd him and contramands,
The shedding humane blood, with humane hands.
Then Reconfirmed wedlock with his word.
And there declard, the povver of the sword,
With what authoritie to man is geven,
[...]re Things created that be vnder heavne,
[...]o him and his, great blessings, did he grant,
[...]and vp with Them and knit his covenant:
[...]nd gives for ev'r, a signe to make it Good
[...] rising Raine-bovv in a watrie cloud.
[...]nd when he sies that circling arch he shall,
His former covenant, to minde Recall.
In witness that, the waters, shall no more,
Drown all the World, as they had done before.
Genes. 9.
Ester the drovning deludge No'a began,
To plant his vines, and play the house band man.
[...]nd drank thereof, and drunk thereon became,
[...]nd then vncover'd he is seen be Cham.
That mock'd, and Jested at his aged father,
No no but cursed he contemnd him rather,
[...]nd went, and told it Japhet, and Iust Sem.
but he again, re-clothed is by Them.
That step, be step, both backward to him go
Lest that vnseemly They should see him so.
Heirfore he blessed both the one, and other,
and Iustly cursed Cham, there wicked brother.
The seed, of these Three sones, the earth ore spred
and all thar borne be since, of them are bred.
THe poeple here, intends to bouild a Toure
In there proud thoughts, to counterchek Gods powre
With there Assisters that, that Time one Tongve
Spake all and vvere from Cham accursed sprong.
But God from heav'ne, there hautie hartes beheld
An hovv vvith pride, and high contempt they svveld.
Heirfore he vvill, in there attempt, and aime
Vn-do and disapoynt them in the same.
For they that but one languadge spoake before
He chang'd and caus'd them mutter mony more.
And so confounded all, that noght one Brother
Did vnderstand a vvord, spoak be ane other.
God then, he dois divide them, and constraine
To quyte that vvorke, that they began in vaine.
Genesis 12.
THe Lord calld Abram, and Directions gave
To queat his countrie, and his kinred lave.
And to ane other land directly draw
That in his Iourney thither, he should shavv.
The Land that he had destinat to give
To him and his, for ever in to live.
Wherein he should, be Great, and Greatlie he
Great as his name, a Blessing great, should be.
There, should he bless, that blessed him, all Those
And curse them all, that curssd him, as his foes.
His Wife, his flocks, and familie they go
And Lot vvith him, his Brother sone also.
Then come, thereto, ane Altar he hes Reard
Wnto the Lord, that vnto him apeard.
Genesis 13.
ABraham past, and vp from Egypt vvent
And greatumly, God did his Goods augment.
For in all Riches him encreass he vvold
In cattell, coyne, in Silver, and in Gold.
And lykvvise Lot, he hes Incressd, his store
And daylie did, augment it, more and more.
But Abrams heard-men, and Lots Sheep-heards Iarre.
And for a pasture move, among them vvarr.
But vvhen there actions Abram, vnderstands
He meekly moves, Lot to divide there bands
And to the Right, or to the left hand Go
Lot then prepares and since desird-did so.
For such encress and store of Goods, they had
That hardly could, they be together fed.
Genesis 13.
THen Lot lift vp his, eyes and vnderstood
That all the plains, and groudd about vvas Good.
[...]nd dreading stay, should dravv on more disdain
[...]herefore to th' east, he Tendeth vvith his Traine
[...] Land vvell grass'd, and vvatred vvell vvas it
[...] Land for heard-men, and their flocks most fit.
[...]eirfore therein, he myndeth to Remaine
[...]nd pitch'd his palions, into Sodoms plain.
[...]or all the vvale is lovv, neer Iourdans Shoir
[...]s vvatred vvell, of pasture had lyke store.
[...]nd plentifully stood, and stuffd did stand
[...]s once vvas Eden, or as Egypt Land.
Before the all-consuming angre of the Lord
These cities Sodome, and Gomorr' devourd.
Genesis 14.
WHen Iidall King of nations, and the Rest,
That joynd vvith him in Battell had opprest
[...]he Sodomit, and the Gomoran King
[...]hey spoild there Goods, and captive Lot did bring
[...]nd on his substance, as there pryse, they prey,
[...]ut Abram arm'd, Invades them on there vvay
[...]oyld, and defate, and smartly them he smot
[...]nd in Tryumph, brought home his nephevv Lot.
[...]hen doth he chargd vvith spoyls in triumph so
[...]o Melchi-zedeck, King of Salem Go.
Who blessd, and brought to Abram, bread, and vine
[...]nd Abram there solemlie offred sine.
To him of these, his Spoyls, the Tithes of all
Goods of these Kings, that did before him fall.
Genesis 16.
[...]N Can'an, Abram, ten yeeres hes t'emaind
And Sarais vvomb, from bearing vvas restraind
Which greevd her much, and did torment her still
[...]nd as she meand, she vvold go mend her ill.
When surely She, her Belly barren sees
[...]nd thus, to secundarie helpes, she flies.
[...]or vvnto Abraham her Lord, she said
[...]eire, I haue Hagar, and Egyptian mayde
[...] give her to thee, vse her, for it may
[...]e, Childring I, obtaine be her some day.
[...] bram obeyd, and in to Hagar vvent
[...]nd knevv her, vvha conceavv'd Incontinent.
Then proud of that conception in her eyes,
Her dame, and mistres Sarai, did despise.
SArai contemnd much mov'de there with Remains,
Expostulats, with Abram, and complains.
And tells him plinly for her kindness novv,
She is mis-vsd, vvrong'd, and contemned too.
Yea prays the Lord, to judge betinxt. Them tuo.
But abram seeing her iucensed so.
Hagar be his authorit' and command,
Is set to suffer, vvnder Sarais hand.
Who hardly delt vvith her, heirfore a-dread
And fearing vvorse, far from her mistres fled.
But asked by the angel, vvhence she came,
She ansverd fleing from hir angrie dame.
Then, to Returne againe, her, he, commands
And humble her vvholly, vnder Sarais hands.
Genesis 17.
THe Lord Iehova most alimghtye here,
Wnto his servand Abram, did apeare.
And made him promeise, for to multiplie
And him, and his, t' incress exceedinglie.
Beside great, blessings, he to him do is grant,
And knits vvith him, for ever his conveuant.
Than chang'd from Abram vvnto abraham,
and her for Sara, Sarai, call'd to name.
Yea also vnto her, he granted more,
To beare a sone that, barren vvas before,
But Abr'am langh'd into his hart for he,
Hes thonght it strange and vvounderfull to be,
Since he himself a hunder yeeres vvas old,
And Sarai nyntie numbred had, and Told.
Genes. 18.
AGaine the Lord to Abram did apeare
As he sat in, or to his Tent durr, neare.
And when he look'd, Three men he standing savv,
That then approatch'd, and towards him did draw.
To those three angels then he bovvd, and ran
And offred to his Lord his service than,
Which they accept, and then there breakfast done,
God said that Sarai, she should haue a sone,
And then their he declaird, and did impart,
To Abram, that he Sodom, vvill evert.
For of there wickedness, to him the cryes,
Had monted o're, the Elements and skyes,
Th' abominations all, that therein be,
Vn-nat'rall sins, and bestialitie,
That rankly rages, and reignes them among,
With wenge ance he, he vvill, revenge ere long.
Genesis 19.
[...]e Lord their ills and naughtines did nots,
And sent his Angels, to his servand Lot,
[...]ring him thence for kindled vvas his tre,
[...]o consume, these Cities, all vvith fire.
[...]hen, that sat at Sodom gat, them sies,
[...]rysing bow'd donne to the earth, his eyes,
[...]humblie prayes them to his house but thay,
[...]ss but ester they turne in and stay.
[...] Sodomits, preass Lot, and th' Angels sought,
[...]lv'd t' abuse, and knovv Them, in there Thought.
[...] therefore vvold, brak vp his Gates perforce,
[...]erminnig to deall vvith Lot no vvorse.
[...]t lo the Lord vvith blinddess brands them Thair,
[...]et sightless search, They vvill, but knevv not vvhair.
Genes. 19.
He Angels Lot, then out of Sodom led,
And from the Sodomitick furie fred.
[...]o vp the montans vnto Zoar flevv,
[...]e firie haile and burning storme t'eschevv.
[...]s efter Lot, his daughters, and his wife,
[...]y had pull'd out, for to praeserve there life,
[...]mmanding straitly, none to be so bold,
[...] to look back vnless they Perish vvold:
[...] Lot his vvife, offended in this falt,
[...]d therefore turn'd vvas, to a Toure of Salt,
[...]en vvhen they vvere farr from the Citie vvalls,
[...]oode of fire, and burning Brimstone falls.
That Cities all, and Men vvithin did burne,
And in the plains, did all to ashes turne.
Genes. 19.
[...]t Thus and his, preserved from the fire,
To leave that citie Zoar, did desire.
[...] left it Then, and vvent therefrom, for feare,
[...] to a mont, and in a Cave, duell'd thair.
[...] daughters vvanting Companie of Men,
[...]k and to gether hes agried then,
[...]drink there Father drunk, and make him so,
[...]en Cup-shot both Them, but his knoledge kno [...]
[...]ch They haue done, and in the elder goth,
[...] younger next, and so he lyes vvith both.
[...] of this vvyld, jncestous meiting, Lot,
[...]-ammi he, and Moab both begot.
[...]nd as in Sin conceav'd, the Scripture sayes,
[...]erverse vvere they, and thers, in all there vvayes.
Genesis 20.
A Braham to the South, his Iournay Takes,
And into Gerar, he his duelling makes.
Syne said that Sarai fearing for his life.
His Sister vvas, albeit indeed his vvife.
Abimelech, the King of Gerar Thair
Perceiving Sarai, beautifull and fair
And hearing Abram her his sister call
And she her self t'affect her he did fall.
Then taks her from her Lord, but God constrains
That he hir person, in no poynt prophanes.
And dreadfully him in a dreame, did threat
And his vvith death, and a destruction great
Gif he did noght, to Abram her restore
Pure and vn tuiched, as she vvas before.
Genesis 21.
THe promise of the Lord, as is foretold
To Abraham, and Sarai being old,
At the set Time, accomplish'd vvas, and done
And She her Travell tooke, and boore a Sone.
Out of vvhose loyns, in his ovvne Tyme, should spring
That ever blessed, Prophet, Preest, and Kiug.
Abraham eight dayes ester at the least,
His Is'ac circomcisd, and made a feast.
And as young Is'ac grew, Ismael Iested
Which Sarais mynd, much moved and molested
That she did eagerly, to Abram plaine
Of Ismaels mirding, mockage, and disdaine.
But Abraham t'ev eit, all sturrs and strife
Puts Isma'l, and his mother, from his Wife.
Genesis 21.
VVHo wandring in the vvoods, and vvilderness,
Both ar by thirst, brought into strange distress.
That evven the Mother, pitie for to see
Layes him a pairt, lest that she spy him die
Than than the vveeping, of the child ascends
And dovne the Confort, of the Lord discends.
For loe, the Angel doth, there mvrning heir
And opned vp hir eyes, and made them cleir
And there to hir, A vvell of vvater shois,
Wherevvith her Sone, to quench their thrist She gois.
He gives Her confort, and forbids hir dread
But tend her Sone, for he vvill make him head
(By heising him, to Honours and Estate)
Yea and a father of a Nation Great.
[...]re faithfull Abram, be the Lord's command
[...] Noght faut but freelie lifteth vp his hand.
[...] Immolat, and offer to the daeth
[...] dearest childe, for to approve his faeth.
[...] act almost, above Beleefe, to see
father his Sole Sone to Sacrifie.
[...]edient, and gladly is'ac gois
[...]d that be willingly, will suffer shois.
[...]e true and lively Type, that should foresho
[...]at for our sinnes, Gods Sone, should suffer so.
[...]old, the Lord, Abrams belief, and faith
[...]him for Rightcousnes, Imputed hath
[...]d holds his hand, tht it is noght defyld
[...]th Isacs guiltless Blood, the Chosen Chyld.
And doth a t'amme, provide for sacrifice
That he, intangled in a Thicked sies.
Genesis 23.
Arai, Abrahams chaste, and vertous wife
[...]ixscore and seven yeer old, departs this life.
[...] whom, her loving husband Abram moans
[...]d testifies, his griefe, with mony groans.
[...]en after weeping, from her sight arose
[...]d for to buy, a Beriall hee gois.
[...]aham dolorons, a field, did buy
[...] her, and him, and his, therein to ly
Hebron lay this field, therein a Cave,
[...]t Abram fittest thought, and sought to have.
[...]erein the Iustness of the Man, is showne
[...]t no whair burie wold, but in his owne.
[...]our hundreth silver Shekels he hes payd
[...]herefore, and then, ther in his dead, hes layd.
Genesis 24.
Braham old, his eldest servand he
Prayd for to put, his hand, below his Thie
[...] by, th' almightie God of all, to swear
[...]t he should none, Into Canaan There
[...]e to his Sone for wife, but search and find
[...]is owne Countrie, an, of his owne kind.
[...]man then hartly to the Lord, did pray
[...]rosper him, in his adois, that day.
[...] faithfullie, all that his Lord, directs
[...]romises, and punct wallie effects.
[...]ecca than, as wold the Lord, it fell
[...] and hir drawing water at a well.
[...] by the conference, that they fell in,
[...] new, she was, ane of his Masters kin.
[...]en gladly gwes, hir Armelets, and ear-ringhs
[...]d Laban home, him, to his Inns he brings.
Genesis 24.
REbeccas freinds, vnto the Lord, committ,
Her vvedding and the vvhole effect of it.
Then vvith content, She is, for Js'ac geven,
Blessd be hir freinds, she gois, and blessd from heav'ne,
To Abrams house, they Them directl' adrest,
An Evening as the Sun sunck in the West,
It chanced Is'ac and It happned That
He to the fields vvent out to Meditate
And lifting vp his eyes, abroad to vieu,
A court of Camels nearc, he coming knevv;
His servand told, vnto Rebecca Than
That there vvas Isaac, that should be hir man
There then She lights, he lovingly imbracd-her,
And in his Mother Sarais Tent, he plac'd-her.
Genesis 25.
A Braham charg'd, vvith mony happie yeeres,
A hundreth sevntie five compleit, expires.
A faithfull man, beloved of the Lord,
With grace, and heavnly Giftes, jndevv'd, and stor'd.
And yet before expiring, and his daeth
His Goods, and Store, to Jzaac did bequeath.
And vvhat, he had, as dearest to him Their,
Gives him that should, be of the promise heire.
To Mishpelach, the Cave that he had bought,
Is by his Sones, there to be buried brought.
(With great Lament and mourning much among
All those that knevv and did to him belong)
And layes him there, all vvith there vveeping eyes,
Where with his Sarai side for side he lyes.
Genesis 25.
NOvv Izac fourtie yeeres, had livde, his Life,
When he Rebecca vvedded to his Wife.
But boore no Bairnes, to him, vvherefore he come,
And prayd the Lord, to bless hir barren vvomb.
The Lord is Good, and Gratious to his ovvne,
And that he vvas intreated heir, is shovvne
He heard his Cry, and gave vvhat he did crave,
For his Rebecca efter did conceave.
And shortly boore, tvvo male-contending Tvvines,
Whose strugling in hir bellie first beginnes.
A combat vvounderfull for to considder,
Tuo Brether babs, vnborne, to brall, togither,
For at their birth, in Story is jn rolld,
The younger-borne, the elders heell did hold.
Genesis 25.
THe Sonnes of Isac waxing wight, and strong
Wp with there Yeeres, these dispositions sprong.
[...]nd by the trad, that they did take them too
Wheretoo they wer inclijnd declare, they doe.
[...]h' one as he wax'd, and vnto manhead grew
[...]sav a hunter was, and wild beastes slew.
[...]nd oft in woods, and wilderness remaines
[...]ut Iacob dweld, in Tentes, and on the plaines.
[...]ak his elder Esaw, did respect
[...]nd Iacob more, his Mother did affect.
[...]ut Esavv, one day earning for to eat
[...]nd madly hungrie, for a meass of meat.
Blush may he ev'r, and Tremble when it is Told
His Primo-genit t'oom, and Birth-right-sold.
Genesis 26.
A Famine, Into Izaks dayes began.
But God his Lord, provijds for him his Man.
[...]nd vnto him appeares, and does him sho
What land, he should eschew, and whair to go.
[...]is promises, to Abram, past before
[...]o him, his Sonne, he hes renew'd once more.
[...]o Gerar than, t' Abimelech the King
[...]e gois, that o're the Philistims, did Reigne.
Whair he his wife, calld Sister, for respectes
[...]ut efter to be circumspect, neglects.
[...]or once, he sporting with hir thair it chane'd
[...]bimelech, out of his window, Glane'd
[...]nd sees the same whereat he some what mowed
[...]id Izak call modestlie reprowed.
That had, denyd his wife, because among
His people some one, might haue done hir wrong.
Genes. 26.
NOw whill the famyn, and the dearth remaind
In Palestine, was Js'ak Intertaind.
[...]nd all his flocks, still favourd be the Lord
[...] Gerar mightelie, incressd, and stord.
[...]bimelech, perceaving his estate
[...]hus multiplie, and more and more, grow great.
[...]e Iz'ak then, intreats, vvith fained Love
[...]om him, and his Philistims, to removve.
[...]hence Iz'ak past, resolved to remaine
[...]nd pitch'd his palions, Into Gerar-plain.
[...]nd vvhill the dearth, into that land did lest
[...]o digg vp vvater vvells, he him adrest.
The heards in Gerar, then, these pits, they cleame
And shrevvdlie stryve vvith Jzaks men, for them.
Genes. 26.
ABimelech proud, hatefull, in his hart
Bids Is'ak from, his Palestene, depart.
And he obeyes, for to eschew offence
To Beer-sheba, he removved Thence.
Yet the Philistim seeing, that the Lord
In all his wayes, Izak incressd, and stord.
Therefore he posted, for to pitche, and plant
With him a freindship, leagve, and Covenant.
That each, to oter, alwise, to there ends
Should doe no harme, but faethfullie be frends.
Izak, he feasts him then, and on the morne
They mutvvallie, the covenant, haue sworne.
And thus they great, ane, in the others Grace
Remain, and then, the King depairts in peace.
Genesis 27.
IZ'ak waxd old, and both his eyes grew dim
Than he his first-born-Esaw, calld to Him:
And charged him, as oft he vsd, and wount
To search, and seeke for venison, and hunt
That he, might cat thereof, and efter this
Before his daeth, his first borne Esavv blisse.
But God heirin, he had his hand, no doubt
And othervvise, this Blessing brought about
Nor Izak had, determinat, beforne
To give it vnto Esaw eldest borne.
Rebecca heard, and Iacob, did advise
For to suplant, his Brother be disgvise.
And with Praevention, and a mease, of Meat
The Blessing from his first-borne Brother get.
Genes. 28.
ALon, whill Iacob Iourneys, on his way
To ease, and rest him, on some stons he lay.
Whair falne a sleep, amids his rest, he sies
From earth, a Ladder reaching to the skyes.
And thairon Angels, they appeare, and sho
T' ascend, descend, and vp, and dovvne, it go.
O but behold, the Lord apeard, to Sit
Aboue in Heavne, vpon the Top of it
And vnto Iacob, from the same, he said
I am the God, thy Fathers hes obayd.
Thairfoir this Land, vvhereon Thow lyes, here I
Will giue to thee, and Thy Posteritie.
And as the Dust, I shall thy Seed increass
And on the Earth, all nations in Thee, bless.
Genesis 29.
Acob on journey to the East, it fell
He came, where heard-men, watred at a Well.
[...]here Camels, and there flocks, then roll'd thereon
[...]nd coverd closs, the fontane, with a stone.
[...]e then demands them, if They Laban knew
[...]ey ansverd yea, and to him Rachel, shew
[...]at was his daughter, and that there did keep
[...]nto hir fathers vse, a flock of Sheep.
[...]hom he saluts, and kissd, and hes, hir Told
[...] was hir kins-man, and the stone then roll'd
[...]m the fonts mouth, that efter, as She list
[...] flocks, might thither come, and quench there thrist.
Then to her fathers house, he doth Repair
And Lea first, then Rachel maryed thair.
Genesis 30.
Achel, long Time, hir Belly barrd, remains
And sies it shut, She heirvpon complains.
[...]d did hir sister Leah, muche envy
[...]t She hes sein, so ost, in Child-bedly.
[...] she hir selfe, despisd, as She suspos'd
[...]use, hir Belly barran vvas, and clos'd.
[...]fore, vnto her Lord, She sayes, by Thee
[...] I no Childring, I shall surely dye.
[...]ise, and vvilfull wemen, so debord
[...] vvill not byde, the leasure, of the Lord.
[...]st, the Lord, mynds her, and heares hir moane
vvant of Childring, and he grants hir one.
[...]nd vvhen, hir Tyme, of Travell to hir Came
[...]e boore a Boy, and Ioseph calld his name.
Genesis 31.
[...]ban perceavves, still Iacobs vvelth, augment
Therefore, he murmurs, and is mal-content.
Sonnes complain, he frouns, vpon him too
[...] doth noght vse him, as he vvount to do.
[...]e grudge, againes him is, because, that Thay
[...] God is vvith him, and assists him ay.
[...]acob vvith his vvifes, concludes, herefore
[...], to Iz'ak, and to serve, no more.
[...] vvith his families, and flocks, by day
[...] martch out and, they move furth on there vvay
Rachel stole, hir Fathers Goods, that be
[...]oushold. Things, that he did hold, most hie.
[...] father searchd Them, and she sat on These
[...]novved vvith, hir monethly disease.
Genesis 33.
IAcob, into his Iournay home, did heare
That than his Brother Esaw, did draw neer.
He calld to mynd, the wrong, he did, his Brother
By the advise, and Cōunsall of his Mother.
Which brodds him some what, and that bree him feare
That made him panse, and think vpon it there.
Wherefore his hands, vp to the Lord, he liftes
And prayes for Peace, and Esaw pleasd, with Giftes.
Then with an Angel, as a Man, all night
He wightlie, wrestled hes, whill neer day light
And with, that Angel great, he parted not
Whill he his Grace, and Benediction got.
And for a witness, of that wrestling ay
Iacob he halted, to his dying day.
Genes. 34.
THe wandring Dina ravish'd, and defyld
The godly Iacobs only faemel Chyld.
Weinen, and wenches, that a gadding go
And worthely, ar oft rewarded so.
The sight of Novelties, in vncouth places
Smits with disgrace, and Shame, the farest faces
Which blot brought on there house, when known, hir Brother
All wroth, and discontent, agree Together
(Tho Shechemits, for to repait, propone)
Most guilfullie to be revengd there on
(No thing but blood into a Bloody Thought
Will expiat a wrong wnto it wrought.)
And fearsly slew, the Shechemits when Thay.
VVer circomcised, and at leaching lay.
Genes. 37.
WHen Ioseph, did attend, his Fathers Sheep
A Tyme when he awaked efter sleep.
His Aparitions, visions, and his Dreame
Vnto his Brether, he declared Them.
VVho spightfully, disdaine him, and envy
For prating o're Them of Supremacy
VVhat, said They, shall, thow Boy, aboue ws Raigne
And we thy wassals, and thy men Remaine.
Thus grudge they greatly, and him highly hate
VVhill he his visions, and his dreames relate.
They muse among Them, how they meetest may
Put the divining Ioseph donne, some day.
The fathers lowe, likwise, vnto the boy
Temp [...]s them for to dispatch him, and destroy.
HIs Brether hearding, into Dothan lands
Iacob there, Ioséph, for to go commands.
To visit them, and for to look, hovv lucks
Into the Leasurs, of these fields, there flocks
He gois in search, of them, and at the last
He heares, they ar, to Dothan pasturs past.
Whair vvhen he come, Ioseph the dreamer Thay
Or the most part, conclood, to kill, and slay.
But Revv-ben ruled, vvith a righter sp're it
To kill, or murther him, he thought not meet.
But seem'd, as pleas'd, that in a Cistern dry
He should be put, to perish there, hard by.
Yet vvith a mynd, to saue his life, and tak
Him thence, to gvve him to his father back.
Genesis 37.
[...]Uda his litle Brother, pieties much
Therefore his life he vvill noght, they shall touch.
Nor vvith there hands, so fearss, and cruell prove
And merciless, to murther Iacobs love.
But they, they vvill, some other vvay devise
To rub the Boy, that eye sore, from there eyes.
Altho, they vvill not slay, yet they vvill sterve him
And vvith, vnkyndlie kyndness, so vvill serve him.
Then they, some Mid'anitish merehants spy
With spyceries, going vnto Egypt by.
They go to counsall, and concluds thereon
That thay to Them, vvill coopt him, and dispone
Which for some tuentie Peeces, they haue done
Selling there Brother, and there Fathers Sone.
Genes. 37.
THe Brether then, their they did kill a kid
This to be-blood, there Brothers coat they did.
They rent, and than, his party colourd-Coat
With that same blood, they sprinkle it, and spot
Which. vvhen, old Iacob sees, berayd vvith blood
He tinks gone vvrong, and vandring through some vvood.
Their he is bucherd, by some bloody Beast
Too good a morsel, for so gross a Guest)
His members peece-mail separat, and shorne
His flesh, made food, and vvith its teeth alltorne
[...]e toar his clothes then longryme dools, and dwynes
And sorrofull puts sackcloath, on his loynes
[...]e much amaz'd for that male our doth mvrne
And woved his gray haires to the Grave shall turne
With griefe and sorrow, for his deerest Chyld
Consum'd with merciless, and mensters wyld.
Genesis 3 [...].
THamar, by Onan frustrat, Iudas Sone
And vvhat vvas promised to hir, vndone.
She knovving Iuda was in vse to keep
At such a Season, for to shear, his sheep.
The rayments sable, that in doole, before
And in hir widovv'ed she vs'd, and vvore.
She pute a part, and by a Subtilty
To mend hir self, thus doth attempt, and try.
Hir father be the Lavv, to circomvvein
That had, to frustrat hir, the Author bein.
Disguisd, and vvail'd hir face, in neat aray
She purposly, hes plac'd hir, in his way.
Whom for an whore, he tooke hir, by attire
And did herefore, to deale vvith her, desire.
Genesis 38.
THamar the Tyme, taks right, for at the same
Iuda vpon his journay, to hir came.
And taks hir for, a prostitute, and woos
And with fair fitting words, t' Induce hir dois.
Delt with, as she desir'd, then she, demands
VVhat recompence, shall she haue, at his hands
If fne allow, that he with hir, shall ly
Who well apleas'd, did presently reply
To send a kid, and for hir promis'd wage
His Cloke and Signet, she will haue in pleage
His staffe also, in tokin that, that day
So covenanted, and accorded Thay.
Then knew he hir, vnknowne, and with-her mells
And she conceaved, and hir belly Svvells.
Genesis 38.
VP She arose, and home She did repair
And Iuda to his flocks, his sheep to shear.
Return'd, she wold, (as she vvas vvount) remain
And on hir vvidovv. Garment gois againe.
And vvidovv like contmevvs thair, for fevv
Or non, vvhat they committed had, yet knevv.
He than, did tak a kid, and to hir send
By Hirachs hand, h' Adullameit, his fremd.
For to redeeme, his Garment, staffe and ring
That she in gadge, got at there Barganing.
Hirach made search, for hir, a Harlot thought
But he his Travels tint, and tryd hir nought.
For none such their, vvas known in ony cace
Nor did their hant, a Harlot in that place.
Genesis 38.
NOw, after three monthes, Tamar is reported
That vvith some freind, in privat she had sported.
For fame, oft busiest in baddest Thinges
Fresh nevves, of suchlike slips, and o'resights brings.
But lo, when Iuda hears she is vvith Chyld
And as in vvhoordome he suppon'd, defyld.
He damns, and judg'd hir, by the fyre, to die
And that for hir suppos'd, Im puritie.
Wha vvhen brought foorth, to suffer, She declares
Hir chyld vvas his, to vvhom, pertamd these vvares.
The staff, and Clok, and the gold signet that
As pledges for, the promis'd kid she gat.
Which tokins sein, by Iuda try'd, and knovvne
Acknovvledged, and there confessd his ovvne.
And heirfore publictlie proclame he must
That She is righteous, and he vnjust.
Genesis 39.
THe Ismaleets, that had yong Ioseph bought
Be daylie travvell, him to Egypt brought.
And sold him vnto Pot [...]phar, a man
Chiefe Captane of the Guard, of Pharo than.
VVho loving Ioseph, did to him, committ
His house, and all the Gouvernment of it.
[...]or he hes fauour, in the Enuches sight
[...]ecause he sies him just and vvalk vpright.
The Lord vvith Ioseph, vvas, and did at large
Hess and incress, all that he had in charge.
[...]ut Lo his masters vvife, him, she doth eye
[...]nd sies him fair, and falls in fantasie.
Than sham less so solistes him for to ly
And knovv hir fleshly, but he doth deny.
Genesis 39.
BVt one day all Inflamm'd vvith leachrons fire
And Tickled vvith intemperat Desire.
[...]ut ony senss, of ather Shame, or Sinne
[...]r to the roome reguard, that She vvas in.
[...]ost leudly like a Luster, one that lovv'de
[...]nmodestly beyond all measure mov'de.
[...]lls Ioseph by the Clock, and vvold intyse
[...]im as before, but he resolv'd, denyis
[...]nd leaves his Garment vvith hir, and he flies
[...]t vvhen hir self, so much disdaind, She sies
[...]e calls hir houshold men, and shameless bold
[...]e impudent and vvhorish lye she told.
Yea hes resolvd of falsoods, on the vvorst
And falsl' affirm'd, that he vvold hir haue forc'd.
Genes. 39.
TH' Incontenent, and vicions woman now
A villanie and wicked wrong, did wow.
And vnto Potiphar, hes made Complent
Vpon a pure, and spotless Innocent.
Wha (howsone moved with a vanton wife
That seemd to love, and now sought Iosephs life)
Albeit an Innocent, and harmeless, he
Hes put this Guil [...]less in Captivitie.
And causd him in a Carser be inclos'd
That was for Trators, to the King compos'd.
But with him was the Lord, and he Got grace
And favour from, the keeper of the place.
For all, that their, wer Captive, and in Bands
Allowed by the keeper, he commands.
Genes. 40.
INto lese Maiestie, or some such Thing
Tuo Officiars, had faulted to the King.
The Butler chiefe, and Master Bakar both
Whereat t'h Egyptian Phar'o waxed wroth
And will noght with, this there, Trespass dispence
But try'd, will pumsh where he finds, th' offence.
These he hes causd, commit where Ioseph lay
And by direction, he o'resies them ay.
Each one of These, a sleep, they dream'd one night
A divers dreame, that did Them both affright.
VVhich the nixt day, to Ioseph they declair
And he interprets Them, vnto Them thair.
He tells the Butlars, to his honor tended
And told the Bakers, he should be suspended.
Genesis 41.
KIng Phar'o one night, in his Bed, at Rest
Tuo dreadfull dreames, his slesping spreit opprest.
Seav'n fat fair kine, and Seavn, as lean, and lanke
And Seavn, thin eares of corn, and seavn as rank
Sprang vp, and in, a meadow, did apeare
Vnto him, by a River running neare
The lean, the fat, the Thin, the rank, devore
Yet nather of Them, fuller are the more.
Then call'd he for, his wise-men all, but none
Of these Magitians, could his dreams expone.
The Butlar then, remember Ioseph wold
That his advancement by his dream foretold.
And Pharo tells, a youth in Prison lay
That wold his dreames, be wit divine bewray.
Genesis 41.
VVHen all the visards, that in Epypt wer
In exposition of these dreams, did err.
The Hebrew Ioseph, is, from Bands releast
And in the praesence of Kinh Phar'o plac'd.
Th' Egyptian then, his visions doth record
And Ioseph there, arffirmes alon, the Lord.
It is, and noght in him, in such a Cace
That can giue Phar'o ansver, and in peace.
Yet he inspir'd, the dreams, declares, and Cleares
By famyn, and by Plentie, twise seav'ne yeeres.
The twise seav'ne Eares, and kine to yeeres h'alloods
Of want, and welth to come, and then concloods
With and divine devise, for to praevent
Intime of fulnes, famine Imminent.
Genesis 41.
WHan Ioseph had these Dreams expon'd, and clear'd
Th'Egyptian Monarch hes, the man admeer'd.
And second to him self, in all his Land
Committs, to him the Care, and chiefe command.
And herefore gave, his Signet, in a Signe
To make him be obeyed nixt the King.
In Linning pure, and purple, he is cled
And throgh the Cities, and the Land is led.
To have, of all men honor, and Respect.
For so did Phar'o, Ordane, and direct.
A pompous Charet, caus'd the King provide
For Ioseph nixt, the Royall ane, to Ryde.
For he will haue him higher honors have
Nor ever Egypt to a stranger gave.
Genesis 41.
THe yeeres of plentie come, as was fore showne
All Graine, and Corne, is in abundance growde.
And as the Prophet Ioseph Prae exprest
Above beleefe, in Egypt all Increst.
Ioseph herefore, provids and doth praepare
For the approaching penurie, to spare.
He herefore from, all Limits of the Lands
To carie to the Cities, Corne, commands.
Ye a from all hamlets, farmes, and fields, for store
T'abundance daylie, he adds more, and more
His woundrous wisdome, owerwent his yeeres
And in his prudent Prouidence apeeres.
And so much wheat, and grain, together Masses
That these all reakning, Counpt, and measure passes.
Genesis 41.
A Senath Ioseph wife is brought to bed
And of tuo mailes tuo Tvins deliuered
This his Asenah daughter was to One
Poti-pherah the Priest or Prince of O N
Manasseth he hes nam'de the elder Brother
And Ephraim he called hes the other
These names vpon respects that moy'de him So
(Declar'd into the Text) he grave these Tuo
They both were borne before that Egypt fand
The furie of the famyne in the Land
And when that famyn rag'd th' Egyptians rrn
And cry'd and cravved some Corne from Phar'o than
The King to Ioseph them directs, and he
With sing'lar Prudence doth there want suplie.
Genesis 42.
THe force of famyn o're the earth incress'd
And entred Iacobs house and it distress'd
Whill prudentlie he to his Sonnes did say
Why gare yovv so, and doe amared stay
I knovv in Egypt there is Corne herefore
Take money go, and buy-for ws some store
Lest that into the famyn yow and I
And all our Houshold perish heir and dye
They go to buy and Ioseph hes them knovvne
And questions them (but keeps himself wnshovvne)
They haue one Brother more, and One is nought
Said they, and Ioseph bids that he be brought
There Silver secretly put in each, Sacke
Vnknovvne they Carie to there Father bake
But Simeon, a pledge dois their remane
Whill they come back with Beniamine againe.
Genes. 43.
WIth much intreating Iacob mov'de did twin
With his delight his deere Sonne Beniamine
The Brether double moneys tack and go
To Egypt for more Corne provided fo
But Beniamin, when Ioseph sies he went
And weep for joy so did his heart relent
His brother Simeon than he hes in larg'd
And the Commander of his house hes charg'd
Some dainty fatlings for to kill and slay
Since that these men should be his Guests that day
Most librally h'intreats Them evrie Guest
But Beniamin be fyve tym's by the rest
His mease was more, because he was his Brother
An vrerein, and both borne be one Mother.
Genes. 44.
VVHen Ioseph so had cherishd Them he makes
His chiefe o're-sier for to fill there Sack's
And therein put the moneys that they had
And in the Sack of Beniamin the Lad.
Who was the least and youngest ane of Those
His moneys and his Silver Cup t'inclose
Directed so, all done, by break of day
They load there Asses and they went avvay
The Cup is challeng'd and they promise all
That he that hes it die therefore he shall
It's fund with Beniamin then dollorous
They all returne againe to Iosephs house
Whair Iuda for his libertie Intreats
And all there former Conference repeats
Last offers, therefor him a slavve to be
Lest for his loss there Father Iacob die.
Genesis 45.
NO longer Ioseph could his tears contein
Vnbraking ont and bursting from his eyn
Nor longer will delay nor be vushovvne
But make him there, to all his Brether knovvne
Then kiss'd he Benjamin and weep'd for jo
And kiss'd the rest in lovve and weep'd also
[...]oseph declaird that God had send him Thair
For them in tyme of famyn to Prepair.
Then told they Phar'o that these Hebrew men
Be Iosephs Brether and vvere with him then
Then Phar'o glade th' Egyptian king commands
To bring there Father vnto Egypt lands
They told there Father Ioseph lives: and he
Is glad to go and sie him 'ore he die.
Genesis 46.
THen Iacob journay took and rested next
A T Beer-sheba sayes the sacred Text
And sacrifird according to his word
Vnto th' Almighty Izaks loving Lord
Who vnto Isr'el did appeare in sight.
And call'd him Iacob, Iacob on the night
Then said I am thy Fathers God wherefore.
To go to Egypt henceforth feare no more.
I have a care of Thee and thy estate
And there shall mak Thee Multiply and Great
I will go dovne and with Thee there remane
And thence I shall re-bring thee back agane.
But there thovv shall expire, depart and die
And Ioseph there shall lock and lovk thine eye.
Genesis [...]
IAcob to Pharo gois in Egypt stayes
He numbers thair and efter ends his dayes.
And yet the famyn did in Egypt rage
And noght its furie did relent nor Swage.
But cruelly both man and Beast did grieve them
When they hane nought to live on nor releive them.
The people when there Grain was gon they run
And cryes to Ioseph all their Coyne was done
Yet seeke they Bread he tells Them they have store
And he will sell them bread and corne therefore
That spent Themselves there duellings Goods and ground
They pass for foode for they must needs befund
So Ioseph bought for Corne all Egypt land
And so did over Egypt all Command.
Genesis 48.
WHen aged Isr'els dying day drew nye
A hundreth fourtie seven yeer old was he.
Iosephs two Sonnes are made vnto him knowne
Whom he acknoledgd and took as his owne.
To blesse Them hestreach'd furth his hands, the Right
On Ephrams Head yet noght for want of Sight
But purposly for Ephrame should be great
And much surmonnt Manasseth in estate
Doubtless the Lord commanded so the man
Prophetickly to bless these Brether than
Then Is'rel said to Joseph now J die
But God shall both protect and prosper Thee
And to thy fathers land from whence thow come
To brook thy dowble Partage bring Thee home.
Genesis 49.
OLd Iacob blesses all his Sonnes be name
And one by one bestows it vpon Thame.
To Revben and the Rest conveined Thair
What shall befall them efter did declair.
To Juda he prophetically Told
The Scepter still he in his house should hold
Whill Shiloch come that shall the people tye
In efter tymes to him aeternally
To evrie one of Them his fate he showes
And when he finds he fants and weaker growes
He charg'd them then and made them all to sweare
To Mas-pelach his Body dead to beare
And in his Fathers countrie lay't in Grave
Which is by Mamre into Abrams cave.
Then Iacob in his Bed pull'd vp his feet
Divinly ended and gave vp his spreet.
Genesis 50.
VVIth all pomp funerall in solemne sort
The Sonnes of Jacob do his Corps transpor
[...]nd layes thas balmed Body in a Grave
[...]t Mach-pelach by Mamre in the Cave
[...]hen Ioseph with his Brether back did go
[...]et for there former fault they doubt him (tho
[...]e passed all there vnkyndnesse strenge)
[...]hat now he wold, take there, of Them revenge
[...]ut godly Ioseph he assures them all
[...]hat their vnkindness he will nev'r recall
[...]ut nvr'she them as a father ever more
[...]nd for there wel-fare still provide Them store
[...]et swore he them and th'Ebrews thair that thay
[...]is Bones should Burie where his fathers lay
Then Ioseph old his childring sies
And then in Peace this happie prophet dies.
Genesis 50.
PIvinly lowed Ioseph died when
He aged was a hunder yeer and Ten
A man whom God directed all his dayes
And did advance him verie woundrous wayes
A blessing for his Brether Sire and frends
[...]ow'de and admit'de of Egypt all, he ends
Then boveld was the Body with praetence
To be transported by his Brether Thence
As when he lay a dying they before
At his desire Solemnly to him swore
Yet to a fitter tyme they thought it best
To lay'd Imbalind in Egipt in a Chest
Whill They from thence with honour might it have
And burie it Into his fathers grave.
Exodus Chap. 1.
IN Egipt Isr'el and his Sonnes all dead
Yet there incrediblie increfsd there seed
For all Thinges ever hes incress'd and stord
That bless'd hes bene and favour'd be the Lord
Whill that it hapned that there Regn'd a new
An other King nor ever Ioseph knew
Who hearing that the Hebrews thair of few
In so short time, to so great numbers grew
And fearing that his peace they should perturb
He mynds to raine, and all there Courses curb
With Tyresome Taskes, and working with there hands
And for to beare brick burdens them commands
To wearie, wrack them and to keep them vnder
But more and more they wax'd vnto his wounder.
Exodus 1.
TH' Egyptian sies there servile slavrie wile
Gains noght, but what he greens for, dois begvyle
Then compas'd he and casts an other course
Noght better bōtt a wickeder and worse
He charg'd the mid-vvyves, then that they, each boy
Into the Birth should murther and destroy
And if it were a mayd then they should spair
And kill none but a maile or manchyld thair
Perversly whair men ar dispos'd to ill
Means seldome wants for to affect there will
Yet did they multiplie and grevv the more
That thus to kill and cutt them short they shore
The wemen feard the Lord and did it nought
Wherefore he prosperd Them and with them wrought
Exodus 1.
THe Tyranne Phar'o finding that his will
(The mid-vives mercifull) did noght foorth fill
In killingh of the Hebrew mails: he did command
All the Egyptian people in his Land
That they no Hebrew female nor a mayd
Should once persew to death drovne nor invade
For in his block-head-brain and witt vnvise
He thought no harme to him by These could ryse
But all the mails he bids (o cruell King)
That in the River thay, and flood should fling
Which carelesly by cruell hearted men
There instantlie is executed Then
To cut and curb th' incressnig afterward
Of the trve Ghrafts into the Lords wineyard.
Exodus 2.
THe crueltie of the Egyptian Prence
Made the Ebrew dames vvith pietie dispence
And vvith there pitie and a tinder heart
(Into th' outcasting of there Childring) part
Lo as exemplified and vvievlie heare
In Moses exposition dois appeare
Left desolat alon the infant lay
Expond to perish on the River Bray
But God above compassion had and He
Of Moses fate did otherwise decree
And had resolv'd by his ministring hand
To bring his Israll out of Egypt Land
In thrie months old he was cast out and after
Was fund among the flaggs be Phar'os daughter.
Exodus 2.
[...]He litle Boy fund in a pitched Arke
By God preserved for a worthie wark
[...]to ane Ebrew nource is gevin to feed
[...] nat'rall mother and his dame indeed
[...]w grew the chyld and then the Ebrew broght-him
[...] Pharos daughter for hir Sonne She thoght him
[...] Boy was lovely pleasant in hir eye
[...]d did indeed delight hir greatumlie
[...] call'd him Moses and hir reasone shew
[...]ause from water dying she him drew
[...] God his safetie wrought and broght about
[...]t none but Phar'os chyld sould draw him out
[...]o be a means agains hir Fathers minde
[...]o safe a Salver of the Ebrevv kinde.
Exodus 2.
[...]Ovv in those dayes vvhen Moses waxed stroug
To sie his Hebrevv Brether thinking loug
[...] went and Savv the Burdens that they buire
[...] all th' indignities that they indure
[...]ich could not bot molest and move his mind
[...] Pitie and compassion all inclynd
[...] when he sies where ane Egyptian
[...] boldly beat and hurt ane Hebrew man
[...]spights therat and Separats them Tway
[...] in revenge the Memphit man did slay
[...]n waroly look'd, least any should him sie
[...]by an other Hebrw sein was he
[...]is Carcas then as he could vvith his hand
[...]e buried there and hid it in the Sand.
Exodus 2.
[...]He second time went Moses foorth an fand
Tuo Isralits much at contentionn stand
[...] for some sort of Odds and diffrence that
[...] falne betinxt them tho he knw not vvhat
[...]he revveills the Smitter with rebooke
[...] hardly vvith his Reprehention took
[...] men incens'd vvith fury hardlie knaw
[...]mself nor whom to they a duetie aw)
[...] said who made thee judge in this debate
[...]vill thow kill me as thovv kill'd of late
[...] Egyptian here: so Moses clearly knew
[...] it was known that he th' Egyptian slew
[...] dreading forder danger and for seare
[...]e fled to Midian and Taried thair.
Exodus 2.
THe slaughter thus reveald King Pharo send
Horse-men and foote To search and apprehend
And bring him th'Ebrew Moses that had slaine
Yea evn in Egypt ane Egyptian
In the reparing wrong and righting than
The injurie done to ane Hebrew man
For Moses was the man that from above
God in compassionn Pitie and his Love
Had made and prae apoynted for to be
The instrument to set his people free
But feare gave feet and feddred him his wing
To post from perrill of that Tyran King
And in his flight did by a fontane stay
That in the fielde and land of Midian lay.
Exodus 2.
WHen Moses in his flight had rraveld long
Ester the righting of the Hebrews wrong
He wearied was, with walking on the way
Thearfoir to ease him is constraind to stay
And whill he restes him at a fontane than
Seav'ne daughters of the Priest of Midian
Come to that Cistern and these springing Rockes
For to refresh and water there thair flockes
But then come heard-men, hanting their, and thay
Unmanerly, wold dryve these mayds away
And stubbornly, debarr them for to bring
The needfull waters, from that running spring
But Moses did them from incombrance keep
And waterd all there Goats and flocks of Sheep.
Exodus 2.
THe virgins from the well reverted tell
What with the Sheep-heards thair to Them befell
Who wold not suffer them in any Cace
With these there flocks t'approach vnto that place
And how a man they by the fontane fand
That did with hold from them the heards-mens hand
And drew there water in their Troghs and Cuds
That did suffice to water all there Goods
There father tax'd them then that they had nought
Him that had help them so home with them brought
They went and brought him and there father whan
He came, most kindly did intreat the man
Then of these Daughters Se'vne he gives him one
Zipporah call'd and she bore him a Sone.
Exodus 2.
[...]N tract of Time the King of Egypt dyes
And th' Israleits in bondage Sighes and cryes
And these there Groans and cryes that they wer wount
To spire, and spend, vp to the havns did monr
Sprang throgh the air, the Clouds in sunder teares
And enters all in the Almighties eares
He knows there Carces, there Griefes, regrats, and groans
And will haue minde and mercie on there moans.
His Covenant kint with, his Servands kind
Abraham and his Sones he hes in mynd
[...]o look'd the Lord vpon their Stress extreame
And shortly shall send Confort vnto Thame
For all that trust in him and cry for aide
He will support them as him self hes Said.
Exodus 3.
[...]N Horeb monr where Moses vs'd to keep
His father Iethro's heards and flocks of sheep
The Angel of the Lord there did apeare
[...]nto a Bush vn-brunt, but burning cleare
And did with sundrie Circomstances sho
That he will have him Into Egypt go.
For he had heard his Servands long in Thrall
There Sighes, there sorrow's griefe and Groanings all)
[...]nto proude Phar'o the Egyptian King
[...]rom thence his Hebrew Israleits to bring
[...]ppressd with bearing brick in burdens still
[...]o satisfie a Tyrans wiked will
He said he sould Insttuct him what to say
And plague all Egypt if he disobey.
Exodus 3 & 4.
HEre Moses doubts and hardly will beleive
That th'Israleits will credit to him give
[...]or trust said he that from a living flame
[...]y Lords command to me his servand came
[...]or that my Lord wold make me messinger
[...]o be the Israleits deliverer
[...]hen said the Lord what is that in thy hand
[...]e ansverd him and said it was a wand
[...]ast thow it downe said he, and lo the forme
word [...] growne a Serpent or a creeping worme
[...] an tack it by the tail and thon shall sie
[...]mrne a Rod and now no Serpent be
[...] said he in thy Bosome thrust thy hand
[...] draving't furth he it a leprous fand
[...] [...]once again he say's Thrust thow it in
[...] [...]aks it furth a fresh flesh colourd skin
Go fordward then and these [...] he Signes
That there beliefe and creded with them brinpes.
Exodus 4.
YEt Moses wold eschevv and faine wold flie
This noble Charge and to the Lord said he
I am nought eloquent and want of it
And my slove toung maks me therefore vnsit
The Lord with Moses he was angrie than
And said to him [...] who gaue a mouth to man
But I, go then and I will gwe The speache
And thee there all what thow should say shall teach
Yet once more Moses heirabout contests
And ane moresit to send the Lord requests
The Lord then werie wroath wit him did say
Doe I noght knovv thy Brother by the way
The Levit A'ron thovv shall meet who shall
Speak wnto Phar'o and delyver all.
Exodus 4.
THen Moses went and did with Ara'on meet
That gratiously each other gladly greet
Then past to Egypt and together call
The heads of evrie house of Isr'el all
Ar'on the Love of God wnto them thair
With there delw'rance quickly, doth declare
Of all the woordes that God to Moses spak
He doth to Them a trve rehcarsall make
And in there presence with a woundring eye
Strange wounders wroght among them there they sie
The miracles that God to Mofes shew
He did them in there presence all of new
Then they belew'd confirmed in there minde
And all to worship bowed and inclynd.
Exodus 5.
MOses and Aa'ron vnto Phar'o gois
And the almighties mynd and message shois
Commanding that his people long in stresse
He wold let go wnto the wildernesse
To him there Lord the God almightie that
They might a feast solemnly celebrat
No but King Pharo hardned had his heart
And wold not suffer Isr'al thence to pairt
But spightfullie commanded dovvblie more
To make there tasks nor they had bein before
The people with Moses and with Ar'on than
T' expostulat and for to grudge began
And herefore Moses dois to God regrate
(Since he with Pharao delt) there worse estate.
Exadus 7.
THe men of God to Ph [...] gois againe
And profits nothing with that Prince prophane
He will not grant the people nor accord
To lett them go and offer to the Lord
For deepl' indurd and hardned is his hart
That he will noght permit them to depart
The Prophets than their Budding Rods doune throvves
And their the miracles to Pharo shovves
Then strak they Nile,
1. Plague.
Egypts enriching flood
And it turn'd Tart black and in bitter Blood
Th' Egyptian Magi with there charmed Rods
Will so vvorke wounders to there pagan Gods
But as there rods turn'd Serpents creeps and Crall
The living rod of Aaron cates them all.
Exadus 8.
PRoud Pharohs hart yet stiffe and steeld did stand
That it no ear could giue to Gods command
Nor be broght to beleiue tho he had sein
His might in miracles befoir his eyne
Wherefore he sent past number numberless
Infinit froggs all Egypt to distress
2. Plague.
So that these noysome Things Innumerable
Creept vp on Pharos Bed and Pharos table
Yea noght a foote of field in Egypt be
That from these all defyling froggs is free
Than Pharo Moses dois intreat that he
Wold pray to God and make these froggs all die
Moses requested be King Pharo prayes
And heard, the Lord these froggs consumes and slayes
Exodus 8.
TO Pharos hart such cursedness still cleaves
That noght his vvonted hardnes yet it leaves
The vvounders vvroght so visible and strange
His marble minde did neuir mint to change
But quyt of these again his hart he armes
And Aaron smott the dust and lyce in swarmes
3. Plague.
Throgh Egypt all (Goshen except) increst
And multiplied o're all on man and beast
King Pharos Magi and Enchamters too
Assay to bring foorth Lyce but nought could do [...]
Then they enforc'd before King Phar'o brought
Acknowledge that the Lord these wounders wroght
Yet Pharos hardned hart and wicked vvill
Indur'd remaind and stiffe continevved still.
Exodus 8.
THen on [...] the Lord sent flightes of flies
That non the clouds for Clusters of them sies
4. Plague
On men and beasts on house and sields they fall
And merv'lously they multiplie on all
Yet was the Hebrews Goshen (to record)
Free from the plague praeserved be the Lord
The flintie harted. Pharo now espyes
That on his Land Gods heavie Iudgement lyes
And he no pow'r no, nor means had man
That Egypt from that Curse delyuer can
Therefore (constraind) Moses to pray commands
An dhe t'intreat the Lord holds vp his hands
God heard his prair and then the flies depart
But hardned yet holds out King Phar'os hart.
Exodus 9.
THe fist Time Moses Pharo do'th demand
To suffer Israel to depart his Land
Bur hardned is his hart, Indur'd in ill
Herefore the Lord a Morame sent to kill
The beastes of evrie kind throgh Egypt all
5. Plague
But noght a beast in Goshen perish shall
And all one day that be in Egypt bounds
The forcefull finger of the Lord confounds
The heards and flocks in field the foules that flie
The Camel and the Colt drop'd donne and dye
This mightie Moram in th' almighties wraeth
All Bestiall Bands in Egypt dryves to death
But Pharos hart is hardned yet the faster
And still stays th' Ebrews to go serve there master.
Exodus 9.
FOr Pharos stubborne and hard hartednesse
With scab and Boatch the Lord will Egypt presse
And heirfore he the Prophets both commands
In th' Aer to throw some ashes from there hands
Which shortly efter into dust did turne
And Man and Beast with Boatch and Blisters burne
6. Plague
That neither of these kindes therefrom was free
But therewith, all, and each, ore plastred be
Then flew from heav'ne fire thunder haile and Raine
7. Plague
That mightely plagues all vpon the plaine
And yet where Isra'l is in Goshen Land
The earth and aer but stormes vnstressed stand
Now Pharo sies his Sinne and Egypts grief
And pray's the Prophets pray for there relliefe
And promises to let the people Go
Yet hardens his hart and efter dois not so.
Exodus 10.
INdured Pharo wilfull yet vvith standes
And God sent Grashoppers in Egypt Landes
[...]. Plague
Of these innumerable numbers Than
The earth o'recoverd from the sight of man
And all the herbs, that hail and thunder left
Lyke hungrie Harpies they raye vp and reft
So that nothing in Egypt grovving green
Nor blade nor leafe theye vnconsum'd vvas sein
Pharo againe doth for to grant begin
Agains the Lord his vvickedness and Sin
Imploring Moses to the Lord to pray
That he his vvraeth vvold from that land alay.
Moses then prayd and to the Lord inclind
Who sent a strong stiff gall, and vvestern vvind
Which those Grashoppers to the Sea did post
That none vvas sein on all th' Egyptian coast
But God indur'd the hart of Phar'o So
That yet he letts the Isralits to Go.
Exodus 10.
THe Lord to Moses his command hes geven
For to streach out his hands vp tovvards heavn
That darkness on the land vvithout all light
For thrie dayes may vvrap Egypt in one night
[...]. Plague
Obedient Moses lifting vp his fist
The Land is all oremantled vvith a mist
And dreadfull darkness is o're Egypt spred
And all vvith thick and pitchie clouds o'recled
So palpablie and grosse the darkness shovvs
That vvhat to doe or vvhair to go none knovvs
All buried as in night and darkness lyes
But light of day or sight of chearfull skyes
Then Pharo seemd content that th'Ebrevvs thay
Except there cattell should go all avvay
In Goshen yet vvhair Isra'l livv'de vvas light
Delightfull day and vndistemperd night
To be a vvitness that the Lord vvas thair
He keep'd vntroubled both the earth and aer
But God the Lord ty is Pharos hart vp so
That he the Hebrevvs hinders yet to go.
Exodus 12.
WHen God had promisd Israel to inlarge
He institute the Passovver and did charge
With circumstances for to eat the Lamb
As he apoynts and had ordaind the same
Moses and Aaron he directs to tell
Vnto his Congregation Israel
How evvrie nou [...]old or the [...]
To eat the [...]asso're sould it self prepair
With girded Loyns kint Shoes and staffe in hands
And-when they kill their Lambs to stroak commands
There liutels with the Blood that shall record
The Passover of the Angel of the Lord
Which Israls saifety did foreshovv, aright
And Egypts first borne slaughter, the nixt night.
Exodus 12.
AT midnight or the davvning of the Morne
The Angel of the Lord killd the first Borne
10 Plague
Of man and beast that then in Egypt Iwde
Non then was spaird nor from that Plague repriv'd
But those of that of the house of Isra'l be
From all the Ten plagues they wer fenc'd and free
No house there was in Egypt from the East
But there in kill'd was ane vnto the vvest
The mempheits moan, there maest and mvrnfull crye
Vpon the morne rose vp and reathch'd the skyes
When they before them thair stark dead and cold
There first borne man and beast streatch'd out behol [...]
They vnto Pharo madlie roaring rin
And tells vvhat God onthere first borne had done
They pray him than that he vvill favour sho
At last and lat the people of Isral Go.
To adore and serve there God or certanly
They for his Induration all should dye,
Exodus 12.
PVnish'd vvith plagues and be the people pressd
Pharo at last for there reliefe thought best
To let the people pas then did the Brether call
And thence commands them vvith there Ebrews all
The Prophets then conveines them moir and less
And altogether to depairt address
Whill vvillingly th' Egyptians to them gave
What of there welth, and riches, they wold have
Jevvels, gold, and Garments then they borrovv
Against there great Migration on the morrovv
And then they plenishd vvith th' Egyptian spoyl
Dislodge to leave and martch from memphit soil
In numbred men six hundreth thovv sand Lives
Besyds there strangers Childring and there vvives.
Exodus 13.
TH' almightie God Jehoue the Hebrevv Bands
To celebrat a publict feast commands
In memorie and in rememberance
Of that there vvounderfull deliverance
[...] And that they should in efter tymes to come
All the first borne that oppen shall the vvomb
The mail of man and beast allenarlie
To him their Lord as his still Sanctifie
And on that day vvnto there Sones declair
What he the Lord ten times did for them thair
Vnto that Tyrannous hard harted King
When he from Bondage did there Fathers bring.
Exodus 13.
DEad Iosephs bones in Egypt long before
Moses transports that Isra'l sometyme swore
Wnto him when infirme himself he fand
To burie Them into the promis'd Land
God led them nought the vvayes that neerest ar
Lest the Philistims in there martch make warr
But th' Ebrevvs arm'd that vvise Conductor he
Brought them about the shores of the red sea
And in a Cloud before Them he be day
Through defart wilderness directs there way
And lest they strayd and throgh long travvell Tyre
By night he lights them vvith a flame of fire.
The Cloud nor Colum never vvent away
Alternatly but past before them ay.
Exadus 14. & 15.
WHen gone avvay vvas Isra'l God procur'd
That Pharos hart vvas hardned and Indur'd
So that he stirrs and Egypt armed all
Perforce the Hebrevv Camp for to recall
And heirfore with, his people posts a pace
As he wer of a flieing foe in chace
The Hebrevvs fear, when they see Pharo Budge
And all agast, againes there Guider grudge
He prayes, and God commands to Rod the Sea
That shall give way, and soone devided be
Moses did so, and th'Ebrevvs saife and sound
Past trogh but all th'Egyptians there ar drovnd
Israel then, in praise, with one accord
A thankfull Song, with Ioy, song to the Lord.
Exodus 15.
HEre Miriam the matron Prophetess
Vnto the Lord hir thankfull praise t'express
Holds vp a sounding Timbrell in hir handes
Back'd with the Beauties of the Hebrev Bandes
And sweitly singing all there woyces raise
A Psalme of Tryumph and a Song of Praise
On Pharo, his Egyptians, and Those
That durst to him and his profess them foes
His mightie povvar in that Song is shovvne
Wherby the horse and Riders as o'rethrovvne
And all confounded that from Egypt came
With horror terror dreudfull death and shame.
Exodus 15.
VVHen Isral vvas from Pharos forces fred
To desart Sur, Moses there Guyd, them led
Whair in that wast, and wilderness thrie dayes
All as they past but drink or vvater stayes
To Marah then they came, whair bitterness
Of waters thair, there Palats much oppress
They plaine and Moses much perplex'd in Spreit
Cryes and the Lord converts these lovr to svveit
God them injoyns th'observing of his Lavves
And vnto Them his Ordinances shawes
Which giue they keep and do then he will nought
Plague Them with These that he on Egypt brought
I am the Lord said he that can disease
Bring when I will and heale it when I please.
Exodus 15.
THan they removd and come to Elim land
Whair fontans tvelf and seavntie Palmes they fand
A proper place, as pleasant profitable
Into there journay for to ease them able
The Lord there Pames with pleasure he will mix
And try there patience these, extreams betuix
Novv they abundance haue, anone a [...]skant
And God again, vvith vvelth repayes there want
The Lord his owne he proofs but noght to perish
And as he checks so he his Saincts shall cherish
In Marah tart there water was but heare
In Elim it was healthsome sweit and cleare
And there the pleasant Palm's, the daintie date
Into all plentie offers them to eat.
Exodus 16
FRom Elim Isra'l gois and enters in
The Desarts and the vvilderness of Sin
That is tvix Elim and mont-Sinai plac'd
A hill so oft with Gods great praesence grac'd
Into the second month the fiftenth day
Of there Migration heir arived thay
The people murmur and for hunger cry
And wext the worthie Moses woundrously
And therefore said to Moses he should raine
Bread from the heavn and that of such a sise
That daylie night and should there wants suffice
In this to them the Lord did shew his Love
And by such means there thankfulness wold prove.
Exodus 16.
MOses and Aaron t'Isr'el said yow shall
This night know God from Egypt brought yow all.
The Glory of your God againe said Thay
[...]ow all shall sie the morne when it is day
Whair yow shall wiew if that yow be not blind
[...]is kindness vnto yow, so oft to him vnkind
Your bold Repyning and your grudgings he
[...]e heares agains him self, for naught ar we
[...]et in all plentie and abundance great
[...]e from the Aer shall give yow flesh to eat
[...]he flesh at night a blast of wind shall bring
[...]nd bread it shall come when the day shall spring
Then like the Rain and thickest shoures of hail
Among there Tents in fleets down came the quail.
Exodus 16.
AGaine the Glory of the Lor divine
And goodness with the Sunne did to them shine
[...] when the dew was dried on the Ground
[...]canded Ball small lyke hoar frost was fund
[...]nd neuir sein before that heavnly Raine
[...]coverd all and Tapestried the Plaine
[...]nd when the people of Israell saw it than
[...]ey said ane to ane other it was MAN
[...]t knew it noght altho they gawet a name
[...]t it, was, the Bread, praepard for Thame
[...]ses declard; a grain shourd doun from heavne
[...] from there God t'apease there Grudging geavne
Which evrie one should gather it and vse
As Gods commandement direct them dois.
Exodus 16.
[...]Hill Manna on the ground before them lay
Togather it God hes prescryw'd the way
[...] it apoynted hes for their repast
[...] but on day and for no more to last
[...]ept such as was gatherd on the Sixt
[...]serve the Sabboth that succeeded nixt
[...] some was dissobedient and brak
[...] Statuts that God thereanent did make
[...] did ore night some pocked vp in store
[...]ugnant to he Law gevne ont before
He could noght, wold noght wiew there wayes perve [...]s
But in the morning they haue fund it stank
And full of wormes with smell and savour Rank.
Exodus 16.
THe Saboth sacred to the Lord orda'nd
And nought to be with weekly works prophand
To bake and seeth all on the Sixt he dois
Command, that they wold on the sevnt day vse
And yet vngratfull Israleits some go
Togather Manna and prophaind it so
When they should worship as the Lord commands
And noght worke as they weekly wroght with hands
Whill Moses checks and chyds and dois them shaw
Debording thus there braking of the Law
And then seveirly charged Israll wholly
T'observe for evr the seav'nt, the Saboth holy
And in remembrance to observe it ay
Israel since hes rested the sevnt day.
Exodus 16.
MOses conforme to Gods command and will
Of MAN bids Aron then ane Omer fill
Vnto the end that efter it may be
Preservd and showne to our posteritie
(This man was like Cor'ander seed almast
But whyte resembling wafers in the Taste)
That it the Bread was that there Fathers fed
Into the wilderness when they wer fred
From thraldome by the Lords almightie hand
That they wer vnder into Egypt Land
Then Aaron did, as Moses did direct
And filld ane Omer full to that effect
Then plac'd it in the Testimon' or Arke
To be thereof for'ever more a mark.
Exodus 17.
THe camp from Sin to Riphidim removves
That there much paine for want of water proves
And therefore murmur muteny and grudge
Yea dois agains the Prophets Brag and budge
All into ire, hote furie, rage and wraeth
Redy to rise to stone him straght to daeth
Then Moses mov'de did at there crying cry
To god, and he advisd him by and by
That he in Horeb with his Rod sould smitt
The Rock of Riphidim and then from it
Sould come a current and a fontane fall
To queuch there thrist and satisfie them all
He aids them still in there distressed-state.
Exodus 17.
PRoud Amalek of Esavs of spring one
To fight with Isral drew his armie on
And when they over at Riphidim ariv'de
To Iosua the Povvar vvas prescriv'd
And vnto him was all the warr committ
The maner and the managing of it
Whill Moses went with Aron and with Hur
To Horebs head before the armeis stur
Where Moses lifting vp his hands did pray
And His prewaild whill holdm vp wer thay
But whill they heavie wax'd and wearie than
Th' Amalekets prewaild o're came and wan
But when these tuo suports his hands, in fight
Then Amalek was foild and put to slight.
Exodus 18.
IEthro the Preest or Prince of Midian
Zipporas Sire Moses Good-father Than
Heard how the Hebrews, God from Egypt brought
And what by Moses there for Them he wrought
Herefore resolves and doth him self address
Whair with his wife and Childring Moses meet
And gladly other kiss salute and Greet
To Jethro Moses then doth truly tell
What God in Egypt wroght for Israell
Than Iethro Ioyfull for so fair effects
He humblie glad his holy hart erects
And altars as the vse was he dois raise
To worship God on and to offer praise.
Exodus 18.
NOw when that Iethro Moses sitting Saw
Discussing causes by the Course of Law
Considring by the weghtie Charge his pains
That in discharging thereof he sustains
He with a Iudgement solid deep and wise
His sone in law thus Moses doth advise
Thovv cumbred ar discussing evrie cause
Therefore shevv Them the ordinance and Laws
And stand before and to the Lord velate
The maner of each Mater and the State
Then some among the people pick and chnise
That t'ease yow in your Iudgments yovv may vse
Men fearing God and men of cowrage all
That with yovv justly Iudge in Isr'el shall.
Exodus 19.
THe Israleits from Riphidim arose
And martching fordward to Mount-Sinai gois
And at the holy Sacred montane Thay
Stent all there Tents incamp them thair and stay
But Moses called be the Lord ascends
And humblie there his will and pleasure tends
Who charged him to Israel to say
Giue they his woice will heare, and wordes obay
They shall be his by a renewed Birth
Beyond all people spiring on the earth
Th' Almighties mynd then Moses doth declare
And bids the people purif' and prepare
There Sprits. there persons, clothing and aray
And Sanctiffe them all for the thrid day.
Exodus 19.
THe Prophet Moses as the Lord appoynts
Commands the people for to clenge there Iointes
And cloathings vvash that then they all may be
Pure in the praesence of th' all pearsing eye
For lo the Lord the thrid day efter shall
Be sene on Sinai mont before them all
And straitly charges Them charg'd be the Lord
That none martch vp the mont nor tonche its Bord
And if they do, as lives the Lord said he
That Soule shalbe persd through and surely die
The people then preparing all aright
T'apeare more pure in the Almighties Sight
They went not to there wives but did abstaine
From all that could pollute Them or prophane.
Exodus 19.
VPon the third day as the Lord foreshew
Long, Shrill and from aboue the Trumpet blew
The people trimbling and with Terror stands
By Sinais border holding vp there hands
Deafned there eares, with thunder from the skyes
And with the lightning dazled ar there eyes.
For statlie Sinais sacred Top was all
Cled with a crowne of fire and burning Ball
But that shrill sounding Trump and thundring noise
Is drownd and deafned with a stronger woice
That from the Montane in the waley roares
And throgh the Breastes of Isral brakes and Boares
From Gods owne sacred month with dreadfull aw
Whill he to Moses there dois gwe his Law.
Exodus 32.
WHill holy Moses on the mone. attended
The Lords directions humblie bovv'd and bended
The people murmured that Moses stayd
And from the mont so lonh delayd
Wherefore they ran to Aaron and implore him
Yea cryd to give them Gods to go before-them
Thus that they knevv not, they did cry and call
What of thai Moses was become at all
He bids, and they Obey, and to him brings
There golden Bracelets and there wivves ear-rings
Thereof he casts a Calf and efter raisd
Ane Altar to be put vpon and praisd
Ingratefull all forgetting too too sone
What God for there Deliverance had done
But (disobedient) vnto that Calf or kow
Nor it more brutish, they do bend or bow.
Exodus 32.
T'Idolatrize the people rudly rin.
And Aaron rashl' assents vnto there Sin
Whill Moses with the Lord on Sinai mont Sits
Their bad blind-zeal Idolatrie commits
For to that Idoll that vvas made before
Out of there Yewels and there ear-rings store
They raise ane Alter where vpon dois stand
The Calf that Aaron fashoud with his hand
And on the morne the people offrings bring
And sacrifice vnto that sensles Thing
Whill God aboue wroath vnto Moses sayes
Thy people lo perverted haue there wayes
Therefore be gon my wraeth wax'd hot, doth fume
And shall in it, Them for his slip consume
But Moses prayd and did Gods favour find
That he from th' ill he ment them changd his mind.
Exodus 32.
THere God foregottin and Religion trew
The host debord to drink and dancing drew
And most prophanly when there Phyfes did sound
[...]bout there Idoll they did trip a round
[...]o more remembring God that so much wrought
When he from Egypt them and bondage brought
[...]hey sit affecting error and the Truth disgust
[...]d dalts in them there ovvne desirs and lust
[...]ovv they ar randon run with a lose rain
[...]nd at there pleafir they will prove prophane
[...] they will noght be bund nor longer live
[...]biect vnto the Law that God did give
But they will worship Gods of there ovvne gold
As vanely they conceit off vnconroll'd.
Exodus 32.
WHen Moses prayer had Gods wraeth revoked
That high and hotly gainst the people smoaked
He from the Lord and montans top did draw
With those two sacred Tables of the Law
Which he did carie be the Lords command
Wreit with the holy finger of his hand
But when descended with his eares and eyes
The people all prophand he heares and sies
And in the Camp the Calf erected Hy
His wraeth began to vvax and fiercely fry
His hart could noght th' Abomnation bear
But with a holy divine anger thear
Which there trespass in him did move and make
He threvv the Tabels dovne and both he brak
Exodus 32.
YEt did noght Moses wraeth and Ire heir end
But forder yet it flew and did extend
That golden Calf that for there God they chuisd
He break it boldly and to pouder bruisd
And pulverizd to apprehend the Sin
The more, he made the people drink it In
His brother nixt rebuikes and much missaid-him
And for th'abuse did to his face, vp braid-him
That he had suffred Isral to begin
And slyde in such Idolatrous a Sin
Then he this falt prophane to expiat
The Sones of Levi he together gatt
And armed vvith the sword they kill and slay
And with thrie thovvsand Hebrevvs strav'd the way
Exodus 32 and 33.
THe morning come Moses to Israll sayes
Foull is your fall erronions was your wayes
And men of Israll ye Gods wrath do mass
Agains your persons for your proud Trespass
Yet I will once ascend t'assay and sie
If his displeasure I can pacifie
Vp moses vvent before the Lord and falls
Dovne on the Ground and then for mercie callis
Confessing there that Isrels Sins was great
Yet for there pardon he doth humblie treat
And wishes rather that his name shall be
Rasd from the Books of Life ev'rlastingly
Then Israls brak and Dissobedience
Be noght forgevn them and there foul offence
[...]r Lo Almighty Lord thy mercies here
[...] to thy peoples Pardon shall apeare
Yet God was grevd and angrie that they had
The golden Calf and molten Image made.
Exodus 33.
THe Prophet in the Tabernacle walkes
And with the Lord familiarly Talkes
[...]ho vnto him dois intimat his will
[...]nd shew's his Angel shall Guide Isra'l still
[...]at shall the accursed Cananeits out cast
[...]nd lay't for them his people of Israll wast
[...]e Hittits, Hivits, Amorits and all
[...]us and Perizzits they perish shall
[...]t Isral sad, and sorrovvfull did sho
[...]at God him self denyd with Them to Go
[...]en Moses to martch vp the Lord commands
[...]ith all the people to the promisd Landes
That to there father Abram long before
And since vnto his Seed to give he svore.
Exodus 33.
VNto the Lord humblie did Moses pray
From th' Hoste his Ire to pacis' and alay
[...]d in his mercies for to make it knovvne
[...]at he there God and they wer all his ovvne
[...]e Lord than his petitions did aprove
[...]d grantes Them in his favour and his love
[...] more to sie (hot with a holy fire)
[...] glory of the Lord he doth desire
[...]hich God likevise did grant him of his Grace
[...] none could live (he said) and sie his face
[...] in a rockie cleft God hes him plac'd
[...]d shevv his bake-Partes as he by him pac'd
Part of his Glory in the going by
He doth permit his Moses to espy.
Exodus 34.
[...]He Lord againe commands that Moses hevv
For those he brak, Tvvo other Tables nevv
[...]ereon he will with his owne finger grave
[...] self same precepts that before he gave
[...]ses the morne with Them the mont ascends
[...] in a Cloud from Heavne the Lord descends
[...] there before him stood and did proclame
[...] Lords almighty and Eternall name
[...] the went and past before his face
[...] strong, most mercifull, and full of Grace
[...] is the Lord but Rigour fraught with Ruthe
[...] slovv of goodness full and Truth
Wherefore my praecepts keep that I Command
This day and yow shall have the holy land.
Exodus 34.
WHen God Almighty on the holy hill
His minde to Moses had declard and vvill
When he had fully fasted fourtie dayes
(For he none less vpon Mont-Sinai stayes)
The Lord dismisd him from the mont again
And he descends directly to the plain
The Princes of the people go to Greet
And mirthfully there Captane Moses meet
But when his face transfigurd they looke on
And sies that by the wounted sort it shon
They ar affraid and dread for to dravv neare
And in his shyning presence to apeare
But Moses called Them then they and he
And Aaron talk together tenderlie.
Exodus 34.
THe Propher speaking vvith the Princes heire
The people aproatch and do them dravv neir
But Moses for the shyning of his face
He is constraind to covert in that place
So beavtifull and brightly there it shon
That no eye durst behold nor looks thereon
But vvaild as he there in there presence stands
He carefully declares the Lords commands
That on Mont-Sinai he receav'd be vvord
Of mouth from God the everliving Lord
And these Directions charging Them that thay
For evr observe and never disobay
Vpon the perrill thats pronunc'd and more
If they do fall as have vs'd before.
Exodus 36. & 25.
THe westments and the wessels necessare
That for the dayly worship vsefull are
The Lord vvill have them fashoud form'd and fram'd
As they shall efter noted be and nam'd
The Arke shalbe of Cedar Shittim wood
Without corrupting durabill and good
Lyn'd well within and all vvithout ore Rolld
With well wrought and engravne Plates of Gold
The Cloth and Carpet for the Covenant
To make it beavtifull and Bellishant
It shalbe silver silk and skarlet wool
Imbrodred bravely and made beavtifull
With Barrs ingross'd in Gold and Golden Ringes
Whereon vvhen it transported is, it hinges.
Exodus 37. & 25.
THe Seat propitiatarie and the place
Where God in mercie should apear and Grace
[...]d whence should ishe his Oracles divine
[...] will haue made of purest gold and fyne
[...]hose length tuo Cubits and an half should be
[...]d half an less in breadth ordaned He
[...]o Cherubims of tryed Gold likewise
[...] cower't with there winges he did devise
[...]d these he hes apoynted for to place
[...] one oposit to the Others face
[...]here efter, should betuix there winges be gev'en
[...]we truethfull ansvers from the God of Heaven
[...]ich mercie Seat his Statuts do Command
[...]ove the golden crouned Arke to stand
Because decred he had and did ordane
The Testimonie therein to remaine.
Exodus 37. & 25.
[...]Almightie Moses for to make commands
Of Shittim wood, with cunning Craftes-mens hands
[...]ised for his worship wenerable
[...] set Shew-Bread thereon a gold-clade Table
[...]ose wright worke wrought and fitly form'd and mad
[...]s all with gold ingravne and over-laide
[...]d all above well fashoned and frett
[...]olden Croune like stoure de luces set
[...] lenght thereof set downe, and hight, and bread
[...] these Supra noted Chapters Read
[...]hes causd likevise Goblets make of Gold
[...]fumes and Incense to preserve and hold
And Shew Bread set vpon that Tabled Boord
Eternally to offer to the Lord.
Exodus 37. & 25.
[...]He Lord likewise heir Moses doth direct
For Lights a Luminare for to erect
Candle-sticke as we may know be ours
[...]ose bowing Branches seavne, bears vp, seavn floures
[...]carie lights of flamming fires to be
[...]pes in the Sanctuar' Incressantlie
[...]ose mettall shall be of the purest Gold
[...] Boules that shall about the Branches fold
[...] [...]oures, and Base, that beares vpon the Ground
[...] so be of the fynnest to be fund
[...] and Snuff-dishes likewise Too
[...] be made, as God had showne him, how
[...] it thereon seavn lampes ay burning Bright
[...] to that, that is before it, Light
Exodus 37 & 30.
BEzaleel of Shittim vvood he takes
And thereof, thair the Incense Alter makes
A cubit long in Length, the Breadth, so right
But raised higher Tuo, it was in hight
About, it crovned was, with gold above
The Lords command and Artes-mans Arte t'approve
Round Barrs, and rings, but [...]alters framed square
With gold wark garnish'd and o're laid all whair
The Cupes that should perfumes and Incense hold
They wer also of pure and perfect Gold
The pure perfumes and pleasant Incense too
He hes compos'd as th' Apothecars do
And therewith fild, and fird, the Censers Thair.
Whose sugred smell, pears'd and perfurnd the aer.
Exodus 38. & 27.
THe Altar of brunt offrings offreth next
To be intreated of into the Tex
Bezaleel by Moses so muche praisd
To build began and ent'red, vp to rais'd
Of Shittim wood the Bulk or Body was
And all o'reclad with coverlets of Brass
Five Cubits long, five Cubits broad: and hie
This Alter was, no more at all, but thrie
And all the Instruments, that there be nam'd
And fit therefore, of Beaten Brass was fram'd
Also the Grate, that stood within it He
Knits like a net of wier most Cunninglie
A Lav'r likevvise he of the Wemens Glasses
Made: that the best, of Brass, for brightness passes
Exodus 39. & 28.
A Aron the Priests aparell they prepare
A goodly Garment glorious and fair
Th' Ephod of Gold blew silk and skarlet Read
Of Linning pure and purple for his head
The gold is wrought in wier and leanid out long
To Shew and set it these silk-works among
Imbrodred were the Shoulders rund about
And curiously with nedle knots cast out
On evrie side thereof ane Onix stone
They set ingraven with Israls name thereon
Which on the Shoulders of the Ephod stands
To beare a Record of the Lords commands
A Breast plate more they make the form four square
A peece of gold exceeding rich and rare
And therevpon enchace four rovves at once
Of pure, imprysable and precious stons.
Exodus 40.
GOd th' all director Moses doth direct
To reare the Tabernacle and it erect
And all the Appertenances that pertaind
Vnto it to adduce them, he Ordaind
Into the first of monthes on the first day
He should it raise and longer nought delay
And as injoynd he was he thereto bringers
The Arke and all the other holy Thinges
And with the Vaile wrought vvith imbrodred wark
He coverd closs and over-waild the Arke
Also he brought as order did require
The Table too and lights the Lamps vvith fire
Aaron investes his Sones, anoynts Them too
And what to serve, God should be done, did do.
Exodus 40.
THus, this vvas done, into the second yeere
Efter that They from Egypt did reteere
The Tabernacle seasd then Moses came
And set the Testimonie in the same
Then with the vaile he hes it closs vp shut
[...]ovv soone the Arke therein vvas plac'd and put
[...]he merciseate aboue the Arke he plac'd
[...]hat vvith a Coronet of Gold vvas grac'd
[...]he Laver set Moses and Aaron both
[...]ith his tvvo Sones to wash them therein goeth
[...]nd than the court vpread inclosing round
Whairon the Tabernacle stood) the Ground
[...]oses at last the vaile hung vp lats fall
[...] in this vvorke he finished hes all
And God above into a Cloud did hover
And all the vvork did over-vail and cover.
Exodus 40.
WHill as the Lord into a cloud above
The Tabernacle aboad and did noght move
[...]hair the most glorious Glory of the Lord
[...]he Tabernacle filld all vp and stord
[...] that for Moses thair there was no place
[...] full of maiestie divine and grace
[...]ere was a presence heavnly and divine
[...] there the Glory of the Lord did shyne
[...] vvhen the Sunne and day vvas doune: the Cloud
[...] o're the Arke and Tabernacle stood
[...] aproatching of the night a none
[...] of fire streams and clearly shon
[...] as by day into the darkest night
[...] camp vvas cleare and in a lamp of light
Exodus 40.
THe moveing or night marching of the Cloud
To Isral was a certaine Signe and Good
Ather vnstirrd to stay stand still and tarie
Or forward thence there Host and Camp to carie
But if it did ascend and higher mov'd
The Camp then forward martchd and more removd
But if it did discend, and there did stay
They martchd no more, but in there ludgings lay
And noght a foot, to fair, did they intend
Whill they it sie, begin again t'ascend
And when they journay should, remove, and ryse
The cloud went on, before Them throgh the skyes
By day into a Cloud and on the night
God was a fire, to shew all Isr'all light.
Leviticus 9. Chap.
T'Approve the Priestly office is from heaven
A certaine Signe and sure assenting gevin
Whill Aarons offring on the Alter lyes
A Sacred flamme come flashing from the skyes
And opinly in all the peoples eyes
Consum'd and quickly eat the Sacrifice
The woundring Israleits all looking on
That Blais breathd from above brunt evrie Bone
The then beleiving hoast to humble it gois
And thankfull thonghts to God again vpthrois
And publictly his prases there proclame
For all the Blessings he bestow' on Thame
The Prophets then for this there Thankfulnes
The people present sanctifie and bless.
Leviticus 10.
A'Rons tuo Sones Nadab and Abihu
A gross mis-deed before the Lord they do
A nonted once there office to exers
Out of presumption and a Sprit perverss
They proudl' aspire no rather they conspyre
To fill there Censers full of forran fire
And than advance and to the alter go
Nev'r vsed thair to offer incenss so
Contrary quyt vnto the Lords command
That should have ever inviolable stand
But from the Lord a flamming fire foorth flevv
That boldly brint and both the Brether slevv
To shovv that God will noght beserv'd by waine
Vnvvise inventions of a vvorsely Brain.
THe judgements of the Lord thus sharply s [...]as'd
Vpon these Brether that his Sp'rit displeas'd
[...]nto the horrour of the Hebrew host
[...]hat by there owne delicts there Lives had lost
[...]or worshiping agains his divine will
[...]pon them fell th' inevitabill ill
[...]o teach all others that they ne [...]it presume
[...]ut of a Braine Phantastick filld with fume
[...]he Lords vine zard to worke it otherwayes
[...]or he directs and in his Law donne layes
[...]hen these two mangled miserable men
[...]r careed from the Congregation then
A sad and doolfull evidence for thame
Both of there deeds, there Sin and Shame.
Leviticus 24.
[...]Nto the Hoste was ane Egyptian man
But by his Mother of the Trib of Dan
[...]hat going out did so from dutie rowe
[...]hat in the hoste he with an hebrew strove
[...]nd in the brall that was begun by Thame
[...] Egyptian did the God of hostes blasphame
[...]hey take the man and him to Moses led
[...]nd then the Lord eftsoon to Moses said
[...]ause thow be broght that bold blasphemer out
[...]nd make the men that heard (then there about)
[...]e Lord blasphemd, ley on there hands vpon-him
[...]nd then to death let all the Hebrews stone-him
Which instantly they execute and act
A fit reward for his vnfaithfull fact.
Deuterouomie 34. Chap.
THe Prophet Moses to Mont Nebo gois
From whence the Lord the promisd land him shois
[...]hat milk and hony flowing land the same
Which he so oft had heght to Abraham
[...]t only having sein it did declare
[...]hat hee should nev're go ov're nor enter Thair
[...]he Servand of the Lord then Moses dyes
[...]nd buried be him into Moab lyes
[...]t never man yet lived to this day
[...]hat knew the place whair God did Moses lay
[...] hundreth yeers and to them twentie told
[...]hen he expired was the Prophet old
[...] Prophet such whose like yet never non
[...] Israel arose when he was gone
A Prophet full indew'd with heavnly Grace
[...] God conferrd with and knew face to face.
FAmiliar Moses with the Lord and lov'de
Before, from this mortelitie remov'de
That manfully, martch'd from the memphit landes
(Divinly aided) with the Hebrev bandes
But the almighty eyeing ay his avvne
Albeit their Ductor, he had from them dravvne
Yet to their Good, and Glory of his name
An oter Tutor, tenders vnto Them
In Iosua couragiously Inclinde
H' infunds morefire in his magnanime mind
And o're his Isrel limited at large
Gaue him the conduct, and the Captans Charge
Commanding and encouraging the man
To Ioyn the people and pas Iordan than.
Iosua 1.
THe worthie Duke, to this Command thus call'd
And Isrel generall in State install'd
God novv again renevvs to cheare Them more
The promise of the promis'd Land before
He markes there markes from the wilderness
And from Mont-lebanon to Euphrates.
Thence maks the Sea there Bordour by the vvest
Where Phoebus Car declyns and runs to rest
Then sayes to Iosua that vvorthie Thair
Yet to incress and kindle his Covvrage mair
Whill he shall Rule and Captane their Command
No heathen foe before his face shall stand
If as his Servand Moses night and day
H' observe his mandats and his Lavves obey
Iosua 1.
T' incovvrage Iosua God renovvats
And oft hies promisd ayd he iterats
Yet vvith direction that he all his dayes
Keep his Commands and walke into his vvayes
The Captane than the Congregation all
He convocats and dois before him call
Indicting and directing Them that Thay
Be ready in their armes on the thrid day
To pas o're Iordan that far famons flood
Neerby vvose Bankis Israels standarts stood
The Revbenits and Gadits dress also
Thongh seased on this hither side to Go
And vvillingly vvill venter vvith the rest
Whill each one of their portions be possessd.
WHill that the people a providing are
Victuals and armes for martching necess ar
[...]he Captaine finds it fit to send before
[...]uo Speculators prudent to explore
[...]he people there Pou're purposes and places
[...]s is convement in such war-like Caces
[...]he Spyes from Shittim send advance and go
[...]nd enters Rahabs house in Iericho
[...]ut yet these Spies are in there spying spyed
[...]nd Rachab to revveale Them temptd and try'd
[...]earing hir Countries futur fall and foil
[...]poynted Isr'el for a Prey and spoyle
They on their promeses preserv'd are by hir
And secretly vnsem they saife Retyre.
Iosua 3. Chap.
TH'explorators aproatch the Tents tell there
The Cananits astomshment and feare
[...]pon the nevvs the Sone of Nun commands
[...]he vnder afficiars of all the Bands
[...] passe and charge the people with povv'r express
[...]or to remove to be in readmesse
[...]ovvsone the Levits to be martch'd they mark
[...]fore tuo Thousand cubits with the Ark
[...]hen Iosua the people all injoynes
[...] sanctifie them selfes and lave their loyns
[...] cause said he the Lord to morrovv shall
[...]ork vvoundrously in presence of yovv all
Then to the Levit Priests said he avant
And go before vvs vvith the Covenant.
Iosua 3.
TO Iosua the Sone of Nun then said the Lord
I will advance Thee as avvovtchd my word
[...]d as I vvith my servand Moses so vvith Thee
[...] thy advancement I will doe said he
[...] Isrel then sage Josua did say
[...]'almighty martches yovv among this day
[...] for a Signe this shall yovv vnderstand
[...]hat he shall give yovv all the Heathen land
[...] Iordan whill the Ark advance before yovv.
[...]rtch efter on and going God adore yovv)
[...]vvsoon the Priests shall touth the rivers brink
[...] beares the ark the Billovvs bak shall shrink
[...] they before that did the gravell cover
[...] part them self to give yovv passage over
Ioshua 4. Chap.
THe Arke and Priests in Iorden dry
Whill all the people perrilless passe by
O woundrous walk a deed divine and vounder
Done only by the Thrower of the Thunder
Then Iosua in Iorden, did command
Eternally as Tropheas there to stand
And to be witness of that woundrous wark
On that same place where paus'd the Priests and Ark
Twell men of the twell Tribes twell Stones to Reare
And then twelf other on there backs to beare
To Gil-gall thence but to the same effect
And to remember this These their t'erect
But th'Ark and Isrel dry-foot thus past throw
The flood againe as it was wount did flow.
Iosua 5. Chap.
THe Stones vp-reard t'averr the veritie
Of there strange passage to post eritie
The rumor of which admirable Chance
The hearts of all the heathen lords so lance
And strangely strook them stupified and stonird
So that nev'r shall there Curage be Reconird
Tha' amazed looke like men alreadie lossd
And whill they heare but of the Hebrew host
The Lord commands that circomcision than
Be vs'd to evrie Hebrew mail or man
On whom the hallowed incisers hand
Hath noght bein since they come from Egypt land
An Angel arm'd to Nuns sone then apeard
Conferrd confirm'd him and his Courage Reard.
Iosua 6. Chap.
THe armie and the Ark throgh Iorden go
Iust ore against the Toun of Iericho
And martch'd whill that directed they set doune
And drew there Trenches round about the Tovne
The grave Commander that the Camp conducted
How to attempt it by the Lord instructed
The people then againe and Priests he taught
How that, that Citie circled should be caught
Seaven Priests with Ram-horne Trumpets past before
The Ark and th'Armie followd whill They Roare
Seavn dayes they compassed the Citie so
And as injoynd so oft about it go.
Then on the seavnt they sound and showted all
Whill that vntvich'd flat fell the Citie wall:
THe citie entred as the Lord had doomd
(Mettals except) and all with fire consum'd
The slain of both the Sex into the Streets
Together in the Gore defyld there fleets
Yet Rachab is and hers by promise past
Preserved saifly in that publict wast
The Spyes that in there pitie she praeservd
No less with love into the sackt her servd
For all saif she t'inevitable Ire
Wer sold and sold to slaughter sword and fire
There all are execrable and accurssd
That therein are or that therein wer nurc'd
And all from heavn are curssd, and curssd shalbo
That Iericho mynds to Re edifie.
Iosua 7. chap.
A Chan an Isralite Religious
Proves reprobat and Sacrilegious
Wherefore Gods griefe to grow and glow begins
Against all Isrell for his secreit Sinns
His Ire inkendled thus so boyles and burnes
That from their help his holy hand it turnes
As they tryd trew whill that with Ai they fight
With few their greater force is put to flight
Whill Iosua before the Lord did fall
And with his Cryes contreit for help did call
The Lord reveals the Sin and Achan is
Vpon confession he and what was his
His Blood his Brood his house and all at once
Brint vp with fire and fell'd to death with stories.
Iosua 8. chap.
A Chan thus punish'd and thus Isrell purg'd
The Lord apeasd, he Iosua efter vrg'd
And said my Seruant fant not dread nor doubt
Thow of my Aide but be of courage stout
And now with all thy men of armes arise
To Ai advance and it with pow'r supprise
For I have gevn thee therein evrie thing
The Substance their the Subiects Croune and king
And there with doe, for I command thee so
In all as thow hes done with Iericho
Then by ane ambush he hes foyled them
Then Toune supprisd and firde, syn spoyled Them
The King is catch'd alive, and efter he
As God gave charge was hang'd vpon a Tree.
THus that they triumphd by Gods helping hand
Well did the chiefe of th' Ebrevs vnderstand
Wherefore that wise Commander wills that they
Thankfull therefore and grate to God be ay
In Ebal mont they then ane Altar raise
Noght hambred on with hands his name to praise
And offers thereon offrings as they knaw
Agried with his will and Moses Lavv
The altar raisd and God there praisd the Grave
Grand Captane then the Law on Stons did Ghrave
And therein Blissings, Cursins all and Threats
He publictly to them reads and repeats
Into the praesens of the people all
The Stranger as the hebrew naturall
Iosua 9. chap.
AI thus sack'd, some nightbour kings to those
As open Enemies to Isrel rose
But lo from Gibeon disgvysed some
As messingers vnto the armie come
Israell by deceat to Circemvein
And perrill by that policie praeveen
With Garments torne and but with Tags of Shooes
That they are Straugers these disgvysed does
Mak Isrel think that They be come to Crave
A leagve of Love and frendship faine wold have
The Suit (deceavde) the Guyd of Isr'el grantis
The Gibonits deceitfull Supplicants
But they detected efter for the same
The duke to drudgrie Them and their Condamne
Iosua 10. chap.
FYve Kings together with vindictive Spreet
Their warlike force and armies all vneit
And out agains the tovne of Gibeon sped
That Irues with Israls head contracted had
But vnto him submissive Suits they send
The he is foederats wold now defend
Who for their Causes wer inclosd about
With five Kings forces strong men stern and stout
Then Isrels Captane with his Cohorts rose
To free the Gibonits and fight there foes
whom in his violent and wrakfull wraeth
He vterly vndoes and drave to daeth
And such as fled defeated with his force
Feld in the flight vvith Hail a fate fand worss.
THe day whereon these armies where o'rethrovvne
The Lord his great Love hes to Isr'el shovvne
A vvoundrous day and admirable one
Whose like before nor since was neuir none
At Ioshua his prai'r and request
The great Governour God Almightiest
A whole day stayed thē Sunne in Gibeon
And moone into the valey Aialon
And not a poynt come dovne declynd nor chang'd
Whil Isrell was on all there foes reveng'd
The Kings they kill when all the slaughter ended
And then the five vpon five Trees suspended
Kings, Cities, Subiects of the Hils and all
The plaines beside subdued before them fall.
Iosua 11. chap.
A Croud of Kings by south east, west and north
Martch (for to force the force of Isrel) forth
There numbers great neer out of number be
As Dust on earth or Sand into the Sea
But God bad Isrel be of Courage Good
And feare no force nor men nor multitude
For he before that tyme of day to morrovv
[...]laine and consumed to there shame and sorr [...]w
Before the face of victor Isrell shall
Deliver Them forc'd and defeated all
Israell confident vpon his word
[...]As well they might) assaults them with the Sword
And horriblie maks havok of their host
In killing from the meanest to the most.
Iosua 11.
AS Ioshua from that Attempt reteard
For such victorious Chances Inly Cheard
The Toune of Hazor he took in his vvay
And all th' Inhabitants (non saife) did slay
Yea all from Halak montane vnto Gad
That by Hostilitie he takin had
Therein a living soule nor fighting man
As God commanded him he left not than
For heardned was from heavne there harts that thay
[...]ight from the earth in vvraeth be vvippd avvay
[...]f Anakims the Cities so he Sacks
And vtterly them selfs with vvarrs he wracks
The Conques then h' amongs the Tribs divyds
[...]nd then in peace sins warrs their th' Ebrevs byds
VIctōrious Isrel by the Lords assistance
Agains there great and all there forc'd ressistance
Of Cities, Valaes Montans and the Plains
But feare of force, possessd in peace remains
On Iordains eastren syde and on its west
By South and North they peaceablie possest
No pettie portion nor a litle Land
Did Ioshua and Israel command
The Lord their Battels and all subdevv'd
And noght their forces well inough they knew it
It is lands their Swords in their subiection brings
The subiects arm'd of ane and threttie Kings
The Hebrevs by his help there hosts orethrew
And all their Kings consumed killd and slew.
Iosua 13. chap.
THe Lord call'd Ioshua and to him told
That he was weak with yeeres and waxed old
And yet much land remaind and Lordships many
Vnentred with and vnpossessd with any
Therefore the Lord he hes enjoynd him thair
And how he should devide them did declare
To give nyne Tribs whole portions he commands
And vnto thrie to give but half part lands.
Since Moses vnto Ruben and to Gad
On this side Iorden gev'n a portion had
Ilk Trib its martch there sevrally is showne
That each of them might know what was their owne
To Levi yet no foot of Ground he gave
But ordaind Them the Sacrifice to have.
Iosua 14. Chap.
THe Land of Canaan devided aff
Among the former nyne Tribs and a half
Caleb the constant Kenezeit, the same
That entred first the Land to Nuns sonne came
And said to him now fourty yeeres and more
His since vnto Moses dead before
God spake our God most great and Glorious
In Cadesh-bernea concernyng vs
Then he that day swore by th' almighty God
To give vs that whereon our feet should trod
Wherefore my Captane godly grave and Sage
I crave the same now for my heritage
Which Iosua gladgly grants and Caleb blessd
And him and his with Hebron hes possessd
Iosua 20. Chap.
THe Lord directed Ioshua as Iudge
T'apoynt with Isrel Cities of Refudge
(He speake the people and protests and Thay
Obtempre and the will divine Obey)
For such as do by accident or chance
Vnwillingly or yet by Ignorance
Kill and cut aff by force and blood a Brother
An Israleit yea yet or any other
Where they may faif and sure preserved be
(Whill th' high Priest livand then depairt and die)
From the Revenger of the slain and than
He may returne vnto his house again
So did the Lord Reliefe for these ordain
That ony man, as is foreshowne had slaine.
Iosua 22. Chap.
TO Reuben and to Gad and to Manasses Heires
Ioshua his Kins-man Patriots declares
That as the Lord and Moses had commanded
They faithfully had with there Bethren banded
And nought forsook Them whill they wer possessd
Of all the promeist Land in Peace and rest
Therefore go with the blissing of the Lord
To your possessions vpon Iordans Bord
But care to live my Brether I befeech
As do is our Law allow instruct and teach
Bak they returne and built an Altar by
The river brink and renders reasons why
Howbeet the Tribs therewith took first offence
Yet having heard them with the deed dispenss.
Iosua 23. Chap.
NOw Ioshua waxd old, by Age infirme,
Into the faith the Tribs for to confirme
Exhorts them gravely, all with one accord
The serve sincearl' obey and lovve the Lord
He tells them there hovv oft for them he faught
And to that Day what for them he had wrought
He shewes his promises wer all perfected
And to his glore and to their good effected
Therefore h' intreats Commands them and dois pray
That ev'r his will and Bidding they obay
And tells them if they do declyne and swerve
And vnto Idoll Gods bovv doune and serve
Lest be him to the fury of their foes
[...]he vvill vvex them vvith a Thovvsand woes.
Iudges 1. Chap.
NO sooner Iudah was install'd into
The rulers roome when he began to do
And presently with all his Men of armes
He stricks vp stoutly shrill and loud alarmes
And with kene-dagd vnconquerable Corage
He forc'd his foes and did their Countrie forage
There King Adom-bezek he hes caught him
And his ovvne lesson learnd to others taught him
For as his forme was to afflict his foes
He cutts from him his Thumbs and poynts of Toes
A just reward for Tyranes he confessd
That sev'ntie Kinges himself had so distressd
The Lord heirfoir his fate hes framed so
Conformly to be vsed by his foe.
Iudges 2. Chap.
THe Lord with Isrel discontended stands
That they with Can'an had contracted bands
Yet penitent they do repent therefore
And for there fault and trespass d [...]e deplore
Through all the Life and dayes of Io [...]ua
And of the Elders that out-liv'de de them all
They did noght disobey nor yit debord
But serv'd sincearly by the Law the Lord
Yet howsoone he and they departed all
From true divine to worschip false they fall
The Lord then left them? and what then, wer They
But vnto Spoilers all, a spoill, and prey
Left be the Lord what be Impires tho great
Nought but a morsell to a meaner State
Iudges 3. Chap.
FIve Princes of the Philistims remaind
Yet in the Land vnforced or constraind
With whom the Ebreus (to Gods will averss
Ioyne, Marie, League with them, and do converss
So God forget in Bal'am they belive
And vnto Asheroth there worship Give
Wherefore the Lord gave o're and sold them hath
To Chushan King of Aram in his wrath
Where they in Bondage byd and serve seavn yeeres
As in the story pen'd more large apeares
But when they cryed to God and did repent them
A Saviour to save them soone he sent Them
So did deliver quickly Israel
By Kenaz-sone there Captane Oth'niel.
Iosua 24.
YEt Ioshua the peoples Sprits to pierce
Doth vnto them Gods mony he ps [...]ch [...]arss
And if vnthankfull tells them to their shame
Partic'larly what he hes done to Them
Then heartly them exhorts at home abrod
And elsewhere else for to give glore to God
With free and full consent then ansverd They
Our God his voice and vvord they wold obey
Then covenants he with them their that day
And to be witness of their wows for ay
Beneath an grovving oke or olive Tree
For evr to stand a Stone vp pitched he
It heard your vvovves he said if that yow Trod
A wry and efter do deny your God.
Iosua 24.
THen all their Business as each one list
They go about liceneed and desinist
Now that Grand Captane Ioshua selected
By God and to conduct his Hosts dir [...]cted
Who with great valor and great wisdo [...]ie to
The Lords directions dreadlesly did d [...]
And virtously vpright in all his waves
[...]vv'de to that Houre before the Lord his dayes
The hundreth tent yeer running of his age
[...]eath puts a poynt vnto his pilgrimage
This worthy wise this Captane bold and brave
This gratious Iudge this Stats man great and grave
With Isrels wofull all and vveeping eyes
In Timnath nn Mont Ephraim buried lyes.
Iudges 1. Chap.
THat worthie Iosua the Hebrevs head
As is declaird before defunct and dead
[...]et God his ovvne Elect he nevr deserts
[...]if they contim we his with holy hearts
[...]ut duly dois for there support provide
[...]or he into his Isrel gives a Guide
[...]onveniently to governe and conduct them
[...]d into all that a pertains i'instruct them
[...]t they will needs to him cry for and clame
[...] Captane and Commande over Them
[...] then apoynts that Iudah shall command
[...]hold the rains of Rule into his hand
[...] he exalt him will and give him might
[...] come and quell the Cananits in fight.
Judges 3. Chap.
WHen Ehud had the King of Moab kill'd
And with ten thovvsands fall, the field-had filld
Of Moabits that in the Battaill fell
By heavn assisted-hands of Israel
Shamgar a goad-groome and a Rustick Boore
Guyded by God vvas nixt there Governour
And so vvith sacred strenght and stomak stord
Of Philistims that Iov'as Iacob shord
And only vvith his oxen Goad o'rethrevv
And (vvho but horror hears't) sex hundreth slew
The Israleits they are preserved so
From furie of the Philistim there foe
God th'Ebrevs heathen foes their hostile anger
Cool'd by a Goad-groome courage sillie Sanger.
Iudges 4. Chap.
DEbora judging Isr'el sent to vvarre
Barak that Sis'ra did debell and darr
And vvith ten thovvsand Isralits in fight
All Iabins povvre did foile and put to flight
Then Sisra fled on foote and e [...]ter vv [...]nt
Traind by a vvoman Iael to hir [...] Tent
Who thristing there and efter travell tyr'd
To rest and ease him he a vvhile desir'd
Intreating hir his name noght to be vvray
To any that demands for him that day
But vvhen she sies him sleeping and at rest
To doe a vvorthie deed this dame adrest
And drave a naile into his Tempels deep
So layd him in ane ever lasting Sleep.
Iudges 5. Chap.
HEarken yovv Princes and do heare yovv Kinges
The praisefull songes our Soule and voces singes
Unto Israels God before vvhose face
The earth dois shake and th' Heavens do rain apace
The montains melt and leapt like lambs before him
Rise Barak rise and Debora adore-him
Debora vp and Barak both arise
And give God praise that hes gevn yovv the prise
And force to foile, the Philistims, your foes
That for to raze, and ruine Isr'el, rose
Your Touns but trade lay desolate and vvast
And non by th' Hie, but by the by vvayes past
Whill I Debora ayded be the Lord
The foes of Iacob bet vvith Baraks svvord.
Judges 6. Chap.
ISrael oft distressd, as oft relvde
Be God, transgressd again and God have grievd
Herefore this Lord as in the lions Iaw's
Them in the danger of the Midian thraws
Where they in Bondage servitude and thrall
Seavn yeere from Den to den ar hunted all
There grain, there cornes, there asses, net an Sheep
And what for to preserve there Lives they keep
When they (secure) thought surely to enjoy it
The Mid'anits, and Amalek distroy it
Then pitifully spoyled Isrel lyes
Acknovvledging hir miss for mercie cryes
And God evr gratious their groans he heares
And by a Prophet, checks them, and he cheares
Iudges 6.
VVHen God vpon the peoples penitence
Had be his Prophets showne Them there offence
And oft his Grace, to Them so oft ingrat
When wickedly they had praevaricat
His Angel yet apeares to Gedeon
[...]n Oprah by ane Oke Ioash-his- [...]ne
[...]ndewed with his Grace he tells him than
The Lord was with him strong and valiant man
And doth command him in that strength and might
[...]or to go foorth and Isrel free by fight
[...]e craves a Signe and God gives by a fleece
[...]oth wet and dry (noght that faiznd ane of Greece)
A double ane, so Gedeons faeth confermes
And straight agains the Midanits he armes
Iudges 7. Chap.
THe Lord heir to the host of Hehrevves shovves
That his and noght their force, there foes ore throwes
[...]or yet with multitudes off men will he
[...]bdue and dissipat there Encinie
[...]Vherefore he Gedeon to chufe commands
[...] that shall lap the water with there hands
[...]d noght those that he in their drinking sies
[...]on the water brinks to bow their knies
[...] all of these that laped at the most
[...]mber was three hunder in the host
[...] Gedeon with these three hunder than
[...] do [...]ne agains the men of Midian
[...] [...]itchers, lamps, and with his Trumpets soundes
[...] there hearts and all there hoste confoundes.
Iudges 8. Chap.
THe Ephramits proud through there povv'r in pryd
With Gedeon there Captane chiefe they Chyd
But in depressing his owne deeds he rases
What they had done, and so there Splene apases
And told them he but vanquished the men
But they both tooke and kill'd then Princes then
Than he disposd to pass o're Iorden [...]ood
From them of Succoth for his men sought food
Which they refuisd wherefore when God (he wovves)
Zebah and Salmunn' in his hands he throvves
To be revengd and for there ansver rashe
In vvoods vvith Briers and Thornes to teare there flesh
In Penvel too, resuised as a foe
He heghts condignly to acquyt there no
Iudges 8. Chap.
HEre Gedeon vvith his host o're Iordan gois
And Zebah and Zalmunna cought his foes
Where fyftein thovvsand arm'd ar (in there host)
With this three hunder skatred kill'd and erossd
Succoth and Penvel promised before
There men vvith Briers and Thornes he vvhippd and tore
There Elders: and there citizens he slevv
And therefore promised forteless ore threvv
Vnto the captive Kings then he converts
And perd vvith da [...]th there deeds and there deserts
For they in Tabor pitilesse had spilld
His Brethers blood and cruelly them killd
But be the Lord made povverfull and strong
He freed Isrel and reveng'd hir wrong
Iudges 8. Chap.
NOvv Isrel by God guyding Gedeon
Deliuerd are and fred from all there fo [...]n
They grate in thankfulness I think there Love
Thus they vvill to there Captane prudent prove
Come Gedeon said they and be our King
And o're vvs efter Thee thy Sonnes shall regne
For warr-like worthie Thovv and valiant Man
Delyverd vvs from men of Median
No God forbid again said He that I
Ore mine mount vp, mint, or presome so hye
The sacred holy and the heav'nly povv'rs
Give yovv your Iudges, Guids, and Governour [...]
None of my Sones, nor Ioash-Gedeon
Shall regne o're yovv no, but the Lord alon.
Iudges 8. Chap.
WHill thus they vrge him to become there King
He doth intreat them for ane other Thing
There ear-rings spoyld and partage in the pray
They gladly grant to give them and obay
Whereof an Ephod he did make and plac'd it
In Ophraah where Isrel chang'd and chac'd it
And vvandring efter it a whoring vvent
To God ingrate and Dissobedient
Which efter Ged'ons daeth vvas f [...]d of all
His house and seventy Sones the [...]at all fall
For Gedeon dead Israel went a w [...]y
Debord and dotted on Idolatry
For th' Ephod efter They did trudge and Trod
And Baal-berith they did make their God.
Iudges 9. Chap.
ABimelech that vvas the hand maids Son
Of Isrels gallant gu [...]der Gedeon
With violent and with a wicked will
Did on an Stone his seventie Brether kill
And when these sevnty with the sword wer slain
He caught the Croun and then perforce did reigne
On Gezizzim then Iotham lifts his woce
And parables to Sechem did propose
That Gaal Ebeds Sone in armes and Ire
Against th' vsurping Tyranne did conspire
And goes againes Abimelech to fight
Whom in the field, he foyls and dryves to flight
And is at Tebez, by a woman wounded
Then by his page, thereto desird, confounded
Iudges 10. Chap.
THat fratriced th' vsurpinh Tyran dead
Hurt with a womans hand vpon the head
Whereat disdaneing in a frantick Rage
Therefore he vvill dispatchd be by his Page
Then Tolapuah's-dodo's sone, that day
[...]n Israel began the sword to sway
And vnder him They twentie thrie yeers out
Had peace, for he, was pious, prudent, stout
[...]t he deceast; to Judge them Iair rose
[...]nd Isrels galay he to governe gois
[...]ereat the Heline he stands and stoutly steires
[...] guyds it Gravely tuo and tuenty yeeres
[...] Iudg'd in Iustice and he svayd the sword
[...] the direction of the divine word.
Iudges 10. Chap.
I Air expird, the people foully fall
And vorship vainly Ashtaroth and B'al
With sin and shame, there Soules and Lives they load
Whill they do bovv to evvrie pagan God
VVherefore inkendled was and set on fyre
Against them then Gods-all everting Ire
And they ar hurl'd by him into the hands
Off th'Ammonits and the Philistim Bands
VVho aughtene yeeres, press wex and them constrain
Beyond the River Iorden that remain
The Ammonits, they martch o're in there might
'Gainst Boniamin and Iudah for to fight
So Isrel for hir sin (deserving more)
And Idoll vvorship is tormented sore
Iudges 11. Chap.
WHan Is'aks sones did for there Sins repent
Gods kindled vvraith is quench'd and did re [...]ent
And Iphtah he ane outcast be his Brother
The Sone and seed too off ane whorish mother
VVhom they depisd and had before refuild
Novv they to be there Guyde and chieftan chuisd
Instated Iphtah whill he vndertaks
VVith Ammon vvarr a mad rash vvovv he maks
To Sacrifice to offer vp and burne
VVhom first he victor meets at his returne
Up gois he then against them and the Lord
Forc'd them perforce fall vnder Iptahes sword
But see a triumph dolorous and sory
By the said sequell off the sacred story.
Iudges 11 Chap.
VVHill this grand Captane this great vict'rie goe
And mony Soules in tvventie Cities smot
From Aroer to Minnith evrie man
VVer conquerd, killd and ovverthrown than
Yet this victorious Glorious Iphtah Lo
The Tryumph of his vvarrs hes turnd to vvo
His only daughter in his Home retreits
T'appland his victorees hir Father meets
VVhose vvievv recall'd his vvovv and sternly touche
His tinder heart that he amazed muche
Laments and out of seasone sorrovvs now
For his too headless, rash and witless novv
Yet resolute he seald what he had said
And Immolats the pure and spotless maid
Iudges 12. Chap.
THe Ephramits in Isr'el in there numbers
To confident raise and incress new Cumbers
And noght with Iphtah only on there perrell
But to there ovvne vndoing ruine quarrell
And all in armes they will insplene and spight
Burne vp his house, and with there Captane fight
Then Iphtah all the men off Gilead
He raisd that able to beare armes he had
And Ephramits defate to let them know
He was there Master by there overthrow
And tvvo and fourtye Thovvsand at that time
Perishd of Them for there presumptuous Crime
And sevne yeeres efter that his Reigne began
But once vnvvise departs this worthie man
Iudges 12. Chap.
IPhtah deceast Ibzan the Beth-lemit
Sevn yeeres in Isrel fatt and Judged it
And threttie Sones and threttie daughters he
Begot a populous Posteritie
Expird this Iudge in Bethlem buried lyes
Nixt Elon judging ten yeeres did arise
And efter daeth in Aialon interrd
Then to his place nixt Abdon is preferrd
And he had fourtie Sones, and threttie Oyes
(When he to Rule and Iudge in Isrel gois)
That as it wer t'expresse there povvar passes
And daylie rod, vpon the Colts of Asses
In Isrel then this Abdon Iudgd eight yeers
And efter waxing weak and ag'd expires.
Iudges 13. Chap.
YEt Isrel still did his old Bias sollovv
And in the weels of his vaine worship vvallovv
Wherefore the Lord of hostes deliverd him
To fly and fall from the Philistim
But o the vounderfull great Grace of God
Tho they walk wickedly and by wayes Trod
And hold as naught the honour of his name
Yet lovve and kindness he did threap on thame
And by his Angel vnto Man'aths barren Pheere
With Promise of a Sone he doth appeare
Who Izaks seed from Philistims shall free
[...] he a Nazarite vnrasd shalbe
The strongest then of men was Samson borne
[...]hose strength into his Tresses stood vnshovvne.
Iudges 14. Chap.
THe Sone of Man'ath of the Trib of Dan
Indevvd divinly 'bovve the Strength of man
Whill he to Timnath went to woo he did
A Lion teare all like a Tinder kid
Into whose Boulk he some time efter sies
With honny sweld a humming swarme of Bees
Whereof he eats and to his mar'age Gon
Ane emblem darke there Samson did propon
But to resolve't solisted was his vvife
Which efter grevv the ground and stirrd the strife
That mony Soule and Philistim hes slaine
And such as nev'r could be agreed againe
Whill being blind a house full he orethrevv
And with himself all the Philistims slevv.
Iudges 15. Chap.
SAmson the Sone of Man'ath novv at length
As he did grovv God blessd and gave him strength
And stirr'd thereby to marye was inclynd
And tooke to wife a Philistim be kind
But in his absence to wrong him thay
To his Companz'on gave his wife away
VVerefore into the harvest time of wheat
Three hundreth foxes by the Tails he knet
And fyre brands fixed fast betuixt each tuo
Than to the fields of the Philistims so
He drave them to their wheat and standing corne
That quickly knidled all and did them burne
There Rickes there vyne yards and there olives all
Before the fury of the fire they fall.
Iudges 15.
THe Philistims inflamm'd with rage and Ire
For setting of there vines and Cornes infire
VVith resolutionn all in armes arose
And for to be reveng'd on Samsom gois
VVho tho his Brether band him vvith a Cord
Yet strengthned vvith the povvar of the Lord
From Etan Rock vvhen he descends his Bands
Like flax he brak that wer about his hands
And arm'd but with a Iavv-bone of ane ass
Did to encounter all there armie pass
A Thovvsand there a wounder to be told
Dead dang he doune, and fell'd before him fold
But paind vvith thrist he prayes and God then braks
A Tooth and of the Iavv a fontaine maks.
Iudges [...]. Chap.
SAmson gone dovvne to Gazra was bevvrayd
And by them thair to force him was for layd
But he into ane Harlots house did sleep
To midnight whill they watch and ward did keep
Than vp he rose and by maigne strength extorts
And from there hinges heissd there Citie ports
And vnamated martched to the mount
Which doth that holy hill of Hebron front
And efter this his fancies doth him move
One Dalila for to affect and Love
VVha tho he had from God, Giftes greater Gevne
Nor all the heathen that liv'de vnder hev'ne
Yet did his womans wicked witt supprise
And Samson sold vnto his Enemies.
Iudges 16.
THe Philistims with his so matchless might
So oft vndone destroyd and forc'd in fight
And dreading dangers and Events much worse
VVill do be frand that they could not with force
For Delila they doe intise to Try
VVherein the virtue of his strength did ly
Thrise vrg'd this vanton Samson to revveall
And he so oft, his Secrets did conceall
But with hir flatrie farre ouercome declares
The treasure of his Strength stood in his haires
Which by hir Cunningly cutt off and shorne
Blind by his foes a mockrie made and skorne
Yet prayes and with himself by strength extreame
O'rethrovves the house and thovvsands kill'd of Them
Thus with the Philistims he fought and fell
VVhen he had tvventie yeeres judg'd Israel.
Iudges 16.
THis Man by God praepromisd er his Birth
Incomparablie strongest on the earth
That oft vnarm'd among his armed foes
Men multituds and hudgest hostes o'rethrois
Yea only with the Iavv bone of an asse
Did Camps cut dovne as Syth-men shears the grass
VVhill constant he to his Creator cleaves
And noght his Lord to him so librall leaves
No witt could vvn no no nor valour wrong
Nor ony croft ore come this Champion strong
But having blabd the Secrets of his heart
This facil Samson did the Lord desert
VVha to his foes, and by a woman then
A Prey become as other common men
Iudges 17. Chap.
ANe Ephramit the moneis that before
H'abstracted from his mother did restore
Wherefore she had, all the surrepters first
(Whom novv she blessd) bann'd bitterly and Curst
And these praeordaind to ane vse prophane
She gives them to that Idol-vse again
The worship so prophand, the Law she braks
And with these moneis Idely Idols maks
An Ephod Michah then maks in his house
And consecrats his Sone Religious
There was no King in Isrel in those dayes
Wherefore they all praevaricat, and strayes
And but regrait for Sinne regard of Shame
Did and Commits what best contented Them.
Iudges 18. Chap.
THe Trib of Dan five men send out to Try
The Territors that in Mont-Ephraim ly
For fully noght wer thay as all the rest
In Can'an off there Partages possessd
And finding't for them with sex hunder men
They martchd to Michahs Inne in Ephraim then
And th'Idols fand and th'Ephod in his house
There with a Levit Priest Idolatrous
All which they tooke and as there prise and pray
They there with vnto Laish went therd way
Which they supprise and fird brint doune to dust
And slew the men that no such ill mistrust
The towne they built again and call'd it Dan
And worship'd there Michahs stolne Idols than
For in these dayes no King in Isrel raigne
And they did all as what they wold tho wrang.
Iudges 19. Chap.
NO King the sword that day in Isrel swayd
Nor non the Lords command nor Lavv obayd
As in a beastly bad abuse was sene
Vpon a Levit wife or Concubene
From Beth-lem Iuda vnto Ephraim home
The Levit with vvife to Geb'eah come
Whair multitud [...] vvhere they werludg'd repair
And monstrously yea in humanly Thair
Avickedness beyond invention vs'd
And vitiously all night the vife abusd
Whill on the morrow so they did hir wrong
Hir husband finds her dead layd all a long
Who to the Tribs did send hir cut in parts
To venge her vvrong to move there manly harts.
Iudges 20. Chap.
THe Tribes the mangled martyr having sene
They as one man at Mispeth doth convene
Four hunder thovvsand men before the Lord
Which valerous was for to wield the sword
And did demand the men that wroght this same
From Benjamin that they might punish thame
But they maintaind the wrong and did one day
Off Isrel two and twentie Thovvsand slay
And on the nixt they them again o'rethrew
And wer of Isrel aughtein Thowsand slew
But humblie when they to the Lord did pray
Then Benjamin they bet doune the thrid day
And did th' abused Levits wrong revenge
When from there Sinns they to the Lord did change.
Iudges 21. Chap.
WHen vnder Isrels sword and almost all
The Benjamits kild did succumb and fall
Yet Totaly to raze and ruine more
That Tribe to God solemnedly they swore
Nev'r to converss nor live with them there lives
Nor daigne to give their daughters to there vives
Yet wer they sory that there furie fell
Had thus lapp'd off a limne from Israel
They therefore to these Benjamits prescrives
[...]y force a forme to furnish Them with vives
[...]our hunder maydes in Gelead vnslaine
They save and only for their vse ordaine
And into Shiloh will'd Them at there fest
To ly in waite and ravish Them therest.
Ruth. 2.
CHilions Ruth, the Moabitish mayd
To Naomi her mother in Law she said
[...]et me vnto his field go glean I pray
[...]to whose eyes I favour find this day
[...]hen to the field of Boaz she is gone
[...]nd there behind the Reapers gleaned on
[...]hen Boaz there is come from Beth-lehem
[...]hom they do Bless, and he rebresseth Them?
[...]e asks who Ruth was then, and one doth show
[...]at She Naomi's daughter was in Law
[...]om he did cherish much and bids her still
[...] his maids glean efter as she will
[...]nd so hir formes affects that syn he takes-her
(He was hir kins-man) and his wife he makes-her
1 Samuel Chap. 1.
TVo wives the Ephramit Elkanah had
Ane bearing and, ane barren in his Bed
The frutefull vs'd Penninah with reproatch
The barren Hannah to vp brayd and broatch
Wherewith Shee inwardly (affirmes the Text
Of times tormented, weried was, and wext
Herefore to God that all afflictions Souzes
Makes sweet hir plaints in pray'r furth she povvr [...]s
Who heard hir Groans (tho Ely much mistook
Hir gesture, and as drunk did hir rebook)
And grants her Sute, inconment requird
A Sone calld Samvel, so much desird
Whom as before, awowed be her vvord
A Nazarite againe gives to the Lord
1 Samuel 2. chap.
WHen Hannah had all finished and done
The Temple Rites in offring there hir Sone
This holy Hanna did hir heart strings tune
That she might with hir woves hir voice conjune
And into sweet and sacred sobir layes
She sang hir makers mercies, Pow're and praise
His maiestie and mony mightie deeds
That all in heav'ne and all on earth exceeds
And with a delicat and daintie aer
She quaverd clearly his great wounders thair
The Lord a Prophet then to Eli sends
Who bitterly the Priest remiss repr'ends
That slovvly checkd or nev'r chastizd chyld
VVho wicked vitious wanton wer and wild
1 Samuel 3 Chap.
THe word was pretious than the Scripture sayes
For there no vision was in Elis dayes
And as he lay that time his eyes waxd dimme
And Samuel serv'd before the Lord for him
Then sleeping, Samuel by the Lords call'd Thrise
And he to Eli rinns when he did ryse
For so did Samvel before the word
Revealed was vnto him of the Lord
Yet God againe came to him and foresho'es
Eli, his house, and Childrens over throves
For God was grievd with him that he wold noght
Chastize his Childring as a father ought
And what God spake noght in a point he spaird
But it to Eli ev'rie jo [...]e declord.
1 Samuel 4. Chap.
[...]He Sones and Seed of Abra'm Ifrael
Are spurrd and spokin to by Samuel
[...]n past they furth t'oppugne the Philistims
[...] they are forc'd and slaughted for there sinns
[...]d in that fight foure thowsand of them fels
[...] the iniquities of Israell
[...]en to the camp the Covenant they broght
[...]d once again with the Philistims foght
[...]ho they wer affrayd, dreadfull and doubts
[...]en for the Arks approatch the people shouts
[...] with there pow'r the Ebrevs they Repell
[...]d threttie thovvsand of there foot men fell
The Ark supprisd, Hophin and Phineas fall
And Eli brok his neck for losse of all
1 Samuel 5. chap.
[...]He Irreligious Philistims and Rash
To Dagon did, half fish, and half of flesh
[...]e sacred Arke and Covenant transport
[...]in a Tryumph and a braving sort
[...] God agrees noght with the devill of hell
[...] Dagon on his face before it fell
[...] to try masterles they mont again
[...] by the holy Arke sets that prophane
[...] God can noght by Belial abyd
[...]r Sathan haue a consort by his syd
[...] it was fallen there found vpon the morn
[...]e head and hands from it cutt off and torne
And whill to Gath and Ekron they haue sent it
Of Ashdod They with th'Emrods wer tormented
1 Samuel 6. chap.
[...]Ev'ne monthes among the Philistims remaind
The sacred Arke with heathen hands prophaind
[...]en with there Priests the people purposd take
[...] send the Covenant to Israel back
[...] that they plagved wer they all perceave it
[...]d sies they had noght helth whill that they have it
[...] emptie home they doe noght fittest hold
[...]d therefore doth there with send giftes of gold
[...]pt in the forme of Emerods and Myss
[...] with Idolaters God for a pryce
[...] giftes of gold wold pass o're and dispenss
[...] [...]here vain vorship with the wild offence
[...]aine and vnvvise Idolaters think no
[...] can be gloz'd gull'd and beguyled so
When feftie thovvsand of there lives he took
[...] cashly dared in the Ark to look.
1. Samuel 7. chap.
THe Ark of God, that the Philistims fet
The Israleits again in Kiriath set
And twentie yeer (a long time there) abod
In Kirath-searnn the Ark of God
The Prophet Samuel the People prayes
To leave there lewd, shamefull, and sinfull, wayes
And do no more, as they had done, debord
Nor with there wickeduess provock the Lord
Then th' Idols, Ashtaroth, they put away
And efter wous the Lord alon t'obay
Before there God grants and confessd there Sin
And with the Philistims to fight begin
But God disperssd them with affright and wounder
By the rud rumbling of a roaring thunder
Then are they smitt'n slanghtered and fell
By the daeth dinting sword of Israell
1. Samuel 8. chap.
SAmuel, his Sones his place for to supplie
O're Isre'l Iudges then appoynted he
Who strangers from his stepps extreamly strayes
And wrongously perverted Iustice wayes
There hands with Bribs defyled were and filld
And wrested all as there affections willd
The People to there father then complaine
And crave a King to rule o're them and Raigne
Whereat he discontent to them declares
What under Kinges shall be there Cross and cares
Yet still the people they do press him ever
And t'have a Prince (importunat) persever
Who as the Lord directed him there clame
Yet grieud for them jngrait grants unto thame.
1. Samuel 9. chap.
KIsh, Saule, his Sone, to go in quest commanded
Efter some asses, from the Rest disbanded
He with a servand only with him Thay
Did mony Province pas, and went much way
But travell tint, there walking was in vaine
Nor could they get the Asses strayd again
When they had Shalmi sought and Iemini
To Ramah-Zophim their, went he, and he
Then did the Servand Saul to search, advyse
That Citie where, was said a Seer lyiss
Which he agreed to go too and heard tell
There was that sacred Seer Samuel
Who by the Lord fore warnd Saul comming meets
Whom he to th'hie Place, to the feast juveets.
1 Samuel 10. Chap.
[...]Han Samuel Saule, had in the hie place plac'd-him
In the first Roome, and first of all did feast-him
[...] on the Morne the nixt succeeding day
[...] Prophet Saul convoyed on his way
[...] by the knovledge of his Serving man
[...] sone of Kish t'inaug'rat he began
[...] from a viole with the Oile anoynted
[...] privatlye as had the Lord apoynted
[...] as he forvad on his journay setts
[...] Samuel Saul there some praedictions getts
[...]ynted Saul is from himself estrang'd
[...] God to prophesie his heart hes choingd
[...]he peoples Sins the Prophet Samvel shavves
[...]ul King again by sort the people dravves.
1 Samuel 11. Chap.
[...]Ahash th' Ammonite did interprise
To ruine Gile'ad and inrag'd did rise
[...] they of Iabesh vnto Saul resort
[...] get against the Ammonits support
[...]o quickly Iacob hes conveened then
[...] sight three hunder threttie thovvsand men
[...] by the morrow promisd to relive them
[...] naughtie Nahash that did gall and grieve them
[...] host (a hudge on) he did pairt in three
[...] therewith vp to Gil'ad marcheth he
[...]erewith his valour by the morning watche
[...] Camp of Nahash carelesse he did catche
[...]nd fur'ously with force o're whelm'd them all
[...]r catchd, or killd, o're threw, or made them thrall.
1 Samuel 12. Chap.
[...]He sacred Samvel be his mothers word
Before he was, divoted to the Lord
[...]h his Integritie and Candor good
[...] Isrel tell and there Ingratitood
[...]o there God and with a Griefe declares
[...]ft, so great, deliverances of thaires
[...]h there vnthankfull gratelesnes again
[...] there presence he hes made most plain
[...] check'd them chiefly for that foolish thing
[...]hill God reign'd o're Them for to seek a King
[...] by a Miracle of Hail and Thunder
[...] them confessd, when there Trespass they ponder
[...] [...]e to hold them be the Lord did heart them
[...] never wold (if they did so) desert them.
1. Samuel 13. chap.
WHen Saul had ruld one yeer in Israel
And only Tuo he reigned there it fell
The Garison that gnarded in the hill
Braw Ionathan did did them o'recome and kill
Thairester Saul him self his trumpet blew
And all his men of armes tohether drew
Which fight and rumor of there frends defait
Flew to the Philistims with great regrat
Who threttie thowsaud Chariots, and more
Sex Thowsaud horsemen have arm'd out therefore
Whereat the Isralits in strait, affrayd
Dispersed and hiddin into Caverne stayd
But some past Iorden tho the land of Gad
And some affrighted fled to Giliad.
1. Samuel 13. chap.
LOon the People for te Prince his Sins
The wraeth of God to grow and glow begins
Saul wold not stay whil Samuel come unto him
But sacrifice he will which did undo him
Wherefore the Prophet to this Timrous man
Denun'ct the Iudgement of thi almightie than
And boldly told this Dissobedient
For contravening Gods commandiment
His glorions Croune, but lately, to him geven
Shall from his head, and house be quickly reven
And Isrel too, to the Philistim shall
Be in such slaverie, servitood and thrall
That Smiths, to sharp a Share, to till the grounen
Nor Sword, nor Speare in Isrel shall befunen.
1. Samuel 14. chap.
COuragious Ionathan doth here conferr
On high attempts with his awne Armiger
Then with the valour of there valiant hand
They tuo assault a strong Philistim band
A wounderfull of wounder to Relate
That tuo a Troop should as a front, defate
Iudeed it had bene vounderfull if noght
The high Iehove for Ionathan had foght
Saul than by oath and Interdiction strait
The host too night inhibit hes to dat
But Ionathan knew not what was enacted
And therfore by the eating hony brack it
Before king Saul swore and awou'd in wraeth
That Ionathan should doubtless die the daeth
But all the People did with stand that he
That doughtely deliverd Them should die.
1 Samuel 15. Chap.
[...]He Prophet Samuel to Saril repairs
And what the Lord will haue him do declares
[...] told him God had him anoynted King
[...]d for to prove more thankfull for that thing
[...] wisly will'd him to obey the word
[...] this most bountifull and loving Lord
[...]e to tall slaughter and destruction than
[...] Amalek, vife, veuch, boy, beast, and man
[...] dois denvnce and Saul commands to slay
[...]d vipt them from the world all away
[...]en Saul eft soone the Sword of Isr'el drew
[...]d all that race vnto Havilah slew
[...] Agag spaird, there King and best of Beastes
[...] serve for Sacrifice and solemne feastes
But God agrieved for his great neglect
Did Saul by Samvel vterly reiect.
1 Samuel 16. Chap.
[...]VHat God directed what Saul to doe neglected
From grace herefore in Iustice is deiected.
[...] miserable and wretched is there cace
[...]o n'er so great that rins in Gods disgrace
[...]e holy Sp'rit of God th' vnhappie man
[...] his desarts, desarts and leavs him than
[...]d in his Roome an evill and wicked one
[...]tortour the desarted Saul is gone
[...]d when he violently wexed sits
[...] is advised with some Servands wits
[...] send for Dauid on his harpe to play
[...]e furie of the rageing fendt' allay
Who whill he stood and sweetly playd before-him
The foul Sprit stirrd not nor no more it tore-him
1 Samuel 17. Chap.
[...]Odless Goliah graceless great and grim
Israels foe the faithless Philistim
[...]rmes with Blasphemies doth brag and boast
[...]d furiously affronts the Hebrev host
[...]esh confiding and his worth in warr
[...] Isrel doth to fight and duel dar
[...] faithless foole agains the Lord he fought
[...]d by a Boy was to confussonn brought
[...]ins the Lords elect the arme of Man
[...]ke a Rotten reed and emptie can
[...] Ishar's sone but efter Isr'els King
[...]ht with Sauls sword but with his sheepherd sling
[...]at God blaspheamers toung distempred still'd
[...] with no Cannon but a Stons cast kill'd
1 Samuel 18 Chap.
HEir Ionathans and Dauids love begins
Induring both there dayes, that never Tvins
Dauids deserving and his Innocence
Attracted so, th' affection of the Prince
That Soul to Soul, was kint so they affected
And dearly each, each other, evr respected
But hatefull Saul, did Dauids worth invy
And mony trams, did to intrap him try
But all the Fathers fellonous intents
The warly varning of the Sone, praevents
And Dauids fame, throgh famous facts arose
In felling the Philistims Isrels foes
Saul knew thereby, the Lord lov'de and mantaind him
And tho he dread him deadly yet disdaind him.
1 Samuel 19. chap.
THat reprobat King Saul invr'd to ill
Th' anoynted of the Lord wold Dauid kill
And Ionathan his Sone directs the fact to further
And all his Servands to committ the Murther
But Ionathan did truely Dauid love
And told him all, and did these Plotts disprove
Than Saul to slay him in his ludging sent
But Michals vvisdome, did his will, prevent
First She did lay ane Image in his Bed
And to b' obscure it with a carpet cled
And when they search't for Dauid, she did say
That their hir Lord sick and diseased lay
Yet by a window doune she lets him go
And worthie Dauid was delyverd so.
1 Samuel 20. Chap.
THe noble Dauid in great danger brought
And by King Saul for to be slain oft sought
From Naioh fled to Ionathan to plaine
Of Sauls dispight to him and high disdaine
Demanding deeply what misdone had he
And what his Sinne was and iniquitie
That he committed that his Fathers wraeth
Sought hotly his destruction and his daeth
But kindly Ionathan conforts and cheares-him
And re affirmes th'affection that he beares-him
And by three arrowes shott suspectles Signes
Discovers Saul his Fathers fierce designes
Which madly did malicious Saul incence
Vnto the slaughter of his Sone the prence.
1. Samuel 21.
VVHen these tuo Princes had reneu'd there word
And Covenant of love before the Lord
David to Nob, to Ahimilech then fled
Where he was with the sacred Shew-bread fed
And desolat of armes support did crave
And from the Priest god great Golias glave
Then he to Ashish past, and as he had
Distracted bene, he faiznd, and made him mad
For hearing Achish servands of him say,
[...] this noght David, Ishays sone, said thai
That killd and slew, and unto thow sands ten
[...]or Saul on thowsand did destroy of men
And herefore doubting of some forder dangers
He counterfits him fur'ous to these strangers.
1. Samuel 22. chap.
DAvid from Gath unto Adullam gois
To be their surer fensed from his foes
[...]nd when his Brether heard that he was thair
With more distressd men they to him repair
[...] Mizpeth then, then he, to Hareth thence
[...]ent with four hundreth men for his defensss
[...]ul hearing then whair David did remain
[...]nd that he now past publictly and plain
[...]eg did charge Ahimilech that he
[...] David both with meat and armes supply
[...] than his Servands that about him stands
[...] kill the Priest and all his house commands
[...] they refuisd to do't and draw there sword
[...] sacrifice those sacred to the Lord
But desprad Dog, that Doeg did belive
Kill cruelly there anghtie Priests and five.
1. Samuel 23. chap.
[...]Ob quyt destroy'd, the Priests al kill'd saif one
That was to David with the Ephod gone
[...] Philistims then unto Keilah came
[...] proudly spoyld the Garners of the same
[...] David ask'd and did consult the Lord
[...] should smitt them that so Keilah shord
[...] Lord commands and he came to't and fought
[...] them, and, away there cattell brough
[...] Saul infists and yet will David slay
[...] [...]od was with him and preserv'd him ay
[...] woods of Ziph saif he aboad
[...] six hundreth guarded all by God
[...] [...]onathan went to him too that wood
[...] [...]ard him kindly with his confort good.
1 Samuel 24. Chap.
SAul yet insistes and seekis out Dauid still
Madly resolvd destroy him yet he will
O but whom God praeserves protects and keepes
Tho all the worlde invade securely sleeps
And tho Saul sought him with three thovsand men
That in the Cave lay at Engedi then
God yet among the best of all his Bands
Saul hes deliverd into Dauids hands
For entring in that Cave to ease him thair
Dauid his lappe vnseen avvay did shaer
And cry'd if he, had bene his foe, as thought
He might have killd him thair and yet wold noght
Nor ever should his heart nor hand accord
To touch nor kill th' anoynted of the Lord.
1 Samuel 24. chap.
WHen Saul had sene his cloak lappe cutted thair
And Dauid as his Lord his life did spair
He knew th' almightie that all men commands
Had then delivred him in Dauids hands
Tuiched then with senss of Sinne and feeling deept
His wro [...]ghs to him, lift vp his voice and weept
Than publictly professd that David had
Done good for evvil, to him, vnblessd, and bad
And willingly awov'd, avanc'd and Raisd
The worthie Dauids rightousness and praisd
His noble deed that spaird whill with his knyfe
He at his pleasure might haue reft his lyfe
And freely their confessd, he knew, he King
Sould be of Isrel efter him and Reigne
And therefore swore him efter he was dead
For to be good and gratious to his seed.
1 Samuel 25. chap.
THat Iudge and Prophet that in Israel
Ruld fourty yeeres, deceasd here Samuel
Then Dauid wens doune to the wilderness
Of Paran and from thence in his distress
To Naball in the Tyme of Shering sent
Ten youthes to seek from him a suppliment
But clunish Naball Dauids grace abusd
For churle of churles he churlishly refuisd
And with a Iudgement rash did both despyise
And Dauids messingers his meat denyes
Whairfore the Prince resolved to revenge it
The gratious Abigail his mynd hes changed
Whom Dauid efter Nabals death in mariage
Did wed for wit, and for hir vettous cariage:
[...]Ho Dauid in his danger brought forebore
To kill King Saul as is declaird before
[...]et he vnthankfull and forgetfull Too
That God by Dauid did and yet might do
[...]nmyndfull of his oath and Covenant
[...]ose vp in armes, and then past to supplant
[...]etired, royall, loyall, Dauid then
[...] Hachilah, with his six hunder men
[...]hen with Abishai, Dauid only thay
[...]ent dovne by night where Saul a sleeping lay
[...]nd might as he before have killd him there
[...]et spaird: and only took his pot, and Spear
And then did from a hill to Abner cry
And shevv his Lord his Love and Loyalty
1 Sam. 27 chap.
DAuid so oft persew'd, search'd for and sought
Considred with him self resolvd and thought
[...]hat he to Gath would vnto Achish go
[...]nd from King Saul his searching saife him so
[...]here with his armie Dauid gon, no more
[...]as he by Saul sought as he vsd before
[...]auid in Gad a dwelling he desirde
[...]nd Ziklag got incontinent requird
[...] he fand favour into Achish eyes
[...]ho much vpon his wit and worth relyes
[...]hen Dauid went and did invade and charge
[...]he Cananits from Shur to Egypts werge
And smot both man and wife and all hes slame
And with the spoyls to Achish gois againe.
1 Sam. 28 chap.
[...]Chish with his Philistims fierce and fell
Assembled go against Saul and Israel
[...]hen th' heathen Prince with librall words and large
[...]ves Dauid in the host the chiefest charge
[...]nd promisd him the honor for to keep
[...] person by his speaches lull'd a sleep
[...] Prophet dead Saul at there force affrayd
[...]at witch of Endor he implores and prayd
[...]at She wold Samvel from the dead recall
[...] tell him in these warrs th' event of all
[...] desprat Saul one simulat arose
[...]at slew his futur fall among his foes
And did for dissobeying God foretell
To morrovv Bondage vnto Israel.
[...] with a [...] there men or might
Against the Isralits conjoynd to fight
The Princes or the Captanes of the hoast
Consult, conclood and Achish their accost
And angrie all with Dauid ask their King
VVhy he that Hebrevv did to battail bring?
Is he noght Servand unto Saul said thay
And herefore mayb' our adversar this day
But Achish from his faith did still excuse him
And they in doubt and dread of him refuse him
So that their King constraind (is with commend
Of Dauids worth) back him to Ziklag send
Whil the Philistims, for to wrak in warr
The Israleit in Ire advanceing are.
1 Samuel 30. Chap.
ORe Dauid did to Ziklag back returne
Th' Amalakits did it invest and burne
And all the vives and Bairnes that there they fand
With all their Goods they gleand with strength of hand
Dauids Ahinoam and Abigall
In that supprise ar Prisoners with all
Then mvrning evrie man his losse bemoand
And al most all distranghted David stond
But humble he vpon the Lord relyd
That to his suite, yea, willingly replyd
Then with four hunder of his hardie hoast
Agains the Toune supprisers he did poast
And by th' Egyptian guid come whair they lay
All scattred on the field he did them slay
(Four hundreth sole except) and all thought lost
Regaind again suppris'd by th' heathen hoast
1 Sam. 31 Chap.
THe Philistims vvith Isrel joyne and fight
And Isr'el is defate and put to flight
The Sones of Saul the Princes of the Land
Fall their and die by the Philistims hand
Good Ionathan is slain, and Saul is wounded
And all the circumcised hoast confounded
Who hes noght God to guid and go before them
Pismeers and meikle more men may devore them
Saul vvounded sies that he hes lossd the day
His Sones and armie slain he wishd to be away
Then call'd his armiger and did command him
To thrust him through but he, he did withstand him
Despairdly then himself he stabs and dyes
And so self kill'd beside his Servand lyes.
2 Sam. 1 Chap.
[...]O two dayes efter Dauids back returne
From Chace of those that did his Citie burne
[...] thrid, there come a man, that hes declaird
[...] Saul and all the hebrevv host misfard
[...] longing Prince hovv all had sped then speares
[...] Ionathan and Sauls self slaughter heares
[...] all the armies foil and overthroe
[...]ich nevvs invads this worthie with such woe
[...] neir with griefe his Brest blovvne vp did burst
[...] pitied he and praisd him tho accursd
[...] for his faithfull frend did much lament
[...] causd he kill, that slave that Saul had shent
[...] teach all Trators to attempt, and darre
[...] tuich those that, of God, anoynted are.
2 Sam. 2 chap.
[...] their daeth deplorable but most
[...] Ionathan with Saul his Father lossd
[...]unsell craved from the Lord of heav'ne
[...] his God again vnto him gevne
[...] design'd by Samvel before
[...]bron he anoynted is once more
[...]anks and vvov'd revvard to them that had
[...] Saul, the men of Gilead
[...]bner lo Sauls Captane chief Reuound
[...]ahan'an Ishbosheth brought and crovnd
[...], and Ioab met, conferr and then
[...] vnto tuelf encounters of their men
[...]ers are forc'd and Asahel is slaine
[...] reteirs and Abner vvalks the plaine
2 Sam. 3 Chap.
[...] Sauls and Dauids house nought pettie Iarres
[...] there was wrakefull long and vi'lent warrs
[...]ron be, sex Sones, brought forth and borne
[...] all house of Dauid to adorne
[...]eth sone of Saul, Abner accus'd
[...] his Fathers Concubine had vs'd
[...] angrie chaffed to be chected
[...] Ish bosheth, and his Side reiected
[...] reconceild to Dauid sends
[...] conditions hears him, and are frends
[...] come, his plots to him h' imparts
[...] there, and thence, in peace departs
[...] [...]novvne to Dauid calld again
[...] [...]ously by Ioab talking Slaine
2 Samuel 4 Chap.
DAuid displeasd, for Abners daeth that day
His blood and burden doth on Ioab lay
Ishboshet hearing then of Abners fall
Dishearned is and his adherents all
Rechab and Ban'ath Captans of some Bands
Into Ishbosheths Blood imbrews there hands
Whill as he sleeping lay a bed at noone
This bloody deed by Rimmons sones is done
They then to Dauid brought Ishbosherhs head
But as demerits thir trespass they Speed
For killing of the righteous in his house
Disdaind of Dauid they ar odious
And to be killd there feet cutt off and hands
Their bulks to hing in Hebron he commands
2 Sam. 5 Chap.
THen all the Tribs to Hebron did repair
And vver Petitioners to Dauid thair
Desiring he, wold for there saifteis saik
The royall ensignes of all Isr'el Take
He that whill Saul ragne in the former dayes
Forewent all Isrel in there martiall frayes
And whom to God had said that he should feed
And be ore Isr'el Captane and there head
They croune him then of Iud' and Isrel King
Advisd with God then he his bands did bring
To Baal-perazim and trampled twise
Bett there and forced the Philistim lyie
As God directed Dauid did and smot
From Geba vnto Gezar all he got.
2 Sam. 6 Chap.
THe Arke of God that had remained long
In Gibeah with threttie thovvsand strong
Dauid transported tvvise and then he plac'd it
Into his Citie and with courtains cac'd it
Vzzath by God that did attempt to tvvich
The Arke is killd for his too darring much
To learne vs in the worship of the Lord
Noght to orewa [...]k his will into his word
Dauid before the people and arke advanced
And Harped holily and sang and danced
Herefore Sauls Daughter Michal in hir eyes
As doing basly, Dauid did despise
Wherefore she punishd was: for evver efter
Hir Barrenness began that never left hir.
2 Samuel 7. Chap.
WHen God had round about gevn Dauid rest
And he sat in his house condignly drest
[...] peace and plenty to the Prophet than
[...]he Royall Prince and Psalmist thus began
[...]ehold in lasting Shittim and in Cedat trees
With antique arte ingravne we duell thovv sies
And God in Tabernacles and in Tents
That rings and rops and pins for standers stents
Nathan then said do as desires thyn hart
[...]or God is with Thee and assists thy part
Dauid design'd to build then to the Lord
[...] house of worship but be Nathans word
Prohibit its from Heav'n for to be done
For thats reservd for Salomon his Sone.
2 Samuel 7. Chap.
THe Lord the Secret searcher of the Soule
Dauids designe, did tho divine controule
[...] Labor that, he had allovvde alone
Vnto his Sone succeeding Salomon
[...]is benefits, then he, as good, as great
[...]id by his Prophet to the Prince repeat
[...]ovv from a Sheepheard boy he did him bring
[...] be o're his belovv'de and chosing King
[...]nd when his dayes did end and he hence gone
[...] strongly stablish wold and stay his throne
Vnto his Sone, and alway efter this
[...]nto his Seed the Scepter ever bliss
The pious Prince then pithelie and plaine
Gods grace his Giftes and Greatness grants again
2 Samuel 8. chap.
THe faithfull King conforted and confermd
Agains the faithless Philistims hes armd
And those that in his reach and grips he gott
[...]or bondage he reservd or smartly smot
[...] match'd the Moabits and them o'rethrew
[...]et saifd a thrid, when he the Tuo-part slew
[...] smot prince Hadadezer that did press
[...] enlarge his limits at swift Euphrates
[...]nd of the Aramits he killed then
[...]cc'ring Zaboth tuentie two Thousand men
[...]rass, Silver, sheelds of Gold that guarded them
[...] in Tryumph brought to Ierusalem
For non withstood from heavn his helped Strenght
But fetterd all, or felld wer at the length.
2. Samuel 9. chap.
THis victor King in warrs a Prince in peace
Of equall Iustice bountye Love and Grace
Th' effectis of frendship faethfull and intear
Into his doings is decypherd heir
He asks if yet there any be among
The people that to Saul or his belong
They find one Ziba out Sauls serving man
That shevv a Sone livde then to Ionathan
Lame Mephi-bosheth of his feet vnable
Whome Dauid highly hold and honorable
And for his Fathers saik his Love he shovves
Then Sauls whole Steddings vpon him bestovves
And at his table vvorthely alvvayes
He treats and intertains him all his dayes.
2. Samuel 10. chap.
THe noble nature and the excellence
In Dauids disposition of a Prince
And basly hovv and bar brously repayd
The Prophet properly hes heir displayd
The Sprit of Dauid it did boyle and burne
To quyt old kindness vvith a courtess turne
And vnto this effect his Servands send
Whom th' Ammonits as spyes did apprehend
And in dispight with all dishonor dois
The noble men ambassadours abuse
Which vvrong for to revenge he doth arise
Fought, and defate, and tryumphd on them twyse
To learne all lavvless and vnthankfull To
With vvhom to deale, hovv, vvhan, and what to doe
2 Samuel 11. Chap.
WHen spring approatchd and dayes to length began
Ioab martchd foorth with Isrels armies than
And as he was a Cheiftane chose and stout
He roundly Rabbah belted hes about
Whill Dauid rests and Lash at Salem lyes
Whence from a Tarras Bathsheba he spyes
And by hir Beautie caught became its thrall
And with hir in Adulterie dois fall
Than to that fact that he had fallin in
He joyned blood a cruell crying Sin
And poore Vriah he expond and killd
As led his Lust and vvanton humors vvild
Then as the Prophet calld hir his ane lambe
He efter tooke to be his vvife and dame
2 Samuel 12. Chap.
THe Prophet Nathan by the Lord apoynted
T'expostulat with Dauid his anoynted
[...]ake in a mistick parable and masked
[...]nd him of his Adultrous actions asked
[...] is lust injustice, he hes taxed thair
[...]nd to reprove his Stuprie did noght spair
[...]nd heartly humble, he for mercie cryes
[...]th for his murther and Adultries
[...]'effects and frute whereof by divine wraith
[...]one efter birth, is quickly caught, be daeth
[...]en Salomon of Bethsheba is borne
[...]d Rabbah taen, straitly besieg'd beforne
The Captives captive thair, he savves with Axes
He cutts and carves them stents and dravvs and raxes
2 Samuel 13. chap.
[...]Mmon inflamd with lust and fleshly fire
And what vvas worse incestuous desire
[...] sister Thamar being fair he lov'de
[...] Dauid by a craftie counsell movde
[...]nd hir to Ammon seening sicke and Shee
[...]ent in as she directed was to doe
[...] wicked Ammon like a villane wyld
[...] mayd ministring forced and defyld
[...] efter hoter nor he lovv'de before
[...]hen he had whord hir than he hates hir more
[...] Absolon inveits him to a feast
[...] for his rapt to be revenged maist
And at the table set his life did tak
For his vnnat'rall and incestous fact
2 Samuel 14. Chap.
WHen Absalom long efter Ammons daeth
Had felt the vvaight of his wrong'd Fathers wraeth
[...] fleemd was from the favours of his face
[...]nk in the Sea and dephs of his disgrace
[...] by a vvoman Ioab did devise
[...] pardon his Trespas the Prince t' intize
[...] affection fatherly and Love
[...] Dauids melting mynd to mercie move
[...] Geshur then be Ioab he is sought
[...] by him back to Ierusalem brought
[...] Absalom for Beavties and his hair
[...]ovnd, esteemd, so excellently fair
Yet tuo yeers there he relegat remaind
[...]efore vnto a presence he attaind.
2 Samuel 15. Chap.
WIth flattries false altho fair seeming showes
Prond Absolon in Isrel pop'lar growes
H'insumats him self in all mens grace
Plac'd in the court Portch in a publict place
For all that offers honors unto him
He claves be crast so to the Croune to clim
By tratrons Heads to help his bad desire
H'attempts unto, th' Imper' all place, t'aspire
His father flies and on mont Olive stayes
And all the Plotts and purposes he prayes
Propond b' Ahitophel his State to stresse
That God wold turne them into foolishuess
And Hushai there his Servand, to the end
T'oppose, and to uncase there counsels send.
2 Samuel 16 Chap.
VNfaithfull Ziba to his master failes
And Shimei doggishly at David railes
His currish kinde and naughty nature showing
By barking basly and by stoubolts throwing
Abishai wold the churlish fellow smit
But myldly David did prohibit it
And doth confess that he there cursing stands
And but by bidding and the Lords commands
Who then said he dar crave and aske the man
Why thus he curseth and he rayleth than
My Sone, my Blood, my bowels, hunts me lo
And Wherefore may noght Shimei now do so
Then suffer him to curse and let him be
God may heirefter, heirfore looke on me
As fals Achitophel did heir advise
The Lew'd Sone with his fathers pairties lyes.
2 Samuel 17. Chap.
AChitophel agains his Lord conspires
And force to follow from his Sone desires
A vitions counsall gave his wicked witt
But Hushai hateing him opponis to it
And besome lurking frends acquaints his Prence
With there pervers and tracterous pretence
Then wise and worthie David apprehends
The danger and departed with his freinds
But lo whill Hushai Absolon advised
Achitophel fand al his plotts despised
Then on his asse fled lyke a furie fell
And in his awne house he hes hangd him self
No better recompence can Treason crave
Nor end more happie should a Trator have.
2. Samuel 18. chap.
VNnatural unwise, unworthie Absalon
With Isrel is agains his father gon
Disloyall all, all up in armes they ar
And that to wage witg worthie David warr
T'hen he all his into thrie Bands Devids
And gave them Ioab and tuo other guids
T'he Battell joyns and Absalon in fight
VVith all his followers ar put to flight
And lo himself fast by his flaxin hair
Hings on ane Oak betuixt the earth and air
VVhair Ioab contrare to the kings command
Thrise thrusts him throgh and killd him with his hand
This bloody end on Absolon did bring
Distoyalty unto his Sire and King.
2. Samuel 19. chap.
DAvid into a secret Chalmer turnes
And for his slaine suspended sone their murnes
And Ioab checke yea chyds him that did sho
Such greef and sorrow for his fallen foe
Thus roghly ronsing him to rise will have him
Abroad or threats his lieges all will leave him
Th' afflicted King consenting rose and sate
In the most publict and frequented gate
VVhair they that erst rebelld persewd and shore him
Again restord and humblie bow'd before him
True Mephibosheth meets the King ans tryes
A trustid prince in spight of Zibas lies
Barzillai leaves the King and homvards tends
And Isrel jarrs vvith Iuda and contends
And each of them for Right and interest
Into the King strive stifli and contest.
2. Samuel 20. chap.
SHeba the Sone of the Bichri then arose
And stirrd up Isrel to be Davids foes
Ioab Amasa meets and seemd to kiss
But kills and treachrously contrived this
And Sheba with his Powr to Abel is past
VVhair Ioab with his forces followd fast
And did that citie circomsiedge around
And by womans witt a mean is found
To saif the Citie and it was indeed
VVhat Ioab crau'de and come fore, Shebas head
The wittie working of that woman wise
The Israleits and Citizens intise
To saif the Toune, and get the Rebels Grace
To kill the Trator Sheba in that place
Which dead once done She vnto Ioab calls
And throvv's to him the head doune from the walls
2 Samuel 21 Chap.
IN Dauids dayes thrie yeers a famyn fearce
Did enter Isrel and hir entrals pearss
And herefore Dauid did the Lord demand
And to much blood to be the cause he fand
That then vpon the Sones of Saul remaind
Which hes all Isrell maculat and staind
Wherefore to blansh that bloody Sin he gives
Vnto the Gib'onites of them that lives
Sev'ne men the Sones and seed of Saul amaing
Whom in revenge they did suspend and hang
The Philistims with four tall Captans strong
That had bein enemies to Isrel long
Four tyms into four Battals come to stroaks
Whose Captans staves be beames and sturdy oaks
Into these fight wer forced bett and slain
By Dauid and his doers dead remain
2 Samuel 22. Chap.
DAuid returd from vvars victorious
Praisd God most good, most great, most glorious
His Povvar he proclamd extold his strength
And laude and glore gives to his Lord at length
His mercies maiestie and mightines
And grief agains th' vngodly dois express
Him in his woundrous works he magnifies
Who bowes the heavns, from whom the thunder flies
And for his ovvne so oft deliverance
His glorious Goodness greatly dois advance
And passing all my powers to repeat
He glorifies the God of Hostes most great
And promises to praise and to proclame
And sing for evr the honor of his name.
2. Samuel 23. chap.
THe last words that King Dauid spake suppond
(Noght dying) but when he his Psalmes compond
The Sone of Ishai that vvas set on hie
Aman created King by Gods decree
Israels Psalmist and its singer sweet
Thus saith, a Prophet and a Prince compleet
Th' almighty God I grant above my merit
Breathd in my Breast, spake in me by his Sperit
And promised that I should regne and beare
O're just men rule, men that the Lord did feare
And as ore th' earth the morning Sunne did shyne
Illustrous from my loyns should be my liue
[...] aggots for fire) be rasd and throwne away
His worthies last he one by one doth name
And gives to all the Glory due to Them.
2 Samuel 24. Chap.
[...]Rom pride cur'ositie and fond desire
David will knovv his povv'res in his impire
[...]erefore commands to note vp all and number
[...] men of Isrel to there cost and cumber
[...] by his searchers fand that they wer then
[...] thretein hunder thovsand feghtan men
[...] God by Gad declard what he intended
[...] was a fault which highly him offended
[...] King repents, Gad doth thrie plagves propone
[...] of the thrie Dauid acceptis of one
[...] fall into the fingers of the Lord
[...]efuseing famyn and the bloody Sword)
Who with infection that throgh Isrel flevv
[...]nto three dayes wholl seventie thousand slevv
I. Booke of ye Kings. 1. Chap.
[...]Ow when King Dauid seventie yeeres was old
Heat nat'rall hence, his blood was chill and cold
[...] coverd him with clothes but all for nought
[...] they a virgin brave Abishag brought
[...] in his Bed and bosome lay and so
[...] chafe and cherish him yet knew hir no
[...] weakned age made Adoniah ryse
[...]urp his Fathers croune to interpryse
[...]an and Bethsheba the King acquent
[...] Adoniahs treacherous intent
[...] bids the Priest and Prophet sone begon
[...]oynt and Croune his Sone young Salomon
[...]'usurper flees and to the alter gois
[...] Salomon on hops him mercie shois
1 Kings 2 Chap.
[...]uid a man agreeing with Gods mynd
[...]alking the way of mortals and mankind
[...] Solomon and heartl' exhorts him than
[...] the prudent Prince and worthie man
[...] the Lord and walk in all his wayes
[...] stand to his Statuts all his dayes
[...] knows quod he the bed from whence thowsprong
[...]ow for Thee I did they Brether wrong
[...]fore acquyt th' in all and evrie Thing
[...] or can become a perfect King
Howbeit to punish him, himself had spaird
This holy Prophet then and hardie Prince
As ony that before or reigned since
Departs in peace and most devoutly dyes
And in his Citie David buried lyes
1 Kings 2 Chap.
VVHan Absolon the Captain Ioab slayes
Contrar command into King Dauids dayes
And efter blo'tted with the guiltless blood
Of Abner and Amasa Captains good
To Dauid in his dayes did nought revenge
Yet took to hart these three out rages strange
And did direct his Sone to recompence
When he was dead as did deserve th' offence
But noght to suffer yet in ony cace
Perfidious Ioab to depairt in peace
Wherefore the King to kill him did command
Whom to the alter fled for feare they fand
And by Benayah there to be exemple
To bloody Captains killd was in the Temple
1 Kings 2 Chap.
THe Prince departed and put in his grave
Then Adoniah wold Abishag have
And as is said efter his Fathers life
By Bershabe demands hir to his wife
But Salomon dislyking that causd slay
And Adoniah killd to death that day
Abiathar with Ioab that conspird
When Adoniah erst the Crovne desird
The King he wold noght smit him with the Sword
Because a Priest once sacred to the Lord
But he degrads him from his Charge disgrac'd
And Zadok sacred in the Prlest-hood plac'd
Benayah efter then advanced he
To be the Cheeftan of his Chivalrie
1 Kings 3 Chap.
WIth Egypt Salomon a mariage makes
And Pharos daughter to his vife he takes
And vnto Dauids fort from Memphis streame
Brought her whill walled was Ierusalem
Then to the Prince in Gib'on God apeard
And what of him he wold demand and speard
VVho in a meeke and holy humblness
Gods great and mony favours did confess
And since he had created him a King
He songht true visidome in his governing
VVith all his other graces vnder heaven
And first the Plea that the two Harlots moved
His voundrous wisdome and his proudence proved
1 Kings 4 Chap.
THe Princes, Peeres and great men one by one
Heir are insert that served Salomon
VVith all purveyance great and Glorious
[...]elonging to his rich and royall house
[...]he numbers of hts strong and stalled horses
[...]hat he himself and his Cavalliers corses
[...]express his Pow're welth and riches great
[...]atchless magnificence and mighty state
[...] flowing from the favours of the Lord
[...]he Prophet pertinently dois record
[...]is all exceeding wise inlarged hart
[...] heaven in earth and in the profound part
[...]nd th'all compr'ending knoledge of this Prince
[...]rpassing all that livde before or since
Among the monuments of mortall men
Expressd is here by this Prophetick penne.
1 Kings 5 Chap.
[...]Iram the Tiriam King with Salomon
Congratulats his monting Isrels thron
[...]nd he agane with honor Servands send
[...]hat him to Hiram kindly did commend
[...]nd shew his Father Dauid for his warrs
VVith nightbour nations and intestine Iarres
[...]nd piously he in his tyme intended
[...]ould nought begin the Temple nor yet end it
[...] when God gave him rest he set him foir it
[...] build a house for worship of the Lord
[...]erefore there royall maister Salomon
[...]equests for Cedars from his Lebanon
Into which woundrous work imployd wer then
A hunder fourscore and thrie thovsand men.
1 Kings 6 Chap.
VVHen for that famous fabrick fitly are
All things made ready neat and necessare
[...] hundreth fourscore yeeres efter that day
[...] God from Egypt th' Ebrevvs brought away
[...] four yeer current of the regne noght gone
[...] Dauids wise and sage Senc Salomon
[...] statly Structure of the Temple than
[...] fore nam'd numbers for to build began
[...] in seven yeeres this wondrous works intended
[...] expression pompously was ended
In these few yeeres was finished be Them
And God (if he obedient remaine)
To Salomon reiterats againe
His promise past and will performe it streaght
That to his Father Dauid he had heaght.
1 Kings 7 Chap.
NOw whill the Churche tha' accomplish and conclood
The sage and great King Salomon thought good
Efter the works for worship of the Lord
To haue a house nixt for the King decord
He heirfore t'enter instantly ordanes
But sparing of expences or of Paines
Then all the Arts-men exquisit at once
Gold, silver, Cedar, Brass, and marble stones
With curious craft and past all creded care
They melt they moold, cut Squinsion carve an square
And for the Princes palaces erects
Exceeding princely riche in all respects
But Hiram highly hes out hyid the rest
And passing all compare some pieces drest.
1 Kings 8 Chap.
FVll finished these fair and famous warkes
Of his Magnificence immortall markes
The heads of Tribes and Isrels elders all
Together he did convocatt and call
The Ark from Obed for to bring with them
Vnto the Temple in Ierusalem
Which by the Levites and the Priests it fet
And their with all Solemnitie was set
The Tabernacle and each sacred Thing
The holy vessels all with them they bring
Then Solomon past number numbers takes
Of Sheep and Beevs and there oblation makes
And whill the Priests the offred offrings kills
Into a Cloud the Lord the Temple fills
The people than he blessd and preachd at length
The pour and Praises of the God of Strength
1 Kings 9 Chap.
AGains god as before in Gibeon
Apeard aproachd and spake to Salomon
Protesting of his Statuts will and way
His vvord and Lavv he byd be and obay
He will to him (to Dauid what before
Was promised) doe and performe much more
The royall Croune that did decore his head
He sattle shall for evr vnto his Seed
[...] go a gadding efter other Gods
[...]an than peremptorly he doth him tell
[...]he honour of the house of Israel
And Grandour that it gloreed in that day
He wold obscure and quickly catch away
1 Kings 9 chap.
[...]Ome Cities Salomon grate and benigne
To quyt his kindness gave the Tyrian King
[...]eat gallant Sp'rits a gottin Good requights
[...]nd freely favours to refound delights
[...]e Cananites vnkilld in th' Bbrevv vvarrs
[...]is thrise sage King hes made them Tributars
[...]e Hivites, Amorites and Perizzites
[...] hopless Hittites and the Iebusites
[...]at yet the Hebrevvs did remaine among
[...] noght be Limme nor Line to them belong
[...]is mightiest and Monarch then most Great
[...]us having stayd and stablishd his estate
And regning in all Rest resold he would
To Ophir send a fleet to fett him Gold.
1 Kings 10 chap.
[...]He wisdome great of Salomon on earth
So others passd before and since his Birth
[...]at riding on report with vinges of fame
[...]ew and to the Queen of Sheba came
[...]o far beyond the rising morne almast
[...]sie this sapient King come from the east
[...] efter sene, fame sparing and report
[...]lling Trueth of him she said, Shot short
[...]sk'd and mony Questions did demand
[...] most of God to know and vnderstand
[...] Salomon did solve all that she sought
[...] he knew all and hid from him was nought
[...] Maiesty might and Magnificence
[...] plamly spyes of this vnpeered Prince
[...]hen they gave other giftes and She again
[...]eturned to the East with all hir Train.
1 Kings 11 Chap.
[...]He Charge that God to his great King had Geven
[...] his apearing to him tuyse from heven
[...] serve his Statuts and t'obey his Law
[...] his desires, to doe them, did with draw
[...] Thowsand stranger wemen wyves
[...] Concubins he keeped in their Lives
[...]fore the Lord was wroth and stirrd him foes
[...]ring all his dayes his vnfrends shois
And for his carerers Carrage and [...]
And to his makers Proecepts small respect
He do is foretell him from his Sone and Seed
That he ten Tribs shall take and from his head
Shall rent the Croun, and to his great disgrace
Set Nebats Sone his servand in his place
1 Kings 11 Chap.
EFter the Prophet, Ieroboam Told
In renting of his garment how God wold.
Tak ten Tribs from the Groune and leave but on
To Rehoboam efter Salomon
And him it pleasd that pitie for to take
But only for his Servand Dauids sake
And in this chapter tvyse to manifest
His love to Dauid he hes this expressd
But now this mighty monarchs all amang
This welthiest and wisest to that ragne
And into highest honor in all eyes
Expired then, did end his dayes, and dyes
That ragne there fourtie yeers, by Dauids Tomb
In Dauids citie they this Prince inhume
1 Kings 12 chap.
THis man whom God gave greatest visdome too
Defunct and Rehoboam regning novv
The people and elders all salute him King
And sit consulting on his Governing
But he the Counsell of the ag'd and wise
Did for th' imprudence of the young despise
And hardly heirfore brooking this neglect
Ten Tribes there Ieroboam King elect
And so fell from the Sone of Salomon
Th' incensed Tribs of Isrel all saife on
The Seer then charg'd by the Lord by night
Prohibits Rehoboams force to fight
For that revolt by him than did begin
For Salomons and Rehoboams Sinne
And Ieroboam King elected thus
God grosly greevs, and grows Idolatrous.
1 Kings 13. chap.
WHil Ieroboam at the Altar stands
Teither a Prophet God to go commands
T'expostulat and it to threaten thus
There whair yow offer incenss mirrhe and thus
To Dauids house once shall be borne a Boy
That therevpon the Prophets shall destroy
And as yow spend vpon it now perfume
The Bones of men he thereon shall consume
[...] in the rest he halted and he strayd
[...]nd did the vvill and went the wayes of man
[...] dissobeyd the Lords directious Than
[...]nd herefore whill the Prophet home did pass
[...]lon at leasour ryding on his asse
The Lord a Lyon sent that did him slay
(Because he disobayd him) on the way
1 Kings 14 Chap.
THe Sone of Ieroboam falling sicke
H'intends to try the Prophet with a Trick
[...]nd vnto him his wife send in disguise
[...] make a Gul of Him that God made wise
[...] he vnvaild hir by the Lords prevention
[...]nd told the vanitie of that intention
[...]nd that declaird that from the divine wraeth
[...]nto there chyld, approachd a praesent daeth
[...]nd for hir Lords defection from his makar
[...]hat did his worship vnto Idols sacrar
[...]hat Croune, that God, from Dauids seed, did sever
[...]om him and his, he wold rent it for ever
And all that vnto him attingent be
The Lord from th'earth shall sweep ev'rlastinglie.
1 Kings 15 Chap.
THe aughten yeer of Ieroboams reigne
Abiram then in Iuda reignod king
[...] all the vicked wayes he walcked in
[...] as his Father Rehoboam Sin'd did Sin
[...] yet for Dauids sake when he was dead
[...] with a Sonne his princely place suppleid
[...] ane and fourty vpright did stand
[...] as King Dauid, did governe that land
[...] Asa dyed and with his Fathers layd
[...]osaphat his Sone the Scepter swayd
[...] Nadab Ieroboams sone began
[...] Asas reigne to rule in Isrel than
[...] Basha killd him and King eftor smot
[...] that of Ieroboams lyne he got
And as the Lord fortold both great and sin all
He slew and vterly destroyd them all
1 Kings 16 chap.
[...]Asha to regne vpraised be the Lord
As Ieroboam sinn'd and did debord
[...]efore this Lord for his Iniquitie
[...] forfalted his Posteritie
[...] whill that Elach efter him did reigne
[...] Captane Zimri that did serve this King
And by his death the Croune this rebell got
But when to Isrel was the Treasone told
The host cround Omri and him for King him hold
That Irizak with his warriours did invest
And it perforce he enterd hes and pre [...]st
Disloyall and disparing Zimbri than
With his fals treason to be twichd began
And to the strength as castell he returnes
Himself and it and all within it burnes
A recompence for such prophane apoynted
That Durst be bold to kill the Lords anoynted
1 Kings 17 Chap.
ELiah lo the Prophet did declare
To Achab the aproaching famyn thair
(But God did feed and fosterd him with Ravens
Penn'd Parendars that foars along the heavns)
That shortly should for want of dew and raine
The people and Land to mony straits constrain
For all the Abominations great and Sinne
That Omri and himself had sliddin in
Then famyn, dearth, and want was in the I and
And God the Prophet then he did command
Eastivard in Cherith-brook himself to hyda
And there his pleasure to attend and byde
Flesh then and Bread vpon that river bank
The Ravens brought him and he waters drank
For whom th' Almighty dois mantain and cherish
Shall prosper when th' impious all shall perish
1 Kings 17 Chap.
GOd by his word Eliah-bids again
Go to Zareptah citie and remain
Whair he before him at the gate shall find
A vidow poore in povertie prove kynd
He fand hir thair and did hir then intreat
To bring him water and some bread to eat
She ansverd as the Lord did live that all
Hir store of meal was but a measure small
Together with a litle oyle that dois
Sustain hir and hir Sone into a Cruse
Which Elie bids hir bring and than he blesses
And they continevv'd so and nee'r decresses
The blessings of the Lord to minds content
They be abundance and sufficient
The vidow for hir Sone departed, grieved
But Helie prayd, twich'd him, and he revived
1 Kings 18 Chap.
EFter from Cherith Elie the thrid yeer
Was gone again God did to him apear
[...] [...]rait Command and Charge expres to go
[...] to the sacrilegious Achab so
[...] in that fearfull famyn, drouth, and dearth
[...] would send Raine t'irrignat the earth
[...]d Obadiah than hid in Tuo Caves
[...]m death a hunder holy Prophets saves
[...]e by miracle the people moves
[...]d him the Lords true Prophet he approves
[...]n he commands the people soone to slay
[...] Bralish all and Prophets fals that day
[...]nd as the Lord had heght he did obtain
[...] prayer in the peoples presence Rain.
1 Kings 19 Chap.
[...]om Iezebell whill that Eliah fled
[...]hat solemly to slay him moved had
[...]y an Angel as he sleeping lay
[...] in the deserts he had went a day
[...]h'd and bidden ryse and take him meat
[...]here finds vivers by his head to eat
[...]d and water drank and on the ground
[...]ovne againe and fallis a sleeping sound
[...]ce more God awaks him and did say
[...]p and eat and dress Thee to thy way
[...] hes a woage fourtie dayes in length
[...]p he rose and stepped in the strength
[...]t he eaten had and drank and than
[...]eb hill went vp the holy man
[...]rd yet more he dois declare him too
[...]eturne what he will have him doo
[...]el and Iehu he doth him apoynt
[...]ges and Elish Priest in his place t'anoynt.
1 Kings 20 Chap.
[...]adad King of Aram vp in armes
[...]d with steel Charrets men and horse in swarmes
[...]old Bravados and vnbryled Bralls
[...]ed strictly the Samarian walls
[...]hat fierce famyn sternly struk and stung
[...] peer, and poor, the aged and the young
[...]m the furie of that famine free
[...] destressd in danger wer to die
[...]od a Comfort by his Prophet sends
[...]rie promisd Achab with his frends
[...] th' event and ishevv of the fight
[...] wyse fell fortunat and Right
[...] [...]hadad Achabs peace in end
[...] [...]y did reprehend
[...] him did a sentence sharp proclame
[...] he heavie to his house went hame.
1 Kings 21 chap.
AHab his avarice and Greed agrest
And covetous desire that could noght rest
Altho he could all Isrel then Command
Without that Parcel of poore Naboths Land
Heir is imprinted in a brook of Brass
To b'evr a witness of his great disgrace
But bloody Iezebel the fell and fex
The cross the Curse and shame of all hir sex
Both with deceat and crueltie at once
The innocent Naboth bett and braind with stons
But God repeyd their Tirany extreame
With totall ruine, death, disgrace, and sha [...]
Yet Ahab by Eliah taxd he rents
His Garments and his trespas he repents
1 Kings 22 Chap.
IEhosophat and Ahab both as Brether
To fight the Aramits agree together
And faethless both, into there foolishnes
Consult there Prophets fals on there succes
Who ansver frendly (altho fals) they find
And the success to sort vnto there mynd
Michayah yet that truely served God
They ask'd that from th' impostors free abod
Who well inspird and by the sprit made wyse
Told the true ishue of their interprise
Heirfore Zidkiiah a false Prophet than
Madlyk commovde did smit the godly man
The battell joynd, Ahab defate, they slew
And things fortold of him foll forth all trew
1 Kings 22 Chap.
AHaz'a nixt his Father killd and dead
A Successor and his here raigne in his stead
A godless wicked and a vrongous King
Incongr'ous in his cariage course and reigne
In all his doings he did evr debord
And fell both from the Law and from the Lord
His Fathers here into his worship vane
As Ieroboam all wyse as Prophane
No but Iehosophat evin from his youth
As walk'd his. Father still stood to the truth
And never did from what was right decline
But did obey the word and will divine
Yet th' Idol-Altars in high places plac'd
Into his dayes they wer not all defac'd
His other worthie deeds they a [...] set doune
In Iuda Annals vnto his renoune.
1 Chapter.
[...]Hen Ahaziah King of Israel
Doune throw a Lattesse of a window fell
[...]d vnto Baal-zebub (send to try
[...]he that time in that dise ase should dye)
[...]e God of Ekron and the God of flyes
[...]om to th' vnfaithfull vsd to Sacrifice
[...]refore th' almighty (by Eliah) wraeth
[...]etold the messinger their Maisters daeth
[...]herefore the Prince the Prophet t'apprehend
[...]o Captains, each with fifty Souldiars send
[...]ut the God of Isrel in his Ire
[...]se fifties from the hevens confounds with fire
[...]nd as declard the King concluds his dayes
[...]horam then his Sone his Scepter swayes
1 Kings 2 Chap.
[...]iahs dwelling dayes on earth o're drev'n
[...]he Lord resolv'd to take him hence to heven
[...] with Elisha he to Iordan gois
[...] by seprating it, his povvar shois
[...]prit prophetick doubled then he gives
[...] Elisha that his Lord out lives
[...] than a firie Car with flamming horses
[...]e soone and suddan Separation forces
[...] in the Car caught with a whirling wind
[...] was and left his Cloka behind
[...] a then so in his faith confides
[...] there with he the waves strikes and devides
[...] walls and springs by him tart and amare
[...]wre made sweet of harmefull healthfull are
[...] curssd the Boyes that mock'd him and therefore
[...]er torne in Pieces by the Tusked Bore
1 Kings 3 Chap.
Hil I'horam Iudg'd the Isralits amang
[...]ehosaphat o're Them of Iuda Raigne
[...]horam wicked was and did not right
[...]as sinceare in his Creators Sight
[...]ght so fouly as his Father fell
[...] his monstrous mother Iezabel
[...]et h' adheard and cleaved to the Sinne
[...]croboam Nebats Sone fell in
Kinges with angre then gainst Mesha swell'd
[...] his Moabits that than rebelld
[...]y Elisha are stirrd vp to fight
[...]d o're match the Moabits by might
Then Me [...]a with his Sone [...]
And sacrifizd him to asvage his Gods
Which monstrous fact when Isrel vnderstands
For pitie thereof They reteird there Bands
2 Kings 4 Chap.
ELisha by the heavnly help incressd
Oyle to a vidovv for hir debtes distressd
In such aboundant quantitie and store
That all defrayd and yet ynough to fore
And for the Shunamite he did implore
By pray'r a Sone that had noght ane before
And this child wax'd sickly and expird
But he reviv'de him by his Dame desird
The pottage likwise he made sweet of soure
When meal among that vild vine he did povvre
And with but tuenty loavs of Barly kind
He fed a hunder and left store behind
The Lord alone by him these vounders wrought
And but his help Elisha he did nought.
2 Kings 5 Chap.
NAaman Captane of th' Assyrian host
A Leper hopeless of his health almost
Than by ane Hebrevv wench in warr supprisd
To journay to Elisha is advisd
Eliahs deer and double sprited Man
A Prophet in Samaria spirand than
Who by his word divine, (a voundrous change)
To wash him, did this loathsum Leper clenge
This Prophet yet no recompence wold have
Nor for the Leprous cure no coyne receave
But lo his groome Gehazi full of greed
Gain and tuo garments got and for his deed
That which Naaman did infect before
Shall cleaue to him and his for ever more
2 Kings 6 Chap.
YEt voundrous wounderfull are wronght be him
Elisha made in water Iren swimme
And all the King of Arams Counsel seald
Vnto the King of Isrel he reveald
And herefore Aram of his men almost
The choyse and best he chused of his host
And secreitly vnto Samaria send
The holy Prophet for to apprehend
But millious more with firie Charets stand
To guard Elisha by the Lords command
The Prophet prayd t' vnshut his servands eyes
Who th' heavnly host [...]end for to guard the [...] sies
[...] Sama [...]a and they knew him nought
[...]o God preserv'd him Is [...]l and there Prince
[...]om Arams injurie and violence
2 Kings 7 Chap.
WHill that th' Assyrian Samaria s [...]gd
Such furious famyn there in raigne and rag'd
[...]at inhumane and loathsome to Relate
[...] woman with consent hir Sone did eat
[...] herefore King Ihoram swore Elishas life
[...]ould pay the price of that stup pendious strife
[...] he pronounc'd and b' inspiration said
[...] morrow shall this brough abound with Bread
[...] th' infidull that wold not trust his word
[...]d see the same but in the throng was smord
[...]cause a pallid faint and Trembling feare
[...]atchd the Aramits intrenched There
[...] And th' only sound of Armes without the Sight
Confounded fearfully put all to [...]light.
2 Kings 8 Chap.
[...] Lisha doth the Shunamite fore arme
[...] from futur famyn of th' ensweing harme
[...]telling derth and Barreness seven yeeres
[...]emptorly that approatch appeares
[...]d noght in sho but certanly itt shall
[...]sly afflict Iuda and Isrel all
[...] slew siclyke Benhadad sould noght die
[...] convalesh of his Infirmitie
[...] by fore knoledge then his fate he fand
[...] at he should dye and by Hazalels hand
[...]ich come to pas and shortly in his place
[...]e th' Aramits he manadged the mace
[...]oram in Iuda raigne and Edom than
[...]uisd them a King and to rebell began
And Ahazia efter Iorams reigne
Governd Iuda and became there King
2 Kings 9 chap.
WHen Iehu crovned King in Isrel raigne
These were his doings his exployts amang
[...] honam as the Lord to kill directed
[...] quickly he performd it and effected
[...]nd Ahazia King of Iuda Then
[...]o his flight is killd too be his men
[...]n Iehu vp to Isrel mar [...]chd of mynd
[...]nd that vitch the worst of women kind
[...] Prophet killer carnell Iezebell
[...] for fire a faggot fit for hell
Wh [...] [...]
And there dead bruisd and felled with the fall
Doggs (hands and harns except) hes all devoird
As was praeprophesied be the Lord.
2 Kings 10 chap.
ACcording to the word and divine will
Iehu to Ahab seventy Sormes causd kill
And to the court in heapes brought all there heads
Deriding then demands who did these deads
This fatall Game on Ahabs Sonnes begun
All Ahazias house like race had Run
For of his Brether fourtie he and Two
Met on the way and slew them all also
Then Baals Priests that God of stock or Stone
He at the altar caught and killd each one
Non that in Isrel serve and bow'd his knee
To Baal than but all that day did die
His Altars he destroyes yet never Tvines
From Ieroboams wyld and wicked Sinns.
Then efter Iehu was expird and dead
Iehoahaz his Sonne steerd in his Stead.
2 Kings 11 Chap.
FIerce Athalia sies hir Sone expird
And herefore she to be reveng'd desird
Then on a curst conclusion she doth fall
To kill and killd the Royall Childring all
Ioash except: that from hir cruell knife
By Iehosheba had praeservd his Life
And by Iehoida crovnd and anoynted
Who Athalia to be slaine apoynted
Iehoida dispenser of the word
Betuix the Prince, the people and the Lord
Humblie a Leagve and Covenant contracts
Then all conjoyn and Baals Idols bracks
His Altars and his Temples they o'rethrew
And Mattan their his Priest they stoutly slew
2 Kings 12 Chap.
IN Iehus sevnt yeer Ioash reigne began
A Prince that govern'd well and warely than
Whill Priest Iehoida taught him the word
All that he did was good before the Lord
He had a tinder Zeale and constant care
The Temples ruind parts for to repair
He stirrd his tyme and quick attendance taks
And much provisionn he for money maks
The Syrian Prince that boldly braved Them
And threatened Iuda and Ierusalem
[...] with a present o [...] [...]
[...]equyred by his Fathers former Kings
[...]ho he to pass, and part with them was la [...]th
[...]es coold the Cummig heat of Hazols vvraeth
Yet in the fourty yeer that he did reigne
By tuo vnfaithfull servoinds he was slaine
2 Kings 13 Chap.
[...]N Ioash tventie thrid Iehoahaz
[...] The Sonne of Iehu King in Isrel was
[...]dolatrous as Ieroboam he
[...]eparted nought from his impietie
[...]herefore the Lord delyverd him to Bands
[...] Hazael the King of Arams hands
[...]hill that to God he humblie bovve and bends
[...]hen, then, the Lord, to him deliveres sends
[...]ash, Iehoahar his Sonne and here
[...]e be the Lord was his deliverar
[...]et left he nought his deeds Idolatrous
[...]hat cleav'd so fast to Ieroboams house
Iehoahaz, then ends his dayes, and dyes
And in Samaria he buried lyes
2 Kings 13 Chap.
ELisha sick to Ioash 'ore he dies
Gainst Aram Isrels Tryumphes prophesies
[...]nd then his Spirit that the Lord inspires
[...]or to be wray his will in peace expird
[...]he man of God that so oft had declard
[...]is maisters mynd and for no perrill spaird
[...]isha dead and Dul' interred than
[...]hill as they go t'ingrave ane oter man
[...]ome bands of Moabits then Isrels foes
[...]hem selfes in armes to them in erindd shois
[...]herefore a bassed on Elisha's bones
[...]he dead man these into his Tomb impons
And woundrously no soner twichd by those
His sacred bones but he vpstands and gois
2 Kings 14 chap.
A Mazia Ioash-Sonne of Iuda King
In tuentie five yeer old began his reigne
[...]nd as his Father Ioash walk'd vpright
[...]et not as David did in Iovas sight
[...]or the hie places vver noght taken away
[...]t in Them incense sacrificed Thay
[...]d when to him the Kingdome was conferm'd
[...]ainst his Fathers Murderars he armd
[...]d those King killers he again hes slaine
[...]at durst th' anointed of the Lord prophane
The [...]
Took Sela and ten Thowsand of them slew
Then Amazia challengis to warre
King Ioash then that was the stronger farr.
2 Kings 14. chap.
VPon the Provocation both the Kinges
There hostes and armies to the Batell Bringes
Where Isrel as the stronger in Estate
Iuda out justed and its foree defate
And when the Batale brock in was and lost
They took the King and Captane of the host
And than on Salem with there force falls
The Temple spoild brack and bet doune the walls
The Treasure that vnto the King pertaind
And hostages they took that there remaind
Then death did end the dait of Ioha'sh dayes
A stout and valiant King in all his wayes
Then Ierobo'me succeeds his Father syne
And Zacharia vnto him be Lyne
2 Kings 15 chap.
SExtein yeer old was Azaria whan
In Iuda cround he to governe began
And tuo and fefty yeer a prince supream
He reignd and Iudged in Ierusalem
And yet his royall reigne this fault defaces
That incense they brint in the Hie places
But lo the Lord chastiz'd him for the same
And smot him so that Leper he became
Iotham his Sonne then vnderneath his hand
Govern'd his house and Iudged in the Land
Insidious Shallum Zacharie did slay
And murdred Menahem made him avvay
Menahem thus avvay and in his Tomb
Pekah his Sonne rose in his royall Roome
2 Kings 15 Chap.
IN Isrel whill Pekaihah swayd the sword
He walcked wickedly before the Lord
And did prophanely jdols dead adore
And by one Pekah killed was therefore
Then he King killer took into his hand
The Croune of Isr'el and did there command
But with his bloody murthers he drank in
That oftymes branded Ieroboams sinne
But Hos'h'a this King killer he betrayd
And then himself the sword of Isrel swayd
[...]o [...]ham the second yeer of Pekah than
To reigne into Ierusalem began
[...] and gone
Ahaz his Sonne ascends into his Throne
2 Kings 16 Chap.
[...] Haz a bad Sonne of a better Sire
The seventein yeer of Pekah his impire
[...] Inda did Guberne but did debord
[...]d wrought not vprightly before the Lord
[...] with the kings of Isrel Idoliz'd
[...]d his ovvne Sonne to Moloch sacrifizd
[...]e kings of Aram and of Isrel Then
[...]iedgd Ierusalem with hostes of men
[...] the almightye he wold nought permit
[...]em to Tryumph on him nor to tak it
[...] Ahaz he with Iiglath joynd consent
[...]nvade Damascus and t'assault it went
[...]ey took it, Rezin killd, with worship wane
[...]d vnvsd offrings They the Altar stame
But when this Prince Idolatrous was dead
Then Hezekie his Sonne raigne in his stead.
2 Kings 17 Chap.
[...]Hill that Hoshea raigne Israel all
Idolatrize, and to fass worship fall
[...]erefore the Lord the King of Ashur sends
[...] Israel a captive Comprehends
[...] did the Prince and people in prison cast
[...] did Samaria tack in at last
[...] then in that deforc'd afflicted tovvne
[...] Assyrians, he set in Garisone
[...] with a hatefull and a hostile hand
[...]ul'd it rudly and perforce command
[...]e heathen yet the Lord they did noght feare
[...]bowd to Idols in his Isrel there
Wherefore he send in Lions to devour Them
[...]hat peece maile rent and all in Gobbets tore them
2 Kings 18 Chap.
[...]shea reigning into Israel
[...]n his trid yeer to Hezekiah fell
[...]ins and helme of Iuda for to hold
[...]n he himself was tvventie fyve yeir old
[...]ince that servd the Lord and did adore him
[...]auid did his Eather good before him
[...]olish'd th' altars and the places hie
[...]ritaments vnto Idolatrie
[...]sen Serpent made in Moses dayes
[...]k it doune and into peeces brayes
[...]a three yeeres is besieg'd and taken
[...]el captive of the Lord forsaken
Because as stringers they [...]
And nought his will divine nor voyo [...] obayd.
2 Kings 18. chap.
THe Ruler Rabshaketh of Ashurs host
A wyld out cast before the Lord and lossd
T' incamp, his Tents and Palions pitched doune
Before the Citie and the sacred Toune
And with his hell hounds altogether gross'd
Begins to Bandie gainst the Lord and boast
His powar he despisd, his Truth contemnd
And boldly too his blessed name blaspheam'd
Israels strength and all the might of Man
Yea and the hand of heven he skorned Than
And in disdaine Gods greatness did disgust
Dissvading Isrel in his strength to Trust
And all the venome of a wicked Tongue
That foole agains the firmament hes sloung.
2 Kings 19 Chap.
WHich when the holy Hezekiah heares
He in the Temple to complaie compears
And with a sorie soule, and heavie heart
Depressd he from all his people apart
With Sack cloth clad, hisroy all Robbs all rent
Most wofull for Gods wrong his wowes vp vvent
Great God said he that tuixt the Cherubs [...]ell
In mercie novv remember Israell
And heare there blasphemies that but all feare
The Glorie of they name and Honour Teare
The Lord hes heard him and by Isay told
That vaine Rud Railers words revenge he wouid
And keep vntouch'd that Time be one of Them
In that vnhallovv'd host Ierusalem
And did of them one night of life deprive
A hunder fourscore Thousand men and five.
2 Kings 19 chap.
SEnach [...] th' Assyrian Prince perverse
When God did kill, his men and horse disperse
He pausd noght therevponn nor did repent
But to his vaine Gods for to worship went
And litle knew he that had scap'd abroad
That he at home had by himself the Rod
Which beath him should for all his blasphemies
And gainst Gods Hebrevvs his Hostilities
For vvhill th' Idolatrous and careless King
Adores his Nishroch a dead and naughtles, Thing
Adramelech and Shatezer his brood
Vn naturall both his Sonnes they shed his blood
[...] back, they kill [...]
[...] Nishroch heares noght, nor his slaughter sies
2 Kings 20 Chap.
[...]He holy Hezekia that ador'd
[...] And walk'd in Trueth alwayes before the Lord
[...] [...]ut this Time was sicke to death and lay
[...]n Ishai send from God to him did say
[...] Thow thy house to rest and order all
[...] Thow must dye and live no more Thovv shall
[...] King then turnd and prayd and shedding teares
[...]ats for life and lo the Lord he heares
[...]oyce, his sorrovv sies, and syne he sayes
[...]say tell him I will length his dayes
[...] to the yeeres that he hes liv'de before
[...] adioyne and adde too fifteen more
[...] this shalbe the Signe, to try it trevv
[...]haddovv look and in the Di [...]l wiovv
[...]hen bright and cleare the Sunne thovv shyning sies
[...]hall than backvvard bend whole ton degrees
2 Kings 20 Chap.
[...]g Hezekiah of his Sickness whole
[...] almighties might extreamly dois extole
[...]ach-baladan then Babo [...]s Prince
[...] Hezekiah a Benevolence
[...]e his Love vnlook'd for to repay
[...]ength and Treasure did before them lay
[...]ay hotly him reprov'de heirfore
[...]ll his Seed with Babel-Bondage shore
[...]id he their, They captive shall be led
[...]ll that he and his fore-bears had
[...]nnes in Babell they shall Enuches be
[...]ord foretold me there Captivitie
[...]n Iuda's godly Hezekiah dyes
[...] his shrew'd Sonne Manass his place supplies
2 Kings 21 Chap.
[...] Ezekiah dead, Manasse reignes
[...] first prophane of the prophanest Kinges
[...]n a furie of false worship burnes
[...]ith him Isrel to his vomit turnes
[...] revolts, themselfs they Rebimieres
[...]t on Idols as the Divels desires
[...]nation was there vnder Heven
[...] and they wer all vnto it geven
[...]fore Gods prophet hes praepreatchd to them
[...]e and strats once of Ierusalem
[...]ier vvrack and from the found the fall
[...]d Them that shalbe therein all
Manasse then exp [...]d, [...]
Ammon his Sonne in stated in his stead
And wicked Ammon by his Servands Trai [...]e
(Iosias just succeeds his Father) slame
2 Kings 22 Chap.
WHen King Iosiah to governe began
Azealous holy good and godly man
Materials all and means he first made clare
And gave them that the Temple did repare
Then in a hollovv woult within the ground
The Lavv Hilkiah hid before hes found
Then Prince and Preist the people together dravv
That vnto them then might be red the Lavv
Whair Prince and Priest and prophets promisd all
The statuts there insert observe they shall
The people likewise there the oath they took
To stand to all into that blessed Book
And in there harts and Soules t'indent it deep
And vvovv'd the Lavv, and lords commands to keep
Iosiah then a Prophetess hes speared
Who all the Lords will hes declard and cleard
2 Kings 23 Chap.
THe Lavv' book fund and red therefrom the vord
Prince Prophets, Priest and people all accord
And by their oath attested whair they stand
To keep the Covenant and Gods command
Iosiah then the Idol dead of B'a [...]
He braks and his blind Priests he killd them all
This Prince the passo're then he caus'd proclame
And celebrats it in Ierusalem
Conjurers he, where with the land was cloyd
T'observe the Lavv gevne be the Lord, destroyd
This pious Prince that be God guyds his raigne
By Pharo yet was in Megiddo slaine
Iehoahaz succeeds but captive taen
Iehojakim his Sonnes cround King again.
2 Kings 24 Chap.
NOvv Nebuchadnezzar Babels great King
His bands blood breathing did 'gainst Iuda bring
But vanting force t'affront Them in the fields
Iehoiakim then to the Time he yeelds
And three yeeres slave to him and Tributare
Iehoiakim and Iuda iustly are
For with the Lords consent these slraits extreame
For Curssd Manasseths Sinns was layd on Them
The mony murders that he did committ
With th' other Sinns cryd for a venceance yet
[...]kim novv vvith his Fathers dead
[...]achin raigne rased in his stead
[...] he praevaricat and still he strayes
[...] had his Fathers done before his dayes.
2 Kings 24 Chap.
[...] King of Babel then his Servands armes
[...]nd send them 'gainst the rebel Ievves in swarmes
[...] pulats rheir lands ther Cities sacks
[...] with their hostile hands all hawock makis
[...] martch then on and with there hostes they hem
[...]elted round about Ierusalem
[...]kim back'd but with forces slender
[...]d himself, and Citie too, to render
[...]e in her rvins, wrack and overthrovv
[...]ory erst, and greatness, then they shovv
[...]ing a Captive then is caried thence
[...]edekie Crovn [...] by the Babel Prence
[...]nassd he vp, a mass beyond all measure
[...]den vessels, Gold, and goodly Treasure
[...] with the Captivs all, and evrie one
[...]sports this rich spoyle vnto Babilon
2 Kings 25 chap.
[...] Citie siegd, was brought to voundrous straits
[...] famyn vemen their avvne Bovvels eats
[...]er thrie yeeres siege so was it shakin
[...]cibly was brokin vp and taken
[...]rat house for worship, wounder once
[...]his mvnd was then a mont of Stons
[...]ghted Zedekiah they have sought
[...]o Bands to Babels King him brought
[...]nes they kill and killd to him ar shovvne
[...]pless Prince hes both his eyes out throvvne
[...]m catened to a Carcer carie
[...]age and in blindness there to tarie
[...]on his people permitted these oppressions
[...] there gross sins and there great Transgression.
Ester 16 Chap.
[...] Haman that did all the Ievves envy
Mordecay's noght bovving going by
[...]ore the Persian Prince intysed he
[...]me Them all, by his decreit to dye
[...]ordecay did call on God, and Go
[...] and exhōrts her to do so
[...] prayer neer the Presenoe drevv
[...]ntreat as Mordecay the Jevv
[...] form'd and she did favour find
[...] the Kings heart vnto hir inclind
And by ane other Edict, then proclam'd
That former cruell ane, it was reclam'd
And Haman that the king and Iewes had wrang'd
Full fifty Cubits high was hies'd and hang'd.
Iob. 2 chap.
THat dreadfull Enemie to man the Devill
Devising ev'r to wrack and work him evvill
Vpon just Iob (God suffering did assay
To tempt and try his pacience ewrie way
Vith boyls his Body hee, behind before
And from each syde to syde assault him sore
Whill with a Pot shard all his Skin he scrapes
For no part of his Skin from Scabs escapes
His wicked wife bidds, him blasphem and die
But sweetly all his Soars yet suffred he
His faithfull frends to visit come and wievv him
And weeped all when none of them there knevv him
But patient Iob nev'r opned once his lipps
For to curse God for all his cruell whipps.
Ezechiel 37 Chap.
THe Prophet is transported to a feild
By Gold and their Bones numberless beheld
Then did the Lord demand him if these Bones
So blansh'd could live that ver departed once
He ansverd thus thovv knovvs o Lord God than
Say's prophecy vpon them Sone of man
Which when I had obeyed, they begood
To re assume their Sinevvs flesh and blood
He prophecied againe and lo they braeth
And armie hudge resussitat from daeth
Stand vp all living men, and They (Said he)
The Bones of-all the house of Isr'el be
Which from there graves and Sepulcures I shall
So smetyme home to their ovvne land recall.
Daniel 3 chap.
THe Babel King ane Image vp did raise
And all commands to worship it and praise
His Lord convend he open court did hold
For dedication of that God of Gold
But their three faithfull Ievves aback abod
And wold not bovv vnto that Idol God
Wherefore they threvv them in a fornace hot
But from the Lord their God support they got
And therein They vnharm'd with th' Angel we [...]
Whill that their Burri'os with the fire wer b [...]
Then muche affrighted Babels King conf [...] [...]
Their God was God of Gods almightie [...]
Come Shadrach Meshach and Abednego.
Daniel 5 chap.
WHen Belshazzar a proud and impious Prince
Into all Ryot pryde and Insolence
With thovvsand Princes with him at a feast
And Concubines as many to almaist
Prophaning their the Coups where with tha' adord
In Israel sometyme the living Lord
O but amidds there mirth behold a hand
That wrait before them on the wall did stand
Some secreit words
[...], Mene [...]vphar­ [...] [...].
vnto Them all vnknovne
But Daniel resolv'd them and hes shovvne
That for the kings great wickedness and wrong
His life and Croune he should both loss ore long
And that same night this Prince proud and prophane
His reigne is rent from him and he is slaine.
Daniel 14 chap.
THe prancks pernition of the Priests of Bel
Reveald are be the Prophet Daniel
Bel then pull'd dovne and the displeased Prince
Confounded all the Priests for there offence
And then the Dragon that indeed did live
Ane whom to Cyrus did false worship give
Then Dan'el he commands as others all
To worship it and flatt before it fall
But he refuisd, and wold the Prince permit
He layd his Life to kill and maister it
Then tooke he pitch Bitumen fat and hair
And boyld together, there with kill'd it thair
The God of hostes was Iealouse of his Glore
And by his Daniel did he that theirfore
Daniel 14 chap.
FOr this dispight as these Idol'ters thought
All with envy agains the Prophet wrought
And in a rage agains their King they rise
And for the killing of the Dragon cryes
Yea they vpbrayd him to his face and tell
That he is turned Ievv with Daniel
They press him to deliuer him and drevv
Him to the Lions den and their him threvv
For those forefamized a fitting feast
By kind a bloody and a cruell Beast
But God still Dan'el from there furie fred
And by the hand of Abacuk him fed
God ev'r preservs them in most per'lons places
Whom in his Love and favour he imbraces
THe Sinnes of Nineveh God from the skyes
Beholds and sies with his alseing eyes
His worship wrongd and but prophand his name
Yet will premonish or he punish Thame
And Ionah to be warner he inveets
Of all the naughtiness of Nineveets
But rebell careless of his Charge then he
Fled vnto Iarshish to eschevv't be Sea
But lo a Tempest stirrd be God arose
And he to light the Ship by lot be those
(Is o're boord throvvne) that then with him did Sail
By providence yet kepped by a whail.
Tho careless he his Lords command did brak
Yit would he save him for his mercies sake
Ionah 2 & 3 Chap.
THen ceas'd the rage and roaring of the Sea
When headlong hurled into it was he
But whill he in that whails big belly lyes
Perplexd in Spreit he prayd to God and cryes
Thrie dayes and nights that hel-like house within
Abyds rebellious Ionah for his Sinne
A Type of Christ that did presigure plaine
That he thrie dayes should in the Grave remain
His crying from that hollovv vvoult ascends
And God at last his loveing eare he lends
Thair to and did that monstrous fish command
To lay the Prophet out a lyfe on Land
Then spake the Lord to him to this effect
In Nineveh go doe as I direct
Ionah 2 & 3 Chap.
IOnah relivde lovv humbled did record
With thankfull heart the mercies of the Lord
Then vnto Nineveh, in haste he hyes
And one dayes journey, entred in he cryes
(For it was great, as ony in the east
And thrie dayes journey long, and large at least)
That notablie the Ninivites annoy'd
Yet fourtie dayes and It shalbe destroy'd
This warning Bell through out the Citie Rong
The people thickly to the Temple throng
And with there Prince appareld in sack cloath
Repent, and pray t'appease God with them wroath
He sies them humble and heares there harts desire
Then with their Pardon pacisies his Ire.
[...]e Tobit reakins out and doth Relate
[...]s parentage, his Cariage and Estate
[...]st declares in Enemessars raigne
[...]yrian King, he was a captive caen
[...]e vnto his Brether heir with all
[...]nde in their afflictions doth recall
[...]htousnes he likevise doth record
[...]s zeale and worship of the Lord
[...]eveh his Care he doth declare
[...]ying his Brether dying thair
[...]ght for be Sennacherib perforce
[...] himself and fled for feare of worss
[...] by a frend that did at court remain
[...]s restored vnto Grace again,
Tobit 6 chap.
[...]as by his Father Tobit sent
[...]th Raphael vvnknovvne to Gabel went
[...] they had that by them did abyd
[...] Angel was his good and gratious Guyde
[...]st day they at night to Tygris came
[...]obie tooke a fish into the same
[...] heart and Livver th' Angel caus'd preserve
[...] perfume, ane other tyme to serve
[...]ges then they come and Raph'el said
[...]ght Thovv shall take to thy wife a mayd
[...]sings Daughter Raguel, since that
[...] the Lavv to Thee is destinat
[...]ontrare Raph'el Tobie reasond thair
[...]ovves hir when these Things he did declare.
Tobit 8 Chap.
[...]as wedding as before intended
[...]ith Rag'els daughter Saranovv is ended
[...]er feasting They go in to rest
[...]om of purpose for them dressd
[...] the Lord told Tobie he assumes
[...]es heart and fird the place perfumes
[...] of hovv sone the fend the smel hes fund
[...] and was by th' Angel efter bund
[...] and his vife then rose and pray
[...]undly sleep'd together whill the day
[...]icked Sprit that slevv the sevne before
[...]d thence fleem'd from Them for evvermore
[...] Raguel, for Grace thus granted Them
[...]sd and praisd the God of hostes supreame
THe moneys that from Gabel Tobie sought
The Angel Raph'el it receavv'd and brought
The mar'age feast perform'd Tobias makes
Him ready with his wife and journey takes
Then Raguel much favour to them shovves
And half of all his Goods on them bestowes
Vpon the way Together going so
His Guide commands him home before to go
And tell his Father blind, both more and less
In all his wayes, his prosperous success
And with the fishes Gall, t' anoynt his eyes
Who quickly efter, as before, he sies
Than gladlie dois, he Tobies wife receave
And gratefull, Glore, to God for all he gave
2 Maccabees 7 Chap.
SEven Brether that Svines flesh refuisd to eat
Skin-tirrd ar tryed with tortring torments great
For what the Lavv prohibits they refuise
And rather all, for to be chastizd chuise
By death and byd what Buchery can doe
Than to that bass abomination bovv
And efter other, each, there suffred more
Nor ony torted, ever had before
Yet holily exhorting other all
T'incress their Courage, on the Lord they call
And full of hope when these short pains ar past
To rise againe, they leave to live at last
Their mother martyr'd last with stroaks extream
Feareless and faithfull fell and follovvd Them.
2 Maccabees.
SImon the Treasure in the Temple seald
Spighting the Priest to Hel'dore reveal'd
Who by his King Seleucus charged came
And from the Treasurie toock out the same
Onias then the Priest and people pray
Whill God that sacrilegious stooth did stay
And by his armed Angels shyning bright
Heliodore is whip'd in Isr'el sight
And to the earth blind is he beaten dovne
And deadlyke Sensles lyeth therein swone
Whill for Onias pray'r God for gives
The robrie and the man again revives
Then th' Angels their directs him to declare
Th' almighties povv're that he proved thair.

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