Your humble Servant Madam. BEING The flattering Courtier. OR, The Cheating Lover;

To a [...]ery fine Northern Tune.
I Am a Blade
That from an old Trade,
Have taken out a new one
Tis onely this,
To Court and Kiss
Swear Oaths and nere a true one
I can tell an hundred lyes,
And a thousand more devise,
Never was the like since[?] Adam,
I can Fetter whom I please,
With a Flattering disease,
And your humble Servants Madame.
The Warrs are done,
And I must run
A Course that may Pr [...] me
Should I rely.
On Honesty,
It were the way to [...]me▪
I ha' giv'n away my [...]
For a Perriwigg and Muff,
And an Art no Wit can Fadom:
I have got a Place at Court,
Never paid a Penny for't,
But your humble Servant Madame.
Whilst a Cavelier
Both lean and [...]ear
And almost like to Sta [...]d [...] is[?]
A Ladies Letter,
Shall be better
Then all his Iron Service.
When I found out what would doo't
Straight I put a Lady too't,
What things I lackt I had [...],
Nothing did I give for this,
But a promise and a kiss,
With your humble Servant Madam.
MY Courtiers Place,
Doth give me grace,
And Pimp unto my Trade is;
The Devill and I,
In Ambush lye
To Catch all kind of Ladies;
I can call 'um pritty Souls,
[...]ough they be as[?] old as Pouls,
Then I a bonny Lad am;
[...] the Women I Trappan
Fetch 'um off and bring 'um on,
With your humble Servant Madam.
[...]ome give me Rings,
And better a Things,
So cunning is my carriage,
To every soul,
Both fair and fowl
I promise lawfull Marriage.
I have got so many Wives[?],
If[?] I had as many Lives,
I should be as old as Adam.
But before we go to Church,
I'll[?] leave them in the lurch.
With your humble Servant Madam.
When I find a Face▪
Of a stately[?] Grace,
That would have all adore her,
A Knight-hood I
Get presently
And that I spread before her:
So[?] I may get somthing by't▪
I can quickly be a knight[?];
If a Litle will perswade 'um
I can tell um that they shall,
Answer to no other call
But your humble Servant Madam.
If I see[?] one that
Is given to th [...]tt,
I praise her Ingenuity:
When I take a Prize
With the black Eyes[?],
I call her Queen of Beauty[?]
If another merry be
I can laugh as well as[?] she
When she asks[?], I monstrous sad am[?]
But if I find her in a b [...]t,
I can fit her for the foot[?]
With your humble Servant Madam.
All Passions I,
Can falsifie[?],
[...] my Trade is,
I have of late
Gain'd an Estate[?]
My humouring of Ladies
And I very well do find,
What I fit[?] them in their kind[?]
For I've [...]e [...]u [...]l [...]d Adam
Woman first did ransom Man[?]
But I [...] them agen[?].
With your humble Servant Madam.

London Printed for Willi [...] [...]

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