To the Right Honourable THOMAS Earl of OSSORY &c. Reer-Admiral of the BLEW Squadron, on His unexampled Courage and Gallantry as well in former ACTIONS as in the late Engagement of the 11th. of August 1673.

My Lord,
THere needs no Muses name be call'd upon,
To give of you a Just description.
He that would speak you as he ought, must write
With the same equal temper that you fight;
As free from Passion and as clear from rage,
As when i'th' midst of Thunders you Engage.
Could we but in each circumstance appear
Like you, we might then write too without fear:
Though OSSORY's a name to which we owe
So much, who speakes it cannot fall too low.
Those glorious heights to which you are arriv'd,
Have Scorn and Censure of their Armes depriv'd.
The Proud Fanatick crew that take delight
In Raillery 'gainst Crownes to vent their spite,
Do all their surly inclinations wave,
And in their height of Spleen confess you BRAVE.
Whilst Loyal subjects, when they do repeat
What's done, and what they hope you may do yet,
Felt a kind trembling all their sense o'reawe
And cannot reconcile their fear and joy.
They joy in such a gemme to have a share,
And fear to lose it does provoke their care:
And when your course of Honour they Survey,
How uncompell'd you tread in dangers way,
How though advanc'd to such a height before,
That scarce your Prince or Fortune could do more;
You slight dull quiet and expose your blood,
For your Kings glory, and your Countries good.
But whilst these thoughts Exalt you to the skies,
Clouds of despair do in their Bosomes rise.
They Dread, alas! (which Heaven avert) left all
These Triumphs should in one sad instant fall.
Then they remember all that Spragg had done,
And weep to think how soon his Race was run:
Grieve at his Fate, but more acute that Wave,
Which durst drown him you did attempt to save.
Yet in the mid'st of feares, they think so due,
They can't but wish, you'd Honour still pursue.
Their Faith destroys their doubts, and they're assur'd,
That the same providence which has secur'd
You in so many dreadfull dangers, will
With the same watchfull eye protect you still:
Nor can you of a preservation fail,
If ever pray'rs of faithfull men prevail,
Since there's no Sect pretends to Heaven, but do
With Hearty zeal offer up Vows for you.

With Allowance.

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