THE Young Man's Vindication, A [...]ainst the Virgin's Complaint.

She rail'd against[?] young Men in a Passion great,
But he more mildly seemswith[?] her to treat;
Young Men are not so bad as she would make them.
Some[?] Maids a [...]e full as bad, how e're[?] you take them.
Tune o [...], The Virgin's Complaint: or, Cupid's Courtesie.
SWeet Virgin, hath Disdain.
mov'd you to Passion,
N'er to love Man again,
but for the fashion?
Was your abuse so great,
beyond all measure,
That you can quite for get,
to think of Pleasure?
Thou [...]h one false-hearted Man,
[...] to be named,
Ma [...] you look pale and wan,
must all be blamed?
As if scarce one were good,
in a whole City;
Your pevish angry Mood,
I can but pity.
Men are not half so bad,
as you would make them;
More Maidens may be had,
if you forsake them:
Therefore I tell you plain,
be not disdain [...]u [...],
If Cupid shoot again,
you'll find it painful.
Young Men had need beware,
least they be taken,
And drawn into a Snare
and so forsaken.
Many Maid's prove untrue,
take it for certain,
'Twill be too late to rue,
of a bad Bargain.
Maidens false hearted are,
I can report it,
Their Craft they will not spare,
when they are courted:
They'll bend unto your Bow,
their VVits are nimble,
It's very hard to know,
wh [...]n they dissemble.
They'll powder, prank and paint,
with each new Fangle,
Sometimes sit like a Saint,
for to intangle:
Their pretty wanton Eyes,
are so alluring,
Life and Death in them lies,
Killing and Curing.
Their Beauty's like a Charm,
Lovers intrancing,
No Man receives mo [...]e Harm,
then by their Glancing;
Like Syrens they will sing,
their Voices ravish,
They make the Ecchoes ring,
their Tongues are lavish.
By such alluring Baits,
young Men are taken,
And then it is their Fates,
to be forsaken:
For the seen ticing Girls,
are so unconstant,
They're won and lost again,
all in an instant.
I have experience had
of their false dealing,
Some of them are so bad,
t [...]ey're not worth stealing,
If one in half a s [...]ore,
prove to be Vertuou [...],
She shall have Suitors store,
her Love is precious.
Now tell me which are best,
young Men or Maidens?
I think 'tis here confest,
both have their Fai [...]ings:
Therefore be rul'd by me,
scorn not a young Man,
There's as much Truth in him,
as in a Woman.
Virgins take my Advice,
be not disdainful,
Neither be coy nor nice,
squemish nor scornful;
'Tis but a pettish Strain,
for to love no Man;
If e're you love again,
pray love a young Man.
I am resolved now,
tho' some miscarry,
I'll have a Virgin too,
with her I'll marry:
Fro [...] love I'll not refrain,
tho' it be common,
But when I love again,
I'll love a Woman.

Printed by and for C. Brown, and T. Norris; and sold by I. Walter.

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