I Beleeve in one Almighty GOD, Gen. 1.1. Prov. 16.4. Creator and maker of all things, 1 Iohn 5:7. distinguished in three, Father, Sonne, and Holy Ghost: ioh. 10.30: Ioh. 5.7. but not div­ded, Gen. 12. Ioh. 1.1, 2, 3. all working together in the Creation, Redemption, Psal. 97.10. Phil. 4.7. preserva­tion, Tit. and salvation of Man. The Son our Lord Jesus Christ, Col. 2.9 Mat 1.23. GOD 1 Tim. 2.5. Act. 2.2 3. He. 7.2 4. and Man; 1 Ioh. 49. Ioh. 3.17. begotten and sent by the Father; Isay 7 14. Luk. 2.7. conceived and born of the Virgin Mary, Ioh. 11.48. Iohn suffered under the Roman power, Pilate being Iudge; Mat. 27.35. crucified, Ioh. 19.23. dead, Luk. 23.43.46. and his soule immediately received by God his Father, Iohn 19.41, 42. and his body buri­ed; 1 Cor. 15.4. rose againe the third day according to the Scriptures; Act. 1.9, 10.11. Juh. 20.17. and ascended into heaven; Heb. 1.3. sits at the right hand of God; Act. 3.21. whom the heavens must contain for a time; 1 Joh. 20.12. Joh 1.29. in whom all our sins are forgiven; 1 Thef. 4.16 17.0 and from thence he shall come to judge the living and the dead; Mat. 25.32 before whom every one shall appeare, Mat. 12.36. to give an account Gen 6.5.1 Cor. 3.20. of every evill thought, Mat. 12.36. Exo. 20.7. Mat. 5.34.35. idle word, 36.37. Iam. 1.26. vaine oath, and Rev. 22.12. Mat. 25.41.45, 46. wicked action. And I beleeve in the Holy Ghost, Ioh. 14.26. Ioh. 15.26. Ioh. 16.13. sent by the Father and the Sonne to teach and leade Col. 3.12.1 pet. 1.2.19, 20. his Elect in all truth Reve. 1, 11. Gal. 1.2. instituting by his Apostles particular Churches here on earth, and no other; 1 Co. Psal. every ordinance of God belonging to every one of them; 49.7, 8, 9. 12 Cor. 12, 13. all of equall authority, no one be­ing greater or lesser then other, either in power or priviledges; Ioh. 15.10.14. Ioh 5.39. who must serve him as he hath commanded in his holy Scriptures; Rev. 22.18. Dett 5.32. Mat. 28.20. both in Ordinances, Col. 2.5.1 Cor. 14.40.1 Cor. 15.2. Levi. 10.1, 2.1 Chro. Chro. 15.13. Num. 15.16. and Order, 2 Tim. 1.13, 14. Mat. 9.22. Mar. 16.16. He. 116. in their own Faith; 1 Tim. 1.19.1 Ioh. 3.20. with apure conscience; He. 10.25. Mat. 18.17, 18, 19, 20. all Beleevers being bound in duty to have and hold communion in some one of them: Acts 6.2, 3.5. Act. 14.23. Act E:c. 33.2. Num. 8.10 and that every Church hath power from GOD to elect and ordaine their own Officers, 2 Cor. 2.7.8 g loh. 10. receive in Beleevers, Mat. 18.17, 18, 19, 20, 1 Cor. 5.12, 13. Acts 11.2, 3, 4. and Excom­municate any one of them that lives in transgression, without the help or assistance of any; Rom. 2.11. Deut. 1.17. Iam. 2.9. Acts 11.3, 3, 4 no one member being more free then another Ro. 13.2, 3, 4, 5. Exo. 20.12. Ephef. 6.5. S.

And I beleeve I am bound in conscience to God to honour and obey my Father, Mother, King, Master, and every Officer under him, whether they be Christians, irre­ligious, Idolaters or Heathens, The Commandement requires obedience to every one of them of what Religion soever they be equall, and alike. Cor. 15. Mat. 25.24. And I beleeve the bodies of the just shall rise to life everlasting, Isay 30.33. Mat. 25.41.46. and the wicked to everlasting perdition, &c.

Pro 22.6. Teach a Child in the trade of his way, and when he is old he shall not depart from it.

1 Thes. 5.21.

Try all things keep that which is good.

Acts 17.11.

These were also more noble men, then they which were of Thessalonica, which received the Word with all readinesse, and searched the Scriptures davly, whether these things were so.

I Sam. 15.22.

To obey is better then sacrifice and to hearken then the fat of rammes.

1 Cor. 15.57.

Thanks be unto God which hath given us victory, through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Reprinted at London, by a true Coppy, by the Authors appointment for William Larnar, and are to be sold at the Anchor in Pauls Chaine. 1641.

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