The Vermous MAID's RESOLUTION: OR, The two Honest LOVERS.

Showing what Unconstant Men there be,
That oft Deceit and [...]la [...]tery
They'll cog, [...]issemble, swear and lye,
A Harmless MAIDEN's Life to try;
To all such Lovers she'll be coy
And says. My Freedom's all my Joy.
To the Tune of, I am a poor and harmless Maid, &c.
In a melancholy passion I
was walking [...] side,
A gallant Damsel I did say,
a lute the ha lay by her side,
Which up she took and did sing and play,
That in her freedom was all her joy,
O in my freedom's all my joy.
I stept aside because [...] hear
the full conclusion of her Song
Her musick [...] mine ear.
as on the [...] I lay along,
Then did she [...] play.
O in my freedom's all my joy.
I am [...] and harmless Maid
and some are pleas'd to [...] me fair,
There's [...] Man yet hath ambush laid,
to catch me, but I break the same:
What though they [...]unt [...] [...]oy,
Yet in my freedom's all my joy.
[...] young Men have alluring words.
poor al [...] Maidens to betray,
Such complements they can afford,
that [...] can hardly say them nay:
But [...] them [...] me and [...]
O in my freedom's all my joy.
With oathe and protestations great,
sometimes they seek to [...] their [...],
When all the while their [...],
for to obtain their wanton will:
And seek their utmost to [...]
Our utmost all and our chiefest joy.
With amorous words and speeches fair,
they'll promise that they ne'r will do,
But of such [...]oun [...]
for fear I afterwards
What though [...] and coy
Yet in my freedom's all my joy,
Yet in my freedom's all my joy.
Alluring baits also they have,
as silver bodkins, gloves, and rings,
Wich girdles, features, and jewels brave,
and many other costly things:
But those silver hooks shall ne'r destro
For in my freedom's all my joy.
Whatsoever they give, talk, or [...]an,
I'll ne'r believe them e'er the more,
These [...]hing words shall not me betray
I'll stand to what I said before,
Although they count me nice and coy, &c.
Yet I could quickly be in love,
if I an honest Man could find,
That would once true and constant prove
and not be [...] live the wind;
A little time I will be coy, &c.
Here in this second Part you'l find,
a Husband pleasing to her mind;
This [...] Maid hath one obtain'd,
though long, at last her love was gain'd,
She faith her [...] obey,
And in [...] love shall be her joy.
And thus she did conclude her Song,
which having done, I up did rise,
My heart was struck with love so strong,
her beauty dazled doth mine eyes,
My freedom then should destroy,
[...] her love was all my joy.
When she espy'd me where I was,
she rose and would no longer stay,
I srept unto then, because
my heart she bore with her away:
Fair Maid, said I, do not destroy
My freedom, and my th [...]efe [...] joy,
She blushing then, to me did say,
I do [...] no company.
Fair Maid, said I, O say not nay,
to him that means no [...]:
You have my heart, O be not coy,
In you is all my earthly joy.
Sweet heart, said I, few words I use,
but what I speak is from my heart
I scorn your vertue to abuse,
then grant me love e'er I depart:
Your freedom [...] not destroy,
For in your love is all my joy.
with that she took me by the hand,
and led me [...] by the river side,
If that you [...] and [...],
quoth she, [...] I'll be your Bride.
Then [...] did sing and play,
Be constant, and all be the joy.
I then made bold to crave a kiss,
which modestly she to me gave.
I took it for a heavenly bliss,
her comely [...]ure was so brave:
I thought it long to see the day,
Wherein I might my Love enjoy.
But to conclude, we married were.
I have obtain'd a [...] Wife,
And at the last I [...]
what the to [...]
[...] at [...] she [...] coy,
She calls me now her [...] joy.
Young Men and Maids where e'er you be,
that hear this song, [...] you [...]
A Pattern by our civility
then Love is true, you may discern,
For them that seek for to destroy
Your freedom, &c.
Vertue beyond all [...]
but [...] that [...]
Only for [...]
for [...]
A vertuous [...]
Your freedom, but will be your joy.

LONDON: Printed by and for W. O. for A. M. and are sold by J. D [...]

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