To an Excellent new sweet Tune, [...] where Helen lyes.
MY sweetest sweet and fairest fair,
of birth and worth beyond compare
Thou art the causer of my care
since first I loved thee:
I would I were where H [...]len lyes.
where Helen lyes, where Helen lyes,
For night and day on me she cryes,
in land where ever she be.
Thy face is full of blessedness,
thy lips is full of comliness,
Thou cou [...]tenance is loveliness:
[...] heart O I pitie me;
I [...]ould I were, &c.
Pitie and vertue they do meet.
which makes thy body so compleat,
The love of thee my only sweet
can only comfort me.
I would I were, &c.
Yet GOD hath given to me a mind,
the which to thee shal prove as kind,
A [...] any one that thou shall find,
of high or low degree.
I would I were, &c.
Yet nevertheless I am content,
and never a whit my love repent,
But think the time it was well spent
though I disdained be.
I would I wrere, &c.
Yet Venus loved a shepherds swain,
whose name is called Ordemain,
And Rosmount an inferior man,
why may not thou love me?
I would I were &c.
[...] contemplation be to me,
the height of my felicitie?
Shat I adore a Deitie,
can no wayes passed be?
would I were &c.
Shal I continue still to love,
whom neither tears nor sighs can move:
[...]uch constancie will fullie prove
no truth but flatterie
would I were, &c.
[...]he shaldest river makes most dine,
[...]the deepest pool, the deadest lin-
[...]be richest man least truth within,
though he preferred be,
would I were, &c.
The Eagle and the Cock a match,
cannot stop the Butterflie to catch,
[...]or can the Hare feed with the Ratch,
no more canst thou love me.
would I were &c.
[...]ur here I swear I'le be as true
as any one shal favour you
[...]he love I love I'le never rue
untill the day I die.
would I were, &c.
[...] heart with thee thou hast in [...]
with thee to live and also dye
love thee for thy constanc [...]
and evermore shall do,
would I were, &c.
[...]o accident can have the f [...]
to change my love or yet [...]
[...]or can the world with its dross,
[...]inner my love from you.
would I were, &c.
O Helen fa [...], without compare
let not [...] dispare, nor killing care,
My purebe [...]t tear but one word ma [...]e,
and [...] thou pities me.
I would I were, &c.
O Helen [...]eet and [...]ost compleat,
my capt [...] sp [...]rit pyne at thy feet,
O think no [...] fit thus for to treat,
thy prisoner with crueltie.
I would I were, &c.
O Helen br [...]ve this still I crave,
on thy poor slave some pity have
O do him save who a near his grave,
and dies for love of thee,
I would I were &c.
O Helen bed discreet, modest,
who is possest with [...] is blest;
With happines thou art [...]rest,
Oh if I [...]er with [...].
I would I were &c.
O Helen wise do not dispise
the humb [...] cryes of him who dyes,
Look where he lyes and bid him rise,
and live and hope for thee.
I would I were &c.
O Helen great in my conceit,
my ridged fate I must regra
Rigour abate, do not him hate;
who loves thee till he die.
I would I were, &c.
O Helen [...] my love my joy,
[...] thee.
I would I [...], &c.
O He [...] [...] my wounds bleed fast
my [...], and makes hast great,
Thou [...] [...]ast when time is past,
repent thy cruelty
I would I were, &c.
O Helen fai [...] [...] Hele [...]et,
O Helen [...], O Helen best,
O Helen wiser, O Helen great,
O Helen coy and [...].
I would I were, &c.
Think on the place wer [...]
imbracing of my love [...]
At Venus [...] hath [...]
but now I [...]
I would I were, &c.
O Helen rare O Helen fair,
I'le wear a Garland of thy hair,
Shal cover [...]
untill the day I die.
I would I were, &c.
O that I were where I would be,
e [...]en [...] beneath you [...] mood [...],
And my own [...]eary on my [...]
so well as [...] thou'd [...]
I would I were where Helen lyes
[...] Helen lyes, where Helen lyes
[...] and day on m [...] she cryes
[...] where ever she be

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