The Two Loyal LOVERS, Sweet William and Coy Susan.

William in Love but Susan was Coy,
And would not yield at first to be his Joy,
But at last to rid him out of pain,
She granted to him Love for Love again.
To the Tune of, Let Ceasar live long,

Licensed according to Order.

WEll met my sweet Susan, whom I do adore,
I have not beheld thee this twelve-month & more,
I never expected to see thee again,
Ah I how can you slight me with scorn and disdain?
Love wast thou but loyal, I happy should be,
For every moment my thoughts is on thee.
My Love is intire in Susan my dear,
But who wou'd a thought to have met with thee here?
Sure Fortune affords a favour in this,
To send thee my Iewel, in every kiss
Create a desire more happy to be,
For every moment, &c.
In thee my sweet Creature I place my delight,
For thou art adorned with Beauty so bright,
That none can excel thee since thou art so fair,
Be kind and not cruel, for woful dispair,
May ruine thy Lover, whose sorrow you see,
For every moment, &c.
There's many a Damsel wou'd fain be my Bride,
Young Nelly, and Nancy, and Sarah beside,
Nay Prudence, and Dolly, likewise honest Joan,
All these I must tell you, for me make their moan,
But I am thy Captive and cannot be free.
Since every moment my thoughts are on thee.

The Second Part,

to the same Tune.
I pray you be quiet sweet William, she said,
I am not a weary of living a Maid:
For House-keeping is chargable, Rent it is dear,
I do not intend to be Marry'd this year.
Take this for an answer, and keep your self free,
And let not your fancy be fixed on me.
For should we be Marry'd, we soon may enlarge
Our greif, with our sorrows, our trouble and charge,
Besides I must tell you, 'tis not for a day,
A Month, nor a Year, but for ever and aye:
Therefore be advized, and keep your self free,
And let not your fancy, &c.
Let none of those Iealousies trouble my Dear,
For I will provide for thee, Love, do not fear,
I daily will by my industrous care,
Provide for my Iewel, no labour I'll spare:
Then prithee de loving and let us agree,
For every moment, &c.
And though it is true, we may have no great store,
Yet if we can keep but the Woolf from the door,
With what I do earn, for I'll carefully save,
And doing of this love, what more would we have
But to live in love, and likewise Unity,
For all my delights are now fixed on thee.
Now when he had told her his honest intent,
She could not deny him, but gave her consent:
Their love in abundance they freely reveal'd,
Though once she deny'd him, at length she did yield
To be his most tender and dear loving Spouse,
With many sweet Kisses they sealed their Vows.

Printed for I. Blare, at the Sign of the Lookings Glass, on London-Bridge.

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