Truths Integrity, OR, A Curious Northern Ditty Called, Love will find out the Way.

To a pleasant new tune
OVer the Moutains
and under the waves,
Over the Fountains,
and under the Graves.
Under floods which are the déepest,
which do Neptune obey,
Over Rocks which are the stéepest,
Love will find out the way.
Where there is no place
for the Glow-worm to lye,
Where there is no place
for the receipt of a fly,
where the gnat she dares not venter
lest her self fast she lay,
But if Love come he will enter,
and will, &c.
You may estéem him,
a child of his force,
Or you may déem him,
a coward which is worse.
But if he whom Love doth honour,
be conceal'd from the day,
Set a thousand guards upon him,
Love will, &c.
Some think to loose him,
which is too unkind,
And some do suppose him,
po [...] heart to be blind,
But if he were hidden,
do the best you may,
Blind Love if so you call him.
will find, &c.
Well may the Eagle
stoop down to the fist,
Or you may inveagle
the Phenix of the East.
With fear the Tygers
to give over their prey,
But never stop a Lover,
he will, &c
From Dover to Barwick,
and Nations throughout,
Brave Guy Earl of Warwick,
that Champion so stout.
With his warlike behaviour,
through the world he did stray[?]
To win h [...]s Phillis favour,
Love will &c,
In order next enters
Bevis so brave,
After Adventures
and pollicy grave.
To sée whom he desired,
his Josian so gay,
For whom his heart was fired,
Love will find out the way.

The second Part,

To the same tune,
THE Gordion knot,
which True Lovers knit,
Undo you cannot
nor yet break it.
Make use of your Inventions,
their fancyes to betray,
To frustrate your Intentions,
Love will find out the way;
From Court to the Cottage,
in Bower and Hall,
From the King to the Begger.
Love conquers all.
Though nere so stout and Lordly
strive do what you may,
Yet sure, never so hardy;
Love will, &c.
Love hath power over Princes,
and greatest Emperour,
In any Provinces,
such is Loves power.
There is no resisting
but him obey,
In spight of all contesting,
Love will, &c,
If that he were hidden,
as all men that are,
Were strictly forbidden,
that place to declare.
Winds that have no abidings,
pittying their delay,
Will come and bring him Tydings.
and direct &c.
If the Earth could part him,
he would gallop it o're,
If the Seas should overthwart him,
he will swim to the shore.
Should his Love become a swalow
through his Ayre to stray,
Love will lend wings to follow,
and will find out the way.
There is no striving,
to crosse his intent,
There is no contriving,
his plots to prevent,
But if once the Messenger gréet him
that his True love doth stay,
If death should come and meet him,
Love will find out the way.

Printed for F, Coles, J. W. T. Vere, and W. Gilbertson

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