The VVonderful Blazing Star: with the dreadful Apparition of two ARMIES in the Air. The one out of the NORTH, the other out of the SOUTH, as in the Figure above is represented.


ON the 17th of Decemb [...] 1680 between 4 and 5 a Clock in the Evening, at [...] [...]ward of Exon; I, and many more vewing this ama­zi [...] on a sudden in a clear Sky, there appeared Two great Ar­mies, on [...] coming out of the North, whose Leader had a Coronet on his head: the other from the South; and, as it seemed furiously joyned Battel and [...] lit­tle retreating, vigorously charged again and thus continued almost an Hour, till at last there comes in a Reserve, and joyning with the Southern Army, forces the Northern back in Disorder, and so Vanished. Several were so terrified with this Sight, that they swooned away: This is as true as terrible, else I would not have troubled you with it.

This Account came from a Reverend Divine, who, with many more, was an Ex-witness of it. And, in all parts of England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Holland, Spain, Germa­ny and Sweeden; nay, all over Christendom, this Comet has been visible: the like never since the Creation, as far as can be gathered by the best Historians ancient and m [...]dern; being plac'd in Mercury's Sphere, above the Moon.

TWill be therefore very necessary that I remind you of the two latest Exem­plifications of Comets, the one in 1664 and the other in 1677. That in 1664. was a forerunner of most dreadf [...] [...]pensations, as the Sweeping Pestilence in 65. and the Swallowing Fire in 166 [...]. The one falls fowl on persons, t'other on Habi­tations. The last in 1677. foreruns the most Damnable Plot (the Quintessence of all Plots) that ever Hell invented: Now God hath lighted up another Torch to give us a new Warning, that being forewarned we might be forearmed also, es­pecially with those Arms of the Church, to wit, Prayers and Tears (our Desperate Malady hath not yet met with an Effectual Remedy) lest those Matchless Mischiefs which are Imminent over us may not also be Incumbent on us. There is cer­tainly something more than ordinary God hath upon the Wheel, to lighten up such a Blaze as this in the very, depth of Winter, which is a time Diametrically contrary to the very Nature of Comets, for Cold and Moist Weather is altoge­ther unapt to produce those dry Vapours, whereof a Comet consisteth. A Win­ter Comet is therefore like Winter Thunder, which is commonly call'd the Worlds Wonder: the proper time of engendring those Meteors is Autumn, for in Spring-time there is supposed to be too much Moisture and too little Heat to congregate those Vapours, and in Summer-time there is so much heat as plainly Segregates and Disperses those Exhalations, but Winter time is wholly opposite to their existency and quite contrary to the constituting of them; Therefore this [...] and pr [...]ernatural sign must needs signify some Extraordinary and supernatural [...] even s [...]me Sweeping, Swinging or Scourging, yea some cutting or killing Dispen­sation for the ( [...]) or Apparition extraordinary had a threefold Resemblance: 1 Of [...] Broom, 2. Of a Rod. 3. Of a Sword, [...]. Of a large Broom or Besom, yet dread [...]l to behold, by its sparkling Aspect, as if God were coming to Sweep [...]a­bylon [...]d destroy its B [...]ats, with his dreadful Besom of Destruction, as he hath pro­mised Isa. 1. 14. 22. 23. 'Tis true, God hath his [Scopas purgatorias, as well as perdi [...]ias] his Brushing as well as Crushing Besoms. The former is for S [...] whic [...] God brushes only for its Ornament the latter is for Babylon, which God Crus [...]s also for its O [...]rthrow. God grant this Unclean Spirit of Babylon may be Swep [...] but of our Land. Zach. 13.2. Even by his powerful Besom.

Of their final Cause.

MOST Philosophers agree, that Comets are the Embassadors or Agents of a highly offended Deity, and the Denunciators of Misery to Mankind: They are taken for Heralds or Proclaimers of future Calamities and Miseries: It is a most certain Truth, never yet did any Comet appear, but it was the Messen­ger of some Eminent Calamity.

The Learned Dr. Swan agrees, that they are either a sign of Calamity or else the efficient Cause of them: if a Sign of Calamity, then their end is to be Mo­nitors to Repentance.

Most true it is, That Comets were always look't upon as the Threatning Eyes of Divine Vengeance, or the Tongue of an ireful and greatly offended Deity.

The Learned Fr [...]mu [...]dus concludes, That they are Signs, at the pleasure of God, to terrify and amend Mortals.

The Earth in vain did never Gaze,
When Comets the Skies do Blaze.


Notwithstanding the Vengeance which Comet threatens to Mortals; The Godly, Up [...]ight sincere S [...]uls need not in the least concern themselves; but may be joyful in the Lo [...] when others shall be at their Wits End for fear: for it doth, with the Prophet Isa. 3.10. Say to the Righteous, That it shall be well with him — Wo unto the Wic­ked, it shall be ill with him — 1 Phil. 28. In nothing terified by your Ad­versaries, which is to them an evident token of Perdition: but to you of Sal­vation, and that of God.

LONDON, Printed for Dorman Newman, at the Kings Arms in the Poultrey, 1681.

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