A TRUE ACCOUNT Of the Late ACTIONS betvven the CONFEDERATE Army Commanded by Prince LEVVIS of BADEN, and that of the French, under Marishal De Lorge: wherein Three thousand Five hundred of the French were Kill'd and Wounded, with 1500 Prisoners: many Tinn Boats, and two Stan­dards, &c. were Taken.
In a Letter from Hailbron.

Licensed 14th June, 1693.

ON the Third Seven hundred French Advanced to View our Bridge, but a Detachment of Hussars and Hessians treated them so well, that most of them were Killed and taken Prisoners; since which the Enemy have appeared in great Parties: The Tenth they Playd hard with their Cannon into our Camp, and Design'd to pass the Neckar at Wimpfell, but were vigorously Repulsed with the loss of Fifteen Hundred Men.

A great many were drowned in the River Neckar.

Six hundred fell into our Hands.

And two Thousand were Wounded.

We Lost Five Hundred Men.

The same day, the Marishal D'Lorge, with the whole Army retired Five Hours from us sent Twenty four Waggons with Men to Phillipsburg and Landaw, and lest many Tinn Boats behind him on the Neckar.

Twelve Hessians. were so bold before they Decamped, as to pass among the French, and took out two French Standards, and Swome over with them.

The French Marched the 11th. to Wistonck, and Incamped this Night at Man­heim, but sent their Baggage this Morning to St. Goar, making shew of Marching to Swabia, tho not believed, but 'tis rather thought they return to the Rhine.

These is now about Fifteen Hundred French Prisoners in our Camp.

Prince Lewis hearing by an Express, that the Elector of Saxony was come to Oxenfort, is gone Post thither to Confer with him and so return again.

The French Differters do all report, that Fifteen Thousand Boores and Country Militia make part of the Army.

De Lorge has sent a Trumpet for Exchange of Prisoners, and to desire a Place to Adjust the Conditions, which was promised. We are assured that the Ene­mies Artillery are fixty Pieces of Cannon.

Edinburgh, Re-printed by the Heir of Andrew Anderson, Printer to Their most Excellent Majesties, Anno DOM. 1683,

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