The Water of Talk, With divers Essences and Rarities.

THere is now made by that Famous Italian PECƲNE, a Water of Talk, and Pearl, the Clearest and Brightest of all Waters; and is of that exellent quality for Beautifying the Face, that in a short time will turn the Brownest Complexion to a lovely White. It takes away Freckles, Scurff, and Morphey, &c. makes the Skin smooth and soft, illustrates Beauty to Admiration; and it is now used by most Persons of Quality in England, it being of that excellent Vertue, that the longer it is kept, the better it is.

If any persons Faces are Wrincled, or damaged by using poysonous Powders, which are too frequent in this Age, this Water will not only bring them to their former Complexion, but create Beauty where Nature has been defective, as it hath been experienced by many Persons of Quality, who have been at the Charge of sending many Leagus for it.

He has an excellent Water, that takes away the redness of the Face, with all its defects. Also an excellent Oyntment, that infallibly takes away all marks or scarrs of the Small-Pox out of the Face.

Also a Water that fastens Hair that is falling, and makes it grow very thick; It will bring hair on a Bald-head, if the Party be not too old.

He hath also an excellent Oyntment, that taketh off the Hair from any part, that it shall never grow again.

Also an Excellent Water to make the Hair Curl.

Also Pomatum made of several Oyles, which is rare good for cleaning the Face, and taking out Wrincles.

Also Fore-head Pieces, to take Wrincles out of the Fore-head, which are to be worn at nights.

Also a Salve, that heals all Sores or Chops in the Lips, and makes them smooth and soft, and gives them a good Colour.

He hath a rare Powder for the Teeth, prevents them from decaying, takes off the Rottenness, and makes them white. If any Persons are troubled with an Unsavoury Breath, occasioned by the Fumes of the Stomach, he cureth them in a short time. Likewise you may have Talk finely prepared, both Ro­man and English. And any other Wash made, as Myrrh-Water, May-Dew sublimated, or Blossom-Water, called the French-Wash, with many more herein omitted.

Also excellent Pastes for the Hands, which makes them white, soft and smooth, to Admiration.

He hath likewise Oyles, Essences, Perfumes, and Sweet-Powders, with several other Rarities. Also PECƲNE'S Book of Secrets.

Also ready drawn Spirit of Mint and Saffron, Spirit of Orange, pleasant and very excellent good against the Scurvey; Rosa Solis, made the Italian way, most excellent in a Consumption, and a High Cordial, the pleasantest of all Liquors.

There is another Person, who has lately set forth Bills, Entituled, The Fountain of Beauties; who does pretend to something of this Nature, but nothing to the Purpose; he being only taken in by me for sometime as my Servent, till he thought he bad gained experience enough, then ran away in my Debt, and is now gone further distant to deceive others.

YOU may be pleased to repair to the Green-Bill in Blew-Ball Court, over against the Ship-Tavern in Salisbury-Court, in Fleet-street; Or at the Green-Ball in Chiswel-street, turning, up Bun-hill, over against the Corner of the Artillery-wall, next door to the Anchor; where liveth a Gentlewoman that will furnish you with the aforesaid Commodities.

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