THE True Lovers Overthrow,

Whilst poor Amintas pin'd to Death,
For Celia bright and fair,
At last for him she lost her Breath,
A grief beyond compare.
To the Tune of State and Ambition.
AH Cupid! thou provest unkind and too cruel,
a true loving Shepherd thus strangely to wound,
She that I counted my Love and my Jewel
But let her prove Faithless, yet I will prove Loyal
and tho she doth Tyrannise constant il'e be;
For she that hath given to me the denial,
my Ruin and Destiny soon she will see,
Here panting I lye and am always complaining,
how she to her true Love hath proved severe;
And when I consider her, scorn and disdaining,
from my blubber'd eyes then I part with a Tear:
And panting just like a disconsolate Lover,
cry Celia how could'st thou be cruel to me;
As she her disdain so I folly discover,
and now I am[?] [...]
Now I of my Senses am strangely bereaved,
and captiv'd I am by the charms of her Eye;
Yet at my sad Torments she nothing is grieved,
nor pitties me not tho in Fetters I lye,
But if I at present am scorned and slighted,
and nothing can prove more disdainful than she
Yet she without Quession will once be requited,
and then shee'l remember her scorning of me.
'Tis pitty that Cruelty's pleasing unto her,
and that in disdain she should take a delight;
For one time or other I fear 'twill undo her,
and Tyrants but seldom get any thing by't;
What Creature so fair coul'd so slight a poor Lover?
that never was pleas'd till her Beauty he see;
No Riches nor Pleasure I prized above her,
Well since 'tis my fate I must needs be contented,
And under my burthen must patiently ly;
What's for me alotted cannot be preuented:
The worst she can do is to scorne till I Dy
And when for her sake, with this World I have parted
Those that do outlive me will sorrowful be,
And say the poor Shepherd he dy's broken hearted
So a sorrowful Epitaph write over me.
And when a long time He in sorrow had pined,
At last he submitted to conquering Death;
His vitals decaied and his life He resigned
And sighing did yeild up his murmuring breath
But when these sad tydings to Celia were carry'd
That she her poor Shephard no oftner should see
Since he by her cruelty so had miscarry'd
She cr'yd there is none so unhappy as me.
Ah Shepherd most Faithfull true, loyal, and constant
Thou for thy fidelity payest to dear,
Who'd thinks that thy doom I should work in an instant
And now my owne ruine I greatly do fear
Yet 'twill be but justice if I am requited
For cruel disdain and for storming of thee;
My joys I do fear now will soon be benighted,
Then ruin and sorrow will wait upon me.
But now 'tis too late my dear Love to recal thee,
Thine eyes they are clos'd and thy Breath it is gone,
Tho such cruel Destiny chanc'd to befall thee,
In Loves cooler Shades I will, meet thee anon;
My Conscience is prick'd and my Senses confounded,
Wherever I go I thy Spirit do see,
I grieve that to Death a true Lover I wounded,
And now the same Fate is attending on me.
I slight all the comforts that morrtals can give me,
And here on the Earth I no pleasure can take.
There's nothing on this side the Grave can relieve me,
I must languishing dye for my true Lovers sake,
And now my Amintas with speed do expect me,
For soon in Eiziu [...]m with thee il'e be:
You powers of Love to the Shades now direct me,
Where I my Amintas may joyfully see.
Thus since you have heard of two true Lovers Ruine,
I hope this to others a warning will be,
Since this to them both did prove an undooing,
The fruits of disdain here you plainly may see;
Let those that are now bound fast in Loves Fetter,
Endeavour to fly from Pride, Scorn and Disdain,
The Fruits of Love storming, but seldom proves better,
What in pleasure begins, too oft endeth in pain.

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