[...] [...]ily in Tears: [...] LEGY, [...] [...]ed Death of his Grace [...] Duke of Glocester, [...]llace at Windsor, on Tuesday the 30th. [...] [...]ar of his Age.

But tis our Sins, makes Fatal Stars Combine,
To snap in sunder England's Royal Line;
Our mighty Monarch, when this News he hea [...]
He will Lament, in sad and Brinish Tears;
Such dis [...]l News ne're Touch [...] [...]
Here needs no Daubing, Flattery to Paint,
A Vicious Mortal for a very Saint;
No Poets Art to praise him now he's gone,
Who had so many Virtues of his own;
His Youthful Heart rejoyc'd in Englands good,
And though a Child, for our Just Rights he stood.
Yet while we Sigh, what Fate will have, must be,
No Power on Earth can alter Heaven's Decree;
The Great, the Good, both Old and Young must Die,
A Debt to Nature due, none can deny;
No Heirs to Crowns, can be Exempt from Death,
The Greatest Monarch, must resign his Breath.
Here lies a Princely Body in the Dust,
A Child in Years, yet Pious, Wise and Just;
The hopes of England's Glory and Renown,
Tho not on Earth in Heaven he wears a Crown.

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