To the Right Honourable the Lords and others of the Committee of Estates, The humble Remon­strance and Supplication of the Officers of the Army.

BEing sensible of the imputation laid upon the Kingdom and Army as if they espoused the Malignant qua­rel and interest, And considering that at this time we are more specially concerned in it then others, being in the Lords strength to take our lives in our hands and hazard all that is dear unto us by engaging against this present enemy, who in an hostile wayhath invaded this Kingdom contrary to all bonds of Covenant & Treaties. Wee conceive it our dut [...]e To make it manifest to your honours and all the world, That we doe not own any malignant quarrell or interest of any person or persons whatsoever; But that by the assis­tance of the Lord wee doe resolve to fight meerly upon the former grounds and principles in defence of the Cause, Covenant, and Kingdome, as hath been done these years bypast, (as the Commission of the Church and your Lordships have declared in the late Act of the 13. of August,) Wherefore that it may appear to all whose eyes are upon your Honours, That your performances are sutable to your resolutions Wee in all humility desire (it being notour, That scandalous and malignant persons not only abound in the Kingdom, but to our great grief of spirit in and about the court, yea even in the Kings own family and guard) That your honours will be pleased to take some speedie and effectuall course to put the lawes of the Kingdom to full execution against them without respect of persons, That all of them may finde the dint of justice acccording to their severall offences and miscarrages, so that this Kingdome doe not become the place and receptacle of all profane and malignant persons who hath been and are enemies to GOD and his Cause, and that God be no more provoked by countenancing or spari [...]g of them, least the Lord should desert us and cause us partake with them in their judgements.

And what yet remains in the Armie undone in relation to purging, wee desire your honours would command your further pleasure therein, which shall have our heartie con [...]urrance and assistance; all which being speedily and effectually done, we are hopefull will prove a means to cause the Lords face shine up on us, and countenance & blesse us in our undertakings, And will very much refresh the hearts and strengthen the hands of your Lordships most faithfull and humble servants.

T [...]E Committee of Estates having taken into consideration the Remonstrance of the officers of the Army, Pre­sented unto them by the Lord Burleigh, the General of Artillerie Generall Major Holburne, Sir John Brown, and Collonell Gilbert Ker, in name of the Army, do blesse the Lord for their unanimous sense and Resolution therein expressed against the Enemies of the cause of God both Malignants and Sectaries, for which as they do return them the heartie thanks of this Kingdom, So they earnestlie exhort them stedfastlie to persist therein, And for answer to the desires contained in the said Remonstrance, They do promise and declare that they will speedily take an effectuall course for putting the Lawes of the Kingdom to full execution against all Scandalous and Malignant persons in Court, Ar­my, or Kingdom, without respect of Persons, And that they will carefullie studie so to make use of the power which God hath put in their hands for advancement of pietie and suppressing of Malignants and prophanesse as may give unto the Army reall ground of incou agement cheerefully to proceed in all their undertakings against the Army of Sectaries who have invaded this Kingdom, and all other Enemies to the Covenant and work of Reformation.

EDINBVRGH, Printed by Evan Tyler, Printer to the Kings most Excellent Majestie, 1650.

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