The West-Country Lawyer: OR, The Witty Maids Good Fortune;

Who wisely maintain'd her Virginity against the golden Assaults of the Lawyer, who at length married her to her Hearts Content.

To the Tune of, The Baffled Knight.

Licensed according to Order.

A Youthfull Lawyer fine and gay,
was riding unto the City,
Who met a Damsel on the way
right beautifull, fair, and witty.
Good morrow then, the Lawyer cry'd,
I prithee where art thou going?
Quoth she, to yonder Meadows side,
my Father is there a mowing.
Straight from his Horse he did alight,
and as he was going to her,
The Maid immediately took flight,
for fear that he would undo her.
But he run like a nimble Deer,
untill he did overtake her;
And then he whisper'd in her Ear,
a Lady he'd surely make her.
If he might but enjoy the bliss
a minute or two of Pleasure;
Then as a Pledge I'll give thee this,
a handfull of Golden Treasure.
Said she, I value not your Gold,
and therefore I pray be civil,
My Maiden head shall ne'er be sold
for Mony, the Root of Evil.
I'd sooner be a Plough-man's Bride,
and sit at my Wheel a spinning;
Than be a Lawyer's Jilt, she cry'd,
to live by the Trade of Sinning.
Tush, said the Lawyer, Be not coy,
Let's fall to our Love's Embraces
A silken Gown thou shalt enjoy,
with Bracelet, Rings and Laces.
Your silken G [...]wn I do disdain,
although I have mean Relation,
I am resolved to maintain
my innocent Reputation.
If thou wilt but to London go,
I'll honour thee like a Lady:
But still the Damsel answer'd no,
I am happy enough already.
You talk of Glory, State and Fame,
and how I shall be attended;
But, Sir, I am not for your Game,
so let the Discourse be ended.
Pray save your Breath and Money too,
I like not your way of Wooing;
There is too many such as you
that brings the young Maids to ruin.
I'll keep my pure Virginity,
till Marriage is my Pleasure;
For, Sir, said she, 'tis more to me
than missions of Gold and Treasure.
He found her so discreet and wise,
in every ready Answer,
That he her Charms did highly prize,
and vow'd he wou'd soon advance her.
Unto her Parents he did go,
where he did their Love require:
Then was she cloath'd from Top to Toe
in costly rich Attire.
Next day the Gordian Knot was ty'd,
and many was at the Marriage;
When she appear'd an Angel bright,
for Beauty and comely Carriage.
you Lasses all, I pray you mind,
to whom I have told this Story;
Be carefull that you an't too kind,
for fear you should blast your Glory.
Had she been soon to Folly lead,
and for a small Spell consented;
She might have lost her Maiden-head,
and when it was gone, lamented.
But now she is a Lawyer's Wife,
her Husband do's dearly love her;
So that she leads a happy Life.
there's few in the Town above her.

Printed for J. Deacon, at the Angel, in Gilt-spur-street.

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