Numb. 15 The Orange Gazette.
From Friday February 22. to Tuesday February 26. 1688/9.

Paris, Febr. 26.

THis Afternoon the French King set for­wards from Versailles, accompanied with the Abdicated King of England, in or­der to visit his Maritime Towns in Nor­mandy and Picardy, taking with him his ablest Engineers, to strengthen and build Forts on the Coast, to prevent, if possible, any Descent, which he fears will be made upon the Country the ensuing War. And 'tis discoursed at Court, that so soon as his Majesty has reviewed those Provinces, he will go in Person at the Head of 80000 Men into Flanders, to act both against the Spaniard and Dutch. Already the Dauphin has directions to hasten with 30000 Men thitherwards, and take along with him for his Assist­ance the Mareschals de Humieres, and de Duras, with instruction that he attempt no considerable Action without their approbation and advice.

The King also appointed Monsieur the Duke of Or­leans his Brother to move with a considerable Force to the Rhine, and that the Mareschals Luxemburgh, de Lorge and Bellefonds attend him thither. The Lord Dunbar­ton, 'tis said, will be made a Mareschal of France, and Command some part of the Army; he with Colonel Sarsfield and other Officers, reported to be gone and Landed in Ireland, are at present here: And upon the return of the Kings from Picardy, there is to be an Ex­traordinary Council to carry on this Summers Expe­dition; and 'tis believed the late King of England will be admitted therein.

Ditto. Two days before the French King set for­ward on his Journey, dispatched away Count de Avaux, his late Ambassador in Holland, on some secret Undertaking. And there be those at Court who con­clude, that he goes for Holland, to propose an Accom­modation: But should it happen to be true, the States General are too wise a People at this Juncture to hearken to any Overtures of that Nature, well know­ing, That his Gallick Majesty, who made War for his Glory, would not offer Peace to his shame, if he were sensible he could resist the powerful Torrent of all Christendom, his avowed Enemies that were breaking in upon him. Since also the Prince of Orange, (now King of England) which has done such a glorious Work for the British Nation, by rescuing it from POPERY and SLAVERY, will undoubtedly perform the like to France, in con­junction with the Confederates, restore his Highness of Lorrain to his Dukedom most unjustly deprived, the Elector Palatine to his Principalities, all Germany to their rightful Princes, (the Principaltiy of Orange to the Crown of England) the French Nobility and Parliaments of that Kingdom to their ancient Splen­dor, abolish the Gabels and prodigious Number of Taxes those miserable People labour under, uninslave the Peasants, re-edifie the Protestant Churches, con­firm the Edict of Nants, and restore the true and an­cient Gallican Liberties; and 'tis not in the least to be doubted these things being premised, but the People of that Kingdom will, with the same assurance, en­deavor to accomplish the Work, as those of England have done before them.

Ditto. The Dauphiness s [...]t to the late Queen of England to desire her to remove from her Apartment at Marli, and bring the Child she calls the Prince of Wales along with her to Versailles; to be near her, du­ring the Absence of the Court. The late King has made the Count De Losun, who came lately in Eng­land to Fight against the Prince of Orange, Steward of his Houshold: And his late Majesty has dispatched Mr. Skelton to the Emperor, to signifie his Misfortune Another Gentleman to the Pope, to endeavour to Compremize Matters between his Holiness and the French King: But some believe it would have been more for his Interest, and saved Charges, to have kept them at home.

Plymouth, Febr. 15.

We having this Afternoon received Advice of the Princess of Oranges's Landing at Whitehall from Hol­land, fired 21 Guns from the City, and 9 from the Island, and as many from the Dover Frigot riding in Port, who sails to morrow for Portsmouth, to Convoy the Mary Ketch of London, John Holmes Master, bound from New-England with Masts for the Navy.

Ditto. The 19. The blessed News coming to us Yesterday, that WILLIAM and MARY Prince and Princess of Orange were Proclaimed King and Queen of England, &c. The Mayor, and Aldermen in their Formalities, with demonstration of their Joy and Satisfaction, Drums beating, and Musick play­ing before them, Proclaimed them also this Morning, first before the Guild-hall, then on the New Key by the Exchange, and afterwards at the Barbican; and advan­cing to the Gate of the Cittadel, acquainted the Go­vernour therewith, who immediately Fired all the Cannon planted about it: The Island Seconded him, and all the Ships were not wanting in doing the like, Displaying their Antients as a Signal of their Joy. This Day the Ship Ann of this Town, Henry Bastee [...] Master, arrived here from Majorca, and Sailed away for London forth-with. The French Banker of Havre-de-grace some time detained, was cleared, and Sailed away for that Port. Some Persons arriving here from that Place in France, Reports, That a very great Con­sternation is all over the Country, upon the News of the Prince of Orange being likely to be King of England, insomuch, that 1000 Men are Night and Day at Work to strengthen our Fortifications, and more Cannon will be sent to plant upon them.

Brumingham, Febr. 14.

This being our Market day, Mrs. Richardson, House­keeper to Mr. Hicks Schoolmaster in this Town, who has a great many Noblemen and Gentlemens Sons to Educate, bought 22 l. of Butter of a Popish Woman Higler, Tenant to our late Popish High-Sheriff Sh— Esq; and carrying the same home to expend in the Family, cut one Pound thereof, and perceiving it dis­coloured with yellow and green spots, shewed it to an Apothecary, who was of opinion it was poysoned; which to prove, sent for two Dogs, and gave each the quantity of a Nutmeg, and they both died within 10 and 14 minutes one of another. The Woman es­caped out of Town for the present, but we hear she is since apprehended for the same.

Black heath, Febr. 28.

This Morning his Majesty came early hither to view the Battalions design'd for Holland; and gave them his [Page]Thanks for the good Service they had rendred him in England, ordering them, pursuant to the desire of the Honourable House of Commons, a large Donative or Reward, which I am informed is in this following Proportion, a Colonel 200 l. A Lientenant Colonel 150, a Major 100 l. a Captain 75 l. a Lieutenant 50. an Ensign 25 l. a Serjeant 12l. and every private Cen­tinel 50 Shillings. The Horse and Foor are Em­barquing at Greenwich, and will Sail away forth­with.

Hampton Court, Febr. 23.

This Afternoon their Majesties arrived here from Whitehall, designing to remain in this place till Tues­day morning, taking a great good liking to the scitu­ation and salubriousness of the Air, and walked out with Sir Christopher Wren to view the Building, in order to make some Rep [...]a [...]i [...]n therein. The next day their Majesties hear▪ Dr. Ll [...]yd, Bishop of St. Asaph, preach a Sermon in the Chappel. In the Afternoon His Ma­jesty rode out into [...] Park, and being a glorious day alighted, and walked some considerable way on Foot. Sir. Heary Hubbart this day kissed His Majesties Hand, in order to [...]e Gentleman of the Horse, the Heer Overkerk being Master thereof.

London, Febr. 25.

This day we received a Spanish Post, which says, that the Queen of Spain was dead, to the great Regret of the Court. A [...] that the King had order'd the new [...]ing of 4000 Foot, and 1000 Horse. And that 30 M [...]n of War, besides their G [...]ies, be forthwith Equipped, to Cruise in the Mediterranean. And that a Declaration of War against Fra [...]ce was in the Press at Madrid, and already all French Effects order'd to be s [...]iz [...]d [...] that Kingdom.

Francfort, Febr. 24.

The French has dec [...]ared and made out a List of 250 Towns, Burghs and Villages, and added above 40 more to them, which they design to destroy on both sides the Rhine, all the Villages about Manheime being included, have Orders to remove their Effects in order thereunto. The Elector of Brandenburgh ha­ving received Advice from his Minister at Ratisbonne, that the Dyer had fully resolved on a War against France, order'd all his Forces, particularly those in Cologne to all upon the French in any Quarter, by way of Reprizal, for the damage done by them in the Durchy of Juliers, and Land of Bergues.

Brugz in Switzerland, Febr. 9.

The French having left off Fortifying of Greenezack during the Assembly of the Cantons at Baden, had fal­len to work again upon the separating of the Dyet; whereupon the Cantons of Basle finding themselves block'd up, represented to the General Assembly how prejudicial it would be to their City in particular, and all Switzerland in general: so they have unani­mously in the Assembly come to a Resolution to ra [...]e the said Citadel before it be advanced any further, and also the Fortification the French have made at Huninghen; And that they will execute this their Resolution by Force of Arms, except the French King, upon their Application to him, will demolish them himself. And both the Evangelick and Catholick Cantons are very Unanimous therein, Zurick having already got together 6000 Men with Gannon, their Quota of Forces, in a readiness to march upon the first occasion.

Whitehall, Febr. 23.

I am credibly assured, That his Majesty hath ap­pointed their Graces the Dukes of Norfolk and Ormond, Earl of Oxford, Viscount Mordant, Lords Churchill and Lumley, with the Heer Benting, to be Lords of his Bed-Chamber: And the Earl of Carberry, Admiral Herbert, Sir Tho. Lee, Sir John Louther, Sir Michael Wharton, Sir John Chickley, and Mr. Sacheveril be Lords of the Admiralty: But the Judges, Treasury, and Commissioners for the Great Seal, are not affixt, Peo­ple only Discoursing what theis Phansies encline them to in the Matter.

St. James's Square, Febr. 23.

This Evening George Lord Savil, Younger Son of the Marquis Hallifax departed this Life, after some days of Sickness, to the great Regret of that Honou­rable Family, being a very Knowing and Promising Gentleman.


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LONDON, Printed for J. C. near Fleet-Bridge. 1688/9.

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