Wonderful Praise of Money, Or An account of the many Evils that attend the ill Ʋse thereof.

Money when Us'd and not Abus'd,
will do Men good we know;
But when they shall consume it all,
it proves their overthrow.
Tune of, Ye Ladies of London.

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R. P.
WIll you know why the old Misers adore
their Coffers of ill-gotten Treasure?
Always a griping and grinding the Poor,
until he has Wealth out of measure:
'Cause he has nothing else he can trust,
he seldom is found any Spender;
But in his troubles away to his Chest,
thus Money is all his defender.
He that is with a great plenty possest,
how ought he to honour and prize it?
Being a thing that is much in request,
and there is but few that des [...]ise it:
For there is none can live without it,
'tis counted more sweeter than Honey,
For if a Man should have ne'r so m [...]ch Wit,
he cannot buy Land without M [...]n [...]y
Mind but the Story, which here I have Pen'd,
and then you will find the Conclusion,
Money that many times proves a Man's Friend.
as often it makes a Confusion:
Yet when a Man sha [...]l meet with a Foe,
whose looks are as sowr as Sorrel;,
And shall supply him with many a dry blow,
this Money will end all the Quarrel.
For when the Duel is over and past,
and both are resolv'd to be Merry,
Then to the Tavern they hurry at last,
where over a Glass of Canary,
Love they unite, the anger's forgot,
their Hearts are as light as a Feather,
But it was Money that payed the shot,
which brought them so loving together.
SOme that have Money will Traverse the Law,
for good they will never be doing,
But labour always to keep Men in awe,
ne'r pleased with nothing but Ruine:
Passionate Men will trouble encrease,
for Malice is always in action,
Money that oftentimes maketh the Peace,
as often doth cause a Distraction.
Some Men they will be with Money high flown,
as having not Wisdom to use it,
Then it were better they never had none,
then have it and highly abuse it:
For when a Man meets one that is fair,
who calls him her Ioy and her Honey,
He may be cunningly catcht in a Snare,
and all for the sake of his Money.
But the true vallue will further appear,
then hath in this present Relation,
Souldiers for Money will Fight without fear,
and vanquish the Foes of the Nation:
Like Loyal Souls, they scorn for to flye,
therefore we have cause to adore them,
Give them but Money they'l Fight till they dye,
or cut down and clear all before them.
Thus having told you what money can do,
and likewise the Evils attend it,
Yet amongst Soldiers there is but a few,
but that will willingly spend it:
Each with his Lass then seldom is sad,
but many fine Nick-nacks affords her,
'Cause too much Money will make a Man Mad,
each hates to be counted a hoarder.
Money we find is a delicate thing,
by every Person requir'd,
Therefore my Customers, if you will bring
this, then I have what I desir'd;
Every one which is in this Throng,
if kindnesses you will shew any,
P [...]ay now be willing to buy this New Song,
the Price of it is but a Penny.

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