THE Ungrateful Rebel; OR, Gracious Clemency Rewarded with Villany.

Tune of, The Turn-Coat of the Times.
HEre is a disloyal Tutch,
Now newly come from the Dutch,
Of one that has acted much;
And of the Factious breed,
He was in the West indeed,
Now b [...]tter to Hang than feed;
His Pardon he did obtain,
And now he is gone again,
To joyn with the Dutch;
And have t'other tutch,
Is this not a Rogue in grain?
He did a Letter send,
Vnto an old Factious Friend,
And these was the Lines he penn'd
Allegiance now give o're,
And come to the West once more,
Here's Silver and Gold Gillore,
Ne'er stand in the least to pause,
Or startle at breach of Laws,
But venter your Neck,
It is but a check,
Stand up for the good old Cause.
To my Credit be it spoke,
I kept a Shop, but I broke,
And vanisht away in smoak;
My Creditors great and small,
I'faith I have paid them all,
But gave them no Coin at all,
And now I am gone to fight,
And whether't be wrong or right,
I cry'd down the Pope,
But 'tis with that hope,
To get a good Booty by't.
Though we a Rebellion make,
And Heavenly Laws do break,
It is for Religions sake;
And therefore we proceed,
To make the whole Nation bleed,
And count it a righteous deed:
When ever I do draw nigh,
Great Persons of Loyalty,
Is I am a Knave,
Their Treasure I crave;
For Riffling who but I.
We rally and march about,
To find the Rich Romans out,
Then put them all to the rout,
Nay, any Protestant Lord,
If with us he won't accord,
We'll presently fall aboard;
For being both stout and strong,
We will not stand parling long:
If Loyal he be,
'Tis all one to[?] we,
We'll Plunder him right or wrong.
To take off the Nations Yoke,
Religion is made a Cloak,
To cover the fatal stroak,
But for my part alone,
Religion I ne're had none,
Except to disturb the Throne:
With Orange now brisk and trim
I venture both Life and Limb,
And if the great Turk,
Wou'd set me at work,
I would do as much for him.

Printed for N. Sliggen.

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