TYBURN's Courteous Invitation TO TITUS OATES.

OH! name it once again; will Titus come?
My dearest, hopeful, that long-wish'd for One,
For whom my Triple Arms extended were,
(To hug with close Embraces) many a year.
Hast! hast! my choicest Darling, whom I love,
And thy long-promis'd kindness let me prove.
That Right Thou plead'st for, which indeed's thy due,
Though Others I've deny'd, I'll grant it You:
The World shall find I willingly will bear,
And dance thy Carcass 'twixt the Earth and Air.
In Hemp'n-string I'll lull thee fast asleep,
And prevent all the Dangers of the Deep.
Oh, how I love thee! 'cause I've heard thou'st been
So well acquainted with all kinds of Sin,
And, with a false and strange Religious Guise,
Destroy'd the Innocent, abus'd the Wise.
What crafty Lessons didst thou teach to men!
How to Rebell, and told the time best when;
Urg'd to Exclude a Right and Lawful Heir,
Unthrone a King, and swore away a Peer.
Thy Zeal through two-inch-Boards was plainly seen,
When Satan prompt thee t'swear against the QUEEN:
Besides those many guiltless Souls that dy'd
A Sacrifice to thy Lucif'rian Pride.
Yet, yet, beloved Titus, my dear Son,
(Reputed SAVIOUR, for thy Mercies shewn,)
There's something still does add to make thee Great,
Thy Blasphemy, thy Perjury; and yet
With Buggery methinks I am well pleas'd,
Though done by force, for then thy Pocket's eas'd.
By many other Favours Thou hast shewn,
And well maist claim my Palace as thine own:
Thou'lt find me kinder far than Courtiers; I
will never turn thee out until thou die:
And, since White-hall has left thee, I'll provide
That Lodging for Thee, where old Noll was ty'd.

Printed by N. T. at the Entrance into the Old-Spring-Garden, 1684.

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