TYBƲRN's Courteous Invitation TO TITUS OATES.

OH! name it once again; will Titus come?
My dearest, hopeful, that long-wish'd for One,
For whom my Triple Arms extended were,
(To hug with close Embraces) many a year.
Hast! hast! my choicest Darling, whom I love,
And thy long-promis'd kindness let me prove.
That Right Thou plead'st for, which indeed's thy due,
Though Others I've deny'd, I'll grant it You:
The World shall find I willingly will bear,
And dance thy Carcase 'twixt the Earth and Air.
In Hemp'n-string I'll lull thee fast asleep,
And prevent all the Dangers of the Deep.
Oh, how I love thee! 'cause I've heard thou'st been
So well acquainted with all kinds of Sin,
And, with a false and strange Religious Guise,
Destroy'd the Innocent, abus'd the Wise.
What crafty Lessons didst thou teach to men!
How to Rebell, and told the time best when;
Urg'd to Exclude a Right and Lawful Heir,
Unthrone a King, and swore away a Peer.
Thy Zeal through two-inch-Boards was plainly seen,
When Satan prompt thee t'swear against the QUEEN:
Besides those many guiltless Souls that dy'd
A Sacrifice to thy Lucif [...]rian Pride.
Yet, yet, beloved Titus, my dear Son,
(Reputed SAVIOUR, for thy Mercies shewn,)
There's something still does add to make the Great,
Thy Blasphemy, thy Perjury; and yet
With Buggery
methinks I am well pleas'd,
Though done by force, for then thy Pocket's eas'd.
By many other Favours Thou hast shewn,
And well maist claim my Palace as thine own:
Thou'lt find me kinder far than Courtiers; I
Will never turn thee out until thou die:
And, since White-hall has left thee, I'll provide
That Lodging for Thee, where old Noll was ty'd.

EDINBƲRGH, Re-printed by the Heir of Andrew Anderson, Printer to His Most Sacred Majesty: Anno DOM▪ 1684.

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