The Young Damsels Courage and Conquest:
OR, The close Encounter between Country KATE and a lusty Soldier of FLANDERS.

Tune of March Boys, &c.

Licensed according to Order.


A Souldier from Flanders he Travell'd of late,
and here in the City of London did lye,
And happen'd to meet with bonny brisk Kate,
a Lass with a delicate rouling Eye:
She chuckt the Souldier under the Chin,
she being youthful brisk and airy,
And said if thou wilt my favour win,
then come Boy, come Boy, let's be merry:
Come Boy, come Boy, beat upon my Drum Boy,
fain wou'd I see how thou can'st Tabor,
Do what ye can, honest John, like a Man,
and I'll reward you for your labour.
I never could Tabor a Drum, I declare,
tho' long I have Marched in Flanders in Spain,
A Musket I still on my Shoulders did bear,
when ever I follow'd the Warlike-Train:
The Damsel immediately thus reply'd,
if thou art a Soldier draw out thy Rapier,
Thy Courage and Valour with me shall be try'd,
Draw then draw I'll make you caper:
Draw Boy, draw Boy, 'teent against the Law Boy
for if I do but once come near you:
Tis my delight, for to sight, though by night,
come on, brave Souldier, I'll not fear you.
He drew out his Rapier and to her did run;
as soon as she saw it young Kate got a fall,
But yet there alass was no prejudice done,
she still for a closer encounter did call:
Just when he thought he had gotten the day,
her courage & strength did still grow stronger,
So that she still show'd him delicate play,
till he, till he could strive no longer:
Longer, longer, not a Minute longer,
thus was he conquer'd by a Beauty,
She got the day, as they say, in the fray,
and vow'd that she'd make him know his Duty.
She turn'd to the Souldier and gave him a smile,
and said was you e're so beaten before,
I am not like those that will parly a while,
but conquer without any Cannons that roar:
At this the Soldier was straight in a rage,
resolving his Forces again to rally,
That he with young beautiful Kate might ingage,
in vain, in vain, it was to dally,
Dally, dally, never would he dally,
nor would he yield on no condition;
She held him too't, he did shoot, the dispute
held while he'd spent his Ammunition.
Now his Bandileers being empty at last,
so that he no longer could stand the Field,
He would have been running but she held him fast
so that he was forc'd to submit and yield:
Though often he fought in the Field of Mars,
where Cannons had roard like claps of thunder,
At length by a Beautiful Country Lass,
he was subdu'd and soon brought under:
Under, under, yet it was no wonder,
being no more than what is common:
Those that have fought, many Enemies stout,
at length have been conquer'd by a Woman.

Prindet for P. Brooksby, J. Deacon, J. Blare, and J Back.

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