A TRVE CONFVTATION OF A FALSE AND LYING PAMPHLET ENTITƲLED, A Divelish designe by the Papists to blow up the Citty of OXFORD with Gunpowder, on Thursday the 13. of January 1641.

TO All to whom these presents shall come. Whereas there have lately been diverse false reports in printed Pamphlets, and other­wise raised, & dispersed, of a Divellish designe by Papists to blow up the Citty of Oxford with Gunpowder. And that for the effect­ing thereof, there were found upon a search by Officers at the signe of the Starre neere Carfoxe, two and twenty Barrels of Gunpowder, two Barrels of Shott and Bullets, and great store of Warlike Amunition, as Shovells, Spades, Pick-axes and the like, with com­pleat Armes for one hundred and fifty men. These are to certifie, that upon examina­tion of the premises, We can find no foundation of truth for the same, neither was there found at the said signe of the Starre, any powder, shott, Bullets, or other warlike Amunition, but such as was placed there by the Lord Lieve-tenant, and Deputie Lieve-tenants of the Countie of Oxford, wherealso the Magazin and store of pow­der, and Amunition for the said County, hath for many yeares before been kept, nor doth any cause appeare to suspect, that the said Gunpowder and Amunition, was intended to be disposed of, or imployed, but according to the direction of the Lord Lieve-tenant, and Deputie Lieve-tenants of the said County. And whereas these false reports may tend to the great Injury, and prejudice of Mr Thomas Willi­ams who keepeth the said Inne. These are moreover to certifie that the said Mr Thomas Williams is of very good repute within the said Citty of Oxford, and con­formable to the Protestant Religion of the Church of England, no way addicted to Popery, and most unlikely to comply, or confederate with any bad or popish de­signe, against his King or Country. And whereas the said reports have by some been pretended to be founded on some letters or speeches of one Martin Wright Al­derman of the Citty of Oxford, the said Alderman doth utterly disclaime to have given any colour to the said reports by his subscription hereunto.

  • Io. Tolson Vicecan. Oxon. deput
  • Leonard Bowman Major.
  • Samuel Fell Deane of Christ-Church.
  • Robert Pinck Warden of New Colledge.
  • Christopher Potter Provost of Queenes Colledge.
  • Gilbert Sheldon Warden of All­soules Colledge.
  • Iohn Saunders Principall of St Mary Hall.
  • Henry Sowtham Alderman.
  • Martin Wright Alderman.

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