By the King and Queen, A PROCLAMATION.


THe King and Queens most Excellent Majesties taking into Their Princely Consideration, That the Holding the next Assizes for the several Counties of this Kingdom at the Days and Times first intended, might greatly obstruct the good Endeavours of Their Ma­jesties Subjects, for the Common Defence of the Kingdom at this time of Invasion by the French, and desiring Graciously to Pro­vide that Their good People may not suffer in their Private Affairs, whilst they are so unanimously attending the Service and Safety of the Publick ; Their Majesties therefore, by the Advice of Their Privy Council, having thought sit to Command Their Judges of the re­spective Circuits, to Appoint other more convenient Times for Holding the said Assizes; And in Obedience thereunto, the Judges having ap­pointed the Times and Places of Holding the same in manner following ; That is to say,

Home Circuit.
    • Lord Chief Justice Holt.
    • Mr. Justice Rokeby.
  • Hertford, Monday 1 Sept. at the Town of Hert­ford.
  • Essex, Wednesday 3 Sept. at Chelmsford.
  • Surrey, Monday 8 Sept. at Kingston upon Thames.
  • Sussex, Thursday 11 Sept. at Horsham.
  • Kent, Tuesday 16 Sept. at Maidston.
Norfolk Circuit.
    • Mr. Baron Nevill.
    • Mr. Baron Turton.
  • Bucks; Wednesday 10 Septemb. at Aylesbury.
  • Bedford, Friday 12 Septemb. at Bedford.
  • Huntingdon, Monday 15 Septemb. at Hunting­don.
  • Cambridge, Tuesday 16 Septemb. at Cambridge.
  • Suffolk, Thursday 18 Septemb. at St. Edmonds­bury.
  • Norfolk, Tuesday 23 Septemb. at Norwich.
  • City of Norwich, the same day at the New Hall of the same City.
Midland Circuit.
    • Lord Chief Justice Pollexfen.
    • Mr. Baron Letchmere.
  • Northampton, Tuesday 26 August at Northamp­ton.
  • Rutland, Friday 29 August at Oakham.
  • Lincoln, Monday 1 Sept. at the Castle of Lincoln.
  • City of Lincoln, the same day in the City of Lin­coln.
  • Nottingham, Friday 5 Septemb. at Nottingham.
  • Town of Nottingham, the same day at the Town of Nottingham.
  • Derby, Monday 8 September at Derby.
  • Leicester, Friday 12 September at the Castle of Leicester.
  • Borough of Leicester, the same day in the Bor­rough of Leicester.
  • Coventry City, Monday 15 Sept. in the City of Coventry.
  • Warwick, Tuesday 16 September at Warwick.
Northern Circuit.
    • Mr. Justice Dolben.
    • Mr. Justice Powell.
  • Lancaster, Friday 22 August at the Castle of Lancaster.
  • Westmorland, Thursday 28 August at Appleby.
  • Cumberland, Saturday 30 August at the City of Carlisle.
  • Town of Newcastle upon Tyne, Thursday 4 September at the Guild-hall of the Town of of Newcastle upon Tyne.
  • Northumberland, the same day at the Castle of Newcastle upon Tyne.
  • Durham, Monday 8 September at Durham.
  • City of York, Friday 12 September at the Guild­hall of the City of York.
  • York, the same day at the Castle of York.
Oxford Circuit.
    • Lord Chief Baron Aitkins.
    • Mr. Justice Eyre.
  • Berks, Monday 25 August at Reading.
  • Oxan. Wednesday 27 August at Oxford.
  • Gloucester, Saturday 30 August at Gloucester.
  • City of Gloucester, the same day at the City of Gloucester.
  • Monmouth, Thursday 4 Sept. at Monmouth.
  • Hereford, Saturday 6 Sept. at Hereford.
  • Salop, Thursday 11 Sept. at Shrewsbury.
  • Stafford, Tuesday 16 Septemb. at Stafford.
  • Worcester, Saturday 20 Sept. at Worcester.
  • City of Worcester, the same day at the City of Worcester.
Western Circuit.
    • Mr. Justice Gregory.
    • Mr. Justice Ventris.
  • Southampton, Wednesday 27 August at the Castle of Winchester.
  • Wilts, Saturday 30 August at New Sarum.
  • Dorset, Wednesday 3 September at Sherborne.
  • Cornwall, Wednesday 10 September at Launceston.
  • City of Exon, Tuesday 16 September at the Guild-hall of the City of Exeter.
  • Devon, the same day at the Castle of Exeter in the County of Devon.
  • Somerset, Wednesday 24 September at the City of Wells.
  • City of Bristol, Saturday 27 September at the Guild-hall of the City of Bristol.

It is therefore Their Majesties Pleasure, That all Their Loving Subjects be Discharged from Attendance at the Assizes, Sessions of Oyer and Terminer, and General Goal Delivery, at any other times than as herein before is particularly mentioned. And all and singular Mayors, She­riffs, Bayliffs, Constables, Head-boroughs, and all other Their Majesties Officers, Ministers and Subjects whatsoever whom it may concern, are required to take notice hereof, and govern themselves accordingly. Provided always, and Their Majesties are hereby Graciously pleased to Direct and Command, That no more or further Fees or Charges shall be paid by any of Their Majesties Subjects, for or by reason of the Alte­ring, Amending, Renewing or Sealing of any Writs or Records of Nisi prius, or other Process or Records, on occasion of this Proclamation.

God Save King William and Queen Mary.

Printed at London, and Re-printed at Edinburgh by the Heir of Andrew Anderson, Printer to the King and Queens most Excellent Majesties. 1690.

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