WHo had more Skil made alwayes lesser words, and only the Ignorant and Sophisters con­founded the World and themselves too with a great deal of Praters and Sophistryes. Do not expect therefore Gentlemen, many words from us Salvator Winter, and John Baptista Qua­renteni his Son, Italians by birth. In the Schools and in the Books not only of men, but of Nature, by the means of long Travels, incessant works, dayly experiences, and continual speculations, we found out the Key for to open the door of Natures Cabinet; wherein Learning by which means Nature every day draws some Supercelestial Virtue, we attained the Knowledge of the power and operations of that invisible Magnes, which shut up in that Point, which is the Center to the Trigon of another Center, weddeth Day and Night, Heaven to Earth with Plato's golden Chain.

By the means of this Knowledge, we have compos'd to the Glory of God, and the bene­fit of Humane Kind, a Medicine that will give present ease to all sorts of Distempers, and pre­serve Humane bodies from any Disease whatsoever.

Experience, Grand Mistris of Truth, will make it appear, and we offer our selves ready to give you such reasons, that even the most obstinate and averse shall understand and con­fess, that this our Medicine called Elixir or Vegetable Spirit, is the only Treasure of Nature, as well for the Restouration as for the Preservation of mens health; and so it hath been made use of and own'd by Emperous, Kings, Princes and Dukes, &c, to their great benefit.

Do not wonder that one only Medicine can cure contrary Distempers in different Ages, va­rious Seasons, contrary Climats, different Constitutions, because Reason and Experience make it out, and dayly verifie, that our Elixir or Vegetable Spirit is good for Hot Diseases, and for Cold, for Young and Old, in Winter and Summer, hot and cold Countrys, Cholerick and Phlegmetick Constitutions. In Conclusion, if you will admit to be true that potable Sun of the True Philo­sophers, this our Elixir or Vegetable Spirit is the potable Diana, and in his composition, according to what Hermes commanded us, the Water hath been made a Friend to the Fire, not by the means of foolish and Sophistical Ingression, and Egression, Dissolution and Reduction of Metals or Mine­rals in their first matter, not by Ascension, Descension, Distillation, &c. of the very same, but by the true ways of Nature, which only is, and must be the Mistriss and Teacher of every Philo­sopher and Physitians.

If there be any poor people in this place troubled with any Disease or Distemper whatsoever, let such repair to this our Stage, and to the Glory of God, and the verifying of the Truth, they shall find presently the wonderful Virtues of this our Elixir or Vegetable Spirit, which will give present help to every body against any Distemper whatsoever; And these are not our own words, but the Common voyce of the people, because we found not one that could say that our own Elixir did him no good; but every one sayes alwayes, that they find either present Cure, or present Ease or Comfort from the Use of it.

If there be any poor people that are troubled with Cankers, Wens, Wolfes, Hare-lips, Wry­necks, Stone in the Bladder, Hernyes, or others of the like Nature, let them come to our Stage, where under God we offer to Cut, and Cure them.

Let not the Poor be dismay'd in that they have no money, for Blessed be God we never did o­pen the doore of our hearts to that cursed seeking after gold,

⟨At ye [...]ne in Oxon Iune 11. 1664.⟩ VIVAT REX.

Sapienti pauca.

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