Tertullus Christianus, Or Thanks for the Kings Indulgence, with a Rebuke of Ingratitude.

BE gone Sarcastick Harpyes and your Spawns,
Hence ye rough Satyrs, and ye flattering Fawns:
Cynicks avast, whose wits composed be
Of Chymick drugs, Salt, Sulphur, Mercury.
Whilst joyful Non-conformists welcome in
Their year of Jubilee with cheerful din;
And with a Clang sent from the Silver Trump
Blow joy to friends, and strike into a dump
Repining Foes Come, sound aloud, and clear;
Let no harsh jarring in your notes appear.
Conform in this : Transports of gladness shall
Pass for Fanaticism Venial.
Confinement to a Cage and place obscure
To sing well now must needs have taught you sure.
If Memnons broken statue, by the ray
Of rising Phaebus warm'd the harp could play;
And if Drebellus Organs, thaw'd alone
By the Suns heat, gave a melodious tone;
What? shall not we, when, such a Light is shewn,
Prove that our Instruments are right in tune?
A Light, like that which Peters Angel brought,
(And which the same Celestial power hath wrought)
Whose piercing Lustre hath dissolv'd our chains.
And th' Iron-gate relaxed without pains.
Setting us Gratis in the open street
O [...] Liberty, with clear unshackled feet.
Look now but up, and see a brighter Scene,
How the Wrack rides, and Heavens are made serene
By Royal breath; The Sun with free aspect
Doth equal light and warmth to all project.
The Floods are calm'd, the swelling Surges cease,
Asswag'd by powerful Trident; that in peace
The Halcyons now may build their nests.—But oh,
What mean yon ominous Porpus to and fro,
Lifting their swarthy backs above the Main,
As if they did predict some Hurricane
Or dreadful Tempest? which way stands the wind?
South East by East. That Quarter is unkind;
But yet me thinks the sky looks very clear,
Within the Compass of our Hemisphear.
Take the Perspective then, contract your eye.
Well, now a little cloud I do descry
Like a Mans hand stretcht out, (here Like's the same)
A great way off, towards the Mediterrane.
Why, this same Cloud, unless you hasten in,
Will all 'orecast, and wet you to the skin.
How skill you that? Perhaps 'twill disappear
In time, or meetly turn to wind: how 'ere
We'r in good safty yet, if't come no near.
Why? hear you not what France of late hath done?
How they've a Channell cut from the Garown
To the Levant? an expeditious way,
VVhereby the Bridge-maker of Thymbris may
Convey materials to our narrow Seas,
And let in such Philistines as he please
By such a Bridge, as Xerxes numerous hoast
Discharg'd themselves upon the Thracian coast,
VVell, stay but till you see his Gallies float,
And then perhaps in a small Fishers Boat,
Like him, he'l backward Cross the Ocean,
As right Successor to a Fisherman.
But why such strange surmizes? sure ye be
Slipt from the discipline of Agape.
Ha's the late signal Favour merited
No better sentiments, or judgement bred?
The Pope must come, because it may be so;
He'l thrust-in's body, where he gets-in's Toe.
Is Charls and James, and great Eliza's name
Grown Cyphers then, d'ye think? away for shame,
And keep your May-bees closs, nor let them swarm
So soon; you'l find their stings will do much harm,
And many inward swellings cause, whose rage
Honey alone, and sweetness will asswage.
VVould you that Shem and Japhet slight the Ark,
Because a Cham himself doth there imbark?
Or should the Sheep and Doves have kept away
Because it harbour'd VVolves and Birds of prey?
VVhere Prudence rules affairs, all will do well,
And noxious things are kept within their Cell.
VVell aim'd that ancient Sage, who said or sung,
Each thing two Handles had, a right and wrong:
You think perhaps by your lefthanded slights
T'augment the number of the Benjamites;
But hit aright, I guess, you never will,
No gain their glory by your awkard skill.
VVhat wayward mood incites you to catch hold
Of the hot end, when you may take the cold?
Forbear in time, 'twill scortch your hands, I wis;
Spit but on't first, and you shall find it hiss.
This is like Moses Rod; offer to take
It by the head, 'twill prove a biting snake;
Catch th'end that's tractable, 'twill straight commence
A staffe both for support, and for defence,
And may perhaps, if rightly us'd, no less
Then his in time effect strange miracles
Do not like peevish Children then refuse
The profferd good, which you deny'd would chuse;
Nor shew your selves such idiot Rustick folk
To chew the wrong end of the Artichoak;
Nor yet such Cockneys, as your mouths to rake
With awnes of wheat, when you the grain may take.
Believe a Friend, you'l make him so: and this
May prove the Prodrome of a greater bliss.
Retire a while; Let those that dread the title
Of New-Phanaticks, shew their skill a little.
And furbish th ir'Artillery, to contest
With this new Romish, or Romantick Beast.
Let them with their ador'd Rati [...]cination
Combate this Monster of their own Creation:
Forbear, good Pope, and keep beyond the Sea;
Thou'rt kil'd already in Effigie.
Or if to vent their passion they but mean?
'Twill serve in time t'evacuate their spleen.
Whilst our Tertullus, fraught with gratitude,
Doth with his old Preamble now conclude,
Since we by Thee great quietness enjoy,
Nor Poenall Laws for Conscience us annoy,
But very worthy deeds Thou dost dispense
Unto this Nation, by thy providence,
We always do accept so great Redress,
Most Noble Felix, with all thankfulness.
Deus nobis haec otia fecit.
W. W.

Printed in the year 1672.

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