The Traytors Downfall, OR, A brief relation of the downfall of that Phanatick crew who Trai­terously Murthered the Late Kings Majesty of blessed Memory.

To the Tune of, Fa la la, &c:
[portrait of Charles I]
CHarles the first was a noble King,
with a fa la la la lero,
His fame throughout the world did ring,
with a fa, &c.
But those that did presume so high,
To murder our good Kings Majesty,
Now may these Rebels howl and cry,
with a fa la la lalero.
He was a Prince of courage stout,
with a fa, &c.
Althouh his glass was soon run out,
with a fa, &c.
But behind him he hath left a Noble stock
May give a Traytor a handsome knock,
For making a king to submit to the block.
with a fa, &c.
The blood that he lost as I suppose,
with a fa, &c.
Caused fire to rise in Olivers Nose,
with a fa, &c.
His rousing Nose did bear such asway,
It cast such a heat in shining ray,
That England scarce knew the night from day
with a fa, &c.
Oliver was of Huntington,
with a fa, &c.
Born he was a Brewers son,
with a fa, &c.
He soon forsook his dray and flings,
And counted a Brewers house a pitifull thing
When he came to the stately throne of a king:
with a fa, &c.
Oliver had a heart of gall,
with a fa, &c.
For to murder his Prince at white-Hall,
with a fa, &c.
He swore who ever was over the main,
Whether a French King or a Spain,
Yet in England no King should remain,
with a fa, &c.

The second part

to the same Tune.
DUke Humphery was the first Protector
with a fa, &c.
Henry the sixt the next Protector,
with a fa, &c.
Then thirdly Oliver he tooke place.
But Lucifer soon removed his grace,
Then he set up young Dick the fool of his race,
with a fa, &c.
No sooner was Dick got up to the Throne,
with a fa, &c.
But he considered twas none of his own,
with a fa, &c.
And staring this way and that way about:
Desiring to be resolved a doubt.
Then in came Lambert and turned him out
with a fa, &c.
Fleetwood desirous of the place,
with a fa, &c.
Sent forth Lambert the Scot to face,
with a fa, &c.
And being in the strength of his desire,
When he did think poor Iockey to brier,
His men forsooke him and left him in the mier.
with a fa, &c.
Thus you may sée how some do rise,
with a fa, &c.
With an intent to surmount the Skies
with a fa, &c.
But when they are up they shall have a fall,
Witness Fleetwood blind Hewson, and all,
The raged rout of a Coblers stall,
with a fa, &c.
We have cleared white-Hall of Lobsters and Géese,
with a fa, &c.
Turned Rump and Kidnies out of the house
with a fa, &c.
We have brought in Charls from over the main
Make wars with France & peace with Spain.
Now we shall get money and trading again
with a fa, &c.
Citizens look to your selves I say,
with a fa, &c.
Let no Coblers preach and pray:
with a fa, &c.
Tom Cobler is flown the Lord kno'ns whi­ther
Fleetwood and he I hope are together,
Now we have braught in the King and wéel have faire weather
with a fa,
Blind Hewson was not of our kind,
with a fa, &c.
To run a way and leave his men behind,
with a fa,
But I wish I could find him by the sent,
There's neither that law nor ye rump parlament
Should save him from death to give us con­tent
with a fa la la la lalero.
A list of the names of those Traytors that were hanged; drawn, and quartered for murdering our Soveraigne of blessed memory, Charls the first.
  • Thomas Harrison,
  • Iohn Carew,
  • Tho.Scot,
  • Grigory Clement,
  • Iohn Jones,
  • Adrian Scroope,
  • Hugh Petets,
  • Iohn Cook,
  • Col.Axtel,
  • Col.Hacker.

London, Printed for Francis Goles, in the Old-Baily.

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