The Willow Green turned Into VVhite; Or, the young Man's Joy and the Maids delight.
Being the Maids kind and Loving Answer, to the distressed Lovers Complaint.

Wherein she plainly shews in every part,
How he is the Man that doth enjoy her heart,
Though first she seem'd disloyal for to prove
Was only but to try his constant Love;
But now most lovingly unto him she is seen,
And she bids him never fear wearing the Willow Green,
Tune is, My Love sleeps on another Mans Pillow. Or, The Willow Green, &c.
WHat ails my Love to be so sad,
why art thou troubled so in mind,
I am come now to make thee glad,
to thee I will prove true and kind;
Then cast aw [...]y all sorrow and care,
and be joyful as thou hast been,
Chear up[?] thy heart and do not fear
[...] shalt not wear the Willow green.
I am come to fulfil thy wishes:
as thou shalt find immediately
Come now and take a hundred kisses;
In token of my love to thee.
Although thy woes at first séemed double
yet let sorrow no more be seen,
I now will free thee from the trouble,
Of wearing the Willow Green.
Although long time we have béen parted,
twas but thy constancy to prove,
Now I'le be Loyal and true hearted,
unto thée my own true Love.
No man that li [...]es on English Ground,
shall e're my true-Love from thee win,
If I m [...] gain five hundred p [...]und,
my Love shall not wear the willow green.
What though I shew'd my self unconstant,
to thee at fi [...]st and seemed coy.
Yet thou shalt find by this ins [...]ant,
I will be thy only j [...]y:
Then preth [...]e dearest Love content thee,
and be not sad as thou hast been,
For I am resolved to [...] thee
From wearing the willow green.
Tis thou art him that I love best,
above all men that e [...]e I I sée,
I am the maid I do protest
that will prove constant unto thee.
I love thee dearer then Gold ar Pearl
No Riches ever shall me win,
If I might have a Lord or Earl▪
my Love should not wear the Willow green.
I have been woo'd by many a Gallant,
which would have gladly wedded me,
But I have r [...]fused both Gold and talent
all for the Love I bear to thee:
Many called me their joy and hony,
hoping my favour too to win.
But no Man shall cause me with Money
to make thee wear the Willow green.
Although thou blamest me to be cruel,
and hard-hearted unto thee,
Yet now I'le be thy only j [...]wel
and love no man but only thee,
Thy Love-sick Suit is fully granted,
faithful ever I'le be seen,
True Love in me shall nere be wanted
therefore cast off the Willow green.
Then prethee Love make no delay,
let's not our precious time withstand
Come let us to the Church away,
and there be joyned hand in hand,
We'l live as loving as any two
That ever in the Land was seen,
Therefore my dearest bid adieu,
for ever wearing the Willow green.
At this the young man rejoyced greatly.
to hear his Sweet-heart [...] kind Reply
He then imbraced her most neatly
with kisses then so lovingly:
They went unto a Priest with spéed,
in a brave manner as e're was seen.
Where as they Married was in deed,
now he cast off the Willow green.
So lovers all I bid adieu,
I pray much of my Verses make
These Lines I here present to you,
where in you may a pattern take,
I wish you may continue long,
is Pleasure, Comfort, and Delight,
And theres an end of my new Song.
call'd the Willow green, turn'd into White.

Printed for F.Coles, T.Vere, J. Wright and J. Clarke.

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