Toms-Son his Repetition to his VVife; Bewailing his present state.

To the Tune of, Young JEMMY.


Will you hear of Tom'sons Dream?
then take you care no further;
To me it once did seem
Godfrey himself did Murther:
This Story I did boldly tell,
and some thereof did hear;
Now Liberty I bid farewel,
What Course now shall I Steer
For this I went to Goal,
which grievously did vex me,
I now go under Bail,
which sorely doth perplex me;
My two great Friends Farewel and Pain,
once put me in good chear,
But now they do deny't again,
What course then shall I steer?
Then Farewel Farewel now,
I see thy Friends have left thee,
Thou to thy Fate must bow,
of Joys I have bereft thee:
I wish that thou couldst quit thy self,
or I my self could clear,
I fear it will impair my Health,
O what course shall I steer?
That Noble Loyal heart,
the Duke of Monmouth called,
The world knows his Desert,
whom some would have Inthralled:
In spight of all their wicked Deeds,
himself he still keeps clear,
But now with Guilt my heart it bleeds,
And what course shall I steer?
Thrice Worthy Shaftsbury;
hath been too much abused,
Sir Robert Cleyton he,
by me hath been misused:
The Chamberlain of London too,
whose Candor seemeth clear,
With many of the Honest Crew,
Now what course shall I steer?
There's many a Worthy Knight,
within great Londons City,
In Loyalty delight,
and 'tis the more the pitty
That they should be by Knaves Aspers'd,
whose Actions are so clear,
My Fault can never be Revers'd,
O what course shall I steer?
A Synod may be call'd
of Loyal-hearted Nobles,
Once for their Worth Install'd,
who grieve to see our Troubles:
They for their gracious Soveraign King,
will venture Lives most dear,
To punishment Offenders bring,
Then what course shall I steer?
O would that I had been
a Stranger to these Stories,
He's doubly Guilt of Sin,
who in Transgression glories:
And happy's he who sleeps in peace,
whose Conscience is most clear,
For now my Sorrows do increase,
And what course shall I steer?

Printed for J. Deacon, at the Sign of the Rainbow, between St. Andrews Church and David's-Inn, in Holborn.

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